Now for more soulmates, I mean, why the hell not! Everyone loves a little soul mate fic! But here’s the thing, this one is a two part series in I’ll Point You Home by Squeaky

Part One is Following the Map that Leads to You (15,681 | Complete)

When Steve was young, his mother taught him that you could find your soulmate by thinking of your soulmarks and pointing at a map. But she never told him what to do if you met your soulmate - and then lost him.

Lucky for Steve, Clint won’t leave this kind of shit alone.

Part Two is Just a Spot on the Map of the World (18,817 | Complete)

After nine months of painful waiting, Clint finally meets his soulmate! But Natasha’s scared and runs, and what the hell is Clint supposed to do now?

Luckily for them both however, Steve’s got a heart of gold and Bucky’s got a map.

Part one follows the adventures of Steve and Bucky and this continues when their sidekick Clint chases after Natasha with their help.

There’s a fair bit of angst, I mean they all need a good long hug! It’s non-negotiable- all of them!!