herbs in witchcraft

almonds: wisdom, money, prosperity
basil: luck, protection from evil + mental illness
bay leaf: purification, fortune, psychic energy
black pepper: banishment, exorcism
cardamom: love, warming
chamomile: love, healing, reducing, stress
cilantro: love, protection, longevity
coffee: dispels nightmares/negativity, grounding
cinnamon: spirituality, success, healing, strength
cloves: gaining what is sought
cumin: fidelity, protection against theft
dill: money, protection, lust, luck
ginger: sexuality, confidence, new experiences
honey: love, preservation, prosperity, binding
lavender: love, protection, healing, sleep
maple: love, wealth, longevity, luck
mint: energy, communication, prosperity
nutmeg: money, prosperity, luck, hex-breaking
oregano: joy, energy, vitality, strength
parsley: home protection, prosperity, health
poppy seeds: pleasure, invisibility, awareness
rose: domestic happiness, self-defence
rosemary: anxiety relief, memory, calming
sage: memory, cleansing, psychic protection
thyme: money, dispels nightmares, health

Fuji framed by autumn foliage

From the moment we decided to visit Japan and especially 5 lakes area to see mount Fuji, I had in mind to make an image with Japan icon framed by coloured autumn foliage. I just had to find the right maple tree with an unobstructed view to Fuji and to take exposure, one focused on the mountain and the other on leaves and here it is.