Takin’ a break from the megamap to chart up the newfound waters of the latest DND campaign I’m running, the Rise of the Sun King. Those long-standing followers of mapday might say, “hey, this is seems a little familiar!” If so, you’re quite right! Rise of the Sun King is set a couple thousand years before the second map up there, which was part of a campaign I ran two years ago and made a whole lot of maps for it.

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Hello, fairest of fair cartogrofans! This past quarter I’ve been crazy busy learning animation & postin bout it over on my other tumblr… so maps have been few and far between. Apologies!

But, it is now christmas break, so I’m going to make a couple of Maps these next couple weeks and queue them up here. So, expect that!

Here is a map for a one-off dungeons and dragons game that I ran at the start of this quarter, in the land of Tyrathon. For these ones I usually have my players make up the place names, therefore giving us such great spots as the castle Graeskull, the Branch Forest, and the ancient elvish Akitaka tree, which translates to “The Tree Place”!



(As per usual every week I make a map on monday it goes here I call it mapday I’m doing a thing now where I add on to an existing map every week thats just the way it goes I’m calling it megamap and thats that)

Little bit of Mapday Trivia: The Man on Pinebury Rock is inspired by a chapter from War of the Worlds! I’ve been listening to it on audiobook while drawing for the past while and I just finished. Hehe, common cold, classic.

(Last week time on Mapday: The right two bits of the Megamap! How long will this go on? 4? 9? 12? 24? The sky’s the limit!)

In a very special sunday edition of Mapday, we travel to the lands of Omashu to the Boiling Rock, from the Foggy Swamp to Republic City. It’s the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra! 

This is compressed charcoal on paper and was my final project for a drawing class this past quarter. This class was pretty much the best?

Every Monday (and once in a while on other days too) I post a map I make of a place that doesn’t exist under the #Mapday tag. A new one will be up tomorrow!

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New map on mapday.

As per last week last time, I’m doing a new thing where I’m adding a map onto a growing map every week and calling it the megamap. This week, we head over the seas to the south. I’m not entirely sure what a Mole Scribe is, but I really want to see one. 

(Last week on Mapday: The first part of the Megamap, as appended to above.)


MAPDAY, once again! A day for maps, to be sure! It’s a Loooongmap this time! A Longmap of the Farlands of Sheath, a fantastical and chimerical land that doesn’t exist. 

Every Monday I make a map/and I don a special cap/then I post the map on the web/ and just watch as the tides ebb

(Last week on Monday: the craaaazy lands of 1920s Urban Fantasy Venice!)

Well, one more PokeMap for Mapday couldn’t hurt, I suppose. :D In honor of the new season of Game of Thrones, I just couldn’t resist.

Unfortunately if you want a fire starter, you need to start in the east, but a solid Direwolf out of Winterfell works just fine. Make sure to bring a ghost type if you head to take out Gym Leader Mormont on the Wall, though a fire type isn’t bad either - and having a solid fire type is GREAT at Harrenhal. Oh, and while you might think you’d want an electric type for the Iron Islands, you’d really be better served with a solid ground-based Pokemon - which could also serve you pretty well at the Eyrie vs the flying-types there.

It’s been a little while! Took a little break after I came back from Ireland and had a bunch of other stuff to do. But, as it’s Monday, it just has to be, once again…

MAPDAY! This is Betishito Foldron, the ever shrinking domain of the Egg-Mother’s brood. And, just like all other Mapdays, this is a map of a place that doesn’t exist, made by me for no particular reason what-so-ever. Ahem.

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