Crafting Globes by Hand with Bellerby & Co. Globemakers

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Bellerby & Co. Globemakers (@globemakers) is one of the only companies in the world still handcrafting globes — everything from molding a perfect sphere to personalizing the maps to painting details — and they have no intention of stopping. “A globe is a true representation of the world,” says Jade Fenster, longtime partner in life and work of company founder Peter Bellerby. “A globe may inspire you to travel. It makes you understand where you belong on this amazing world. And sometimes, you might just reflect on its beauty and fragility.”

After learning how to make a globe for his father’s 80th birthday, Peter founded the company in his living room in 2008, and it has since grown to 20 cartographers, woodworkers, illustrators, engravers and painters in a former warehouse space in northern London. “Everything is bespoke, and using old-school methods means that each globe ends up being entirely unique,” says Jade. After placing an order, several months will pass before customers receive their globes — size options range in diameter from 9 to 50 inches (23 to 127 centimeters) — but the wait is always worth it. “It’s rare to be able to purchase something that is made just for you, and will always be one of a kind.” 🌍

theoi as Aesthetics™ cause i feel like it ig


sunlight beaming through dark clouds, cold winds that burn your cheeks, lightning that illuminates the sky for just a fraction of a second, strong wings and sharp talons


golden rings slightly dulled after years of wear, lotus flowers floating upon pools of water, wedding gifts wrapped in gold paper, peacock feathers that glimmer in the sun


jagged rocks decorated by barnacles and seaweed, clouds of sand kicked up by a horse galloping across a seashore, rusted old treasures lost to the deep ocean, waves that lap gently over the sand or crash fiercely against the rocks


large dogs bearing sharp teeth, old coins blackened and rusted by time, animal bones half-buried under dark soil, silver rings on pallid fingers


long grass brushing against your legs, freshly baked bread in a wicker picnic basket, golden honeycomb, fields of grain ready for harvest


lipstick stains in shades of red and pink, doves perched upon blossoming branches, love letters written in smudged red ink, the opalescent underside of a scallop shell


crowns of bay leaves resting on curly hair, golden instruments polished until gleaming, poems scrawled on walls in marker pen, bandages carefully wrapped over wounds


feather-tipped arrows, flowers and leaves braided into a wreath, deer drinking from a brook in the forest, moonlight shining through the evergreen branches of tall trees


bandages over bruised and scratched knuckles, flaming molotovs soaring through the air, crossed swords mounted on old walls, fading scars that stretch across shoulder blades


books with creased spines and dog-eared pages, owls with thick feathers and wide eyes, ornate swords and shields from ancient eras long forgotten, sharp eyes full of wisdom and knowledge


limbs tangled in red velvet sheets, wild and uncontrolled laughter, garlands of ivy and purple flowers, red wine spilling over the glass, kissing the lips of marble statues


gears that fit together like puzzle pieces, the soft crackling of a fire, palms stained with oil and soot, the methodic clanking of iron hitting iron, gifts of handmade jewellery


shoes worn through from walking, antique maps and globes and golden compasses, a messenger bag filled with letters and parcels, sly smiles and deft hands


warm clean sheets, a small vase of flowers on the windowsill, warming your hands near the fireplace, cups of tea and home-baked fairycakes

Houses and Tattoos
  • Gryffindor: Gets the tattoo for #rebellion and the thrill of it; fierce animal tattoos- roaring lion, flaming phoenixes, glaring foxes; exploration themes- maps, globe, mountains; monochromatic with splashes of color here and there; quotes that mean nothing to other people, but tell a story essential to them; likely addicted to getting them; also most likely out of all the houses to be dared into getting one and actually do it
  • Ravenclaw: colorful; lots of watercolor; symbols; lots of references to things they love- books, pets, art, stories; space themes- constellations, planets, sun/moon; spread out rather than condensed into one area; most likely to get impulse tatts; never tells you the real meaning of them; probably some reference to mythology
  • Hufflepuff: sentimental tattoos; always have a meaning, even if it's as small as "it's my favorite animal"; nature-centered- flowered shoulders, forests on the wrists, roses on the ankles; mostly small tattoos with big meanings; cute animals; small, happy quotes like "life is beautiful"; monochromatic mostly; simplistic design; will definitely gush about their tattoos to anyone and everyone
  • Slytherin: does it for the #edge; covered in tattoos- most likely clustered in one area; black & white ink; slightly intimidating things- snakes, skulls, animals with bared fangs- but most likely adorned with decorative designs like flowers; splashes of darker color; realistic designs and dot-work; probably the one who dared Gryffindor to get a tattoo, but also most likely got one with them; not always a meaning but they're always attached to each tattoo

Gravity Anomaly Model of the Earth

These “gravity anomaly” maps show where Earth’s gravity field based on Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment (GRACE) data differs from a simplified Earth model that is perfectly smooth and featureless. Areas colored yellow, orange, or red are areas where the actual gravity field is large, such as the Himalayan Mountains in Central Asia (top left of the left-hand globe) - while the progressively darker shades of blue indicate places where the gravity field is smaller-such as the area around Hudson Bay in Canada (top center of right-hand globe).

Communist conspiracy, 1966.

This map was included in “Communist Methodology of Conquest”, a 1966 pamphlet by Luis V. Manrara for the Truth About Cuba Committee. The map has 4 globes (all centered on the North Pole) that show the growth of communism. From a red dot in Moscow on Map I to the whole of the Russian Empire on Map II, spreading to China and Eastern Europe on Map III.

The menacing arrows on Map IV are aimed at the U.S., and if that isn’t clear enough, there’s this quote from Lenin: “First we take Eastern Europe. Next the masses of Asia. Then we shall encircle that last bastion of capitalism, the United States. We shall not have to attack. It will fall like an overripe fruit into our hands”. The point of the maps: The Cuban revolution is part of the communist strategy plan to encircle and ultimately subject the U.S.