maple bacon cake


Dessert selections from Beverly Sunset Sweet Spells located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.



The day was cooler in the shade. The Bacon Maple Funnel cakes and the S’moregosa treats were popular at our little booth in the corner. 

Our cook came down with a bit of food poisoning so the cooking contests wasn’t thrown but she promises to throw something even better when she is feeling better. 

The performances were top notch, which did not surprise this reporter one bit! We stayed for all the shows and the raffles and even the dancing at the end! 

The Dragonlore Enclave would like to thank the Succulent Tarts and everyone who helped with the Festival. It was truly entertaining and we were honored to get our ovens running for such a great event.

Have a great Midsummer Fire Festival! Stay safe and stay hydrated!

- Maerietta Scarlet, Dragonlore News Reporter

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Goooooood morning Pocket!!! So I was working on mocha cupcakes and I thought - why stop? Why are we limited by our ridiculous conventions of the normal? Why not go wild?

So if you lot would like to drop by, we have bacon flavoured … well, everything. Donuts, cupcakes, and cake. Maple bacon too, for you sweet-tooths! 

Savoury cheese cake. Cheese stuffed donuts. Pizza cheesecake.

Salted caramel. Chilli chocolate.

Chocolate coated potato chips (my favourite, personally). 

And did I mention the mocha cupcakes - they’re chocolate cupcakes with a molten coffee centre that melts in your mouth