[Hexen] Shadow Wood: Part 1

I start venturing into the second hub of Hexen.

This hub represents the forces of nature and is organized as thus:

Main hub: Shadow Wood

Branches: Caves of Circe, Darkmere, Wastelands (will get to Wastelands later)

Final destination: Hypostyle (will lead into the third hub)

To get to the final destination, I must activate two switches in each branch. The door to each switch is locked with a key from another branch. For example, to get to both switches in Darkmere, I must get each key from the other two branches.

Sounds complicated? Could be by today’s standards, unless you’re into Zelda or Silent Hill. Or Yume Nikki, for that matter.


32in24sp.wad, map13 (488.000, -391.000, 128.000)
Author: The 32in24 team!
Date: 10/22/11
map01 - Fist Gone Wild: Uncensored Version by Torn map02 - Waste Treatment by Essel map03 - NABISCO by Mid map04 - Sorta Tight Quarters by Lizardcommando map05 - Tricks and Traps II: The Empire Strikes Back by Shaikoten map06 - Rock Lobster by Essel map07 - I made this in 2 hours and I have a huge headache by Nes map08 - Small Dark and Cramped by Lizardcommando map09 - HEH! by Tango map10 - CEREBRAL HAEMORRHAGE by Meph map11 - Agonizer by Use3D map12 - Tlaloc by Dr. Zin map13 - For Petersen’s Sake by Nuxius map14 - Mt. DEBT by Rottking map15 - Not Titled by Shaikoten map16 - Follow the Rotting Corpses by Lizardcommando map17 - I Came Here For an Argument: Oh, this is ABUSE! by Shaikoten map18 - You Got Fucked Over by Nautilus map19 - NEEDS MORE IMPS: The Concrete Techbase by Catoptromancy