2 week study challenge

Day 1: Planner/Journal

Day 2: Favorite Subject

Day 3: Notes

Day 4: View from your Window

Day 5: Mind Map

Day 6: Motivation

Day 7: Desk/Study Space

Day 8: Timetable

Day 9: Study Break

Day 10: Flash Cards 

Day 11: Study routine

Day 12: To-do List

Day 13: Study Snacks

Day 14: Goals

Hi, this challenge is more for my own motivation to post but thought others might want it to try it too. I know there are similar challenges around but I liked the idea of trying something quite short and hopefully sticking to it. I think it is so important to enjoy your studying in order to get the most out of it and to have some motivation to do is great. If you do take on the challenge please tag it #2wsc or tag me ( @bulletjournalling ) so I can see what you get up to! Thanks, Rae! xx



Takin’ a break from the megamap to chart up the newfound waters of the latest DND campaign I’m running, the Rise of the Sun King. Those long-standing followers of mapday might say, “hey, this is seems a little familiar!” If so, you’re quite right! Rise of the Sun King is set a couple thousand years before the second map up there, which was part of a campaign I ran two years ago and made a whole lot of maps for it.

(Last week on Mapday: The Megamap, part 5! Watch as the world grows, and also, dragons)

Hello, fairest of fair cartogrofans! This past quarter I’ve been crazy busy learning animation & postin bout it over on my other tumblr… so maps have been few and far between. Apologies!

But, it is now christmas break, so I’m going to make a couple of Maps these next couple weeks and queue them up here. So, expect that!

Here is a map for a one-off dungeons and dragons game that I ran at the start of this quarter, in the land of Tyrathon. For these ones I usually have my players make up the place names, therefore giving us such great spots as the castle Graeskull, the Branch Forest, and the ancient elvish Akitaka tree, which translates to “The Tree Place”!


I had the incredible fortune of getting to design and draw the map for my sister @thenorthwet’s production of the play “Prince of Pears”, recently written by my double cousin @jakeschiffler! It’s currently running this weekend at the University of Washington, and is seriously so rad.

Production photo on bottom courtesy of the awesome Evelyn Osborn (