What followed was just random screaming and Brynn trying to get away from that now more than embarassing situation. Maple tried to act like the queen bee, but she couldn’t see that what she was doing was about to throw her in the abyss of the ridicolous. She was making a fool of herself trying to make a point there wasn’t even need to make. And when Brynn’s friends were already home, Maple got her friends to support her…. more or less. “Sorry Ali, what did we say exactly? It’s not like she even tried to keep calm…” “She probably thought she got everything under control, but you know how she is… jealousy and frustration must have won her over. Or the blondie said something when we weren’t here…” They were worried and Brynn could see that. What hurt the most was to know that Opaline should have been on her side. She could see in her eyes how conflicted she was. When Alison tried to intervene though, Maple shut her up with bark, so everything about Opaline’s attitude made more sense. The absurd play went on, and on, and on…

Eventually, the principal showed up. 
“You better stop this now girls.” 
“But she’s making fun of me!” 
“You pushed me! And started accusing me of things I never did!” 
“Oh please, goody-two-shoes is at it again!” 
Fuck off Maple.” 
ENOUGH! In my office. NOW!”

to autumn. portrait commission for teannawolf on devianart of their lovely maned wolf *w* nature prompts were maple, hibiscus and blue passion flowers (they’re the strangest looking things, srsly look them up)

(also thank you to everyone who suggested titles! i ended being uber #unoriginale, but there will come a day when i will name a piece something like hiraeth or petrichor i swear)