Turkish Vocab: Camping

Adventure - macera
Animals - hayvanlar
Backpack - sırt çantası
Boots - çizme
Cabin - kabin
Camp - kamp
Camper - karavan
Campfire - kamp ateşi
Campground - kamp alanı, kamp yeri
Canoe - kano
Canteen - matara
Caravan - karavan
Climb - tırmanmak (v)
Compass - pusula
Equipment - malzeme, alet
Fishing - balık tutma
Flashlight - el feneri
Forest - orman
Hammock - hamak
Hat - şapka
Hike - yürüyüşe çıkmak (v)
Hunting - avlamaavcılık
Insect - böcek
Insect repellent - böceksavar
Kayak - kayık
Knapsack - sırt çantası
Lake - göl
Lantern - fener
Map - harita
Mountain - dağ
Nature - doğa
Oar - kürek
Outdoors - dışarısı
Park - park
Path - yol
Pond - gölcük
River - nehir
Rope - ip
Scenery - manzara
Sleeping bag - uyku tulumu
Stars - yıldızlar
Sun - güneş
Sunscreen - güneş kremi
Tent - çadır
Trail mix - karışık çerez 
Trees - ağaçlar
Walking - yürümek (v)
Water bottle - su şişesi
Waterfall - şelale
Wildlife - doğal hayat, yabani hayat
Woods - orman

this file is named “I’m beating him up.jpeg” and it’s a wip

The Advent Court was a brutal island, Kharis had found out, racing through the streets, drawing the mercenaries away from Maryn’s escape route. The plan for his diversion had been hastily sketched out the evening before, a sleepless night among the waves, huddled around road maps and lantern light, and as soon as the two had docked in the unforgiving port, it had been set into motion.

The mercenaries, Kharis assumed, knew the island better than he did. They followed him with a sureness in their feet. The only thing Kharis had over them was speed, his long strides carrying him through the maze, but the uncertainty of what would lie behind every corner slowed him down considerably. He had planned for a fight, but maybe it would it would be happening sooner than anticipated.

Kharis dug his heels in the ground, whipping around with the momentum. His pursuers were closer than he had thought, he noticed, as they nearly collided with him at his sudden halt, and in one quick motion, Kharis drew his dagger and jabbed it into the nearest shoulder–not enough to kill, just enough to incapacitate. This isn’t the plan, he chided to himself. He was supposed to draw them closer to the docks so when Maryn had returned, he could easily board and they could make their escape.

He grit his teeth as the man he had stabbed let out a cry, clutching at his arm, and his companion rushed forward. The much smaller man closed a fist and tried to land in a quick jab to Kharis’s middle, but he outstretched his arm just enough that Kharis could grab it quickly and pivot himself. With a flick and a tightened grip, the man’s wrist was broken, and he sailed past Kharis like a breeze.

There couldn’t be only two.

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Golly Gee I wonder what’s in the Ninjago tag this fine morni- ASDFGHJKL:


(before i say anything good job with the quality of the text inclusion lego nobody is gonna notice the white boxes)


Cole can’t stay in the Ninjago realm too long as a ghost, so he goes on a journey to complete some sort of magic circle like thingy that will turn him human again, and to do it he must go on locations on the lantern map. 

But whatever Cole does by completing the circle is also going to do something really bad, like RETURN OF THE OVERLORD BAD???

seriously look at that overlord symbolism on the moon that is not good remember when we almost had the space arc remember how the gold armor might be able to leave some of the overlord’s essence behind and “COMPLETE THE CIRCLE” COME ON GUYS THAT HAS “RETURN OF THE FIRST BIG BAD” WRITTEN ALL OVER IT I REALLY WANT THE OVERLORD BACK GUYS

Eventually, Cole realizes what he’s doing is a bad idea and sacrifices himself to stop it because feels and then something happens and he’s okay because main character immunity. 

(@crestofnobility pointed out time travel will probably be involved somewhere, between the leaked cap and the forshadowing in NS6 with Kai’s little escapade. Not sure how to work that into my dumb crazy theory, but she’s probably right.)

And here’s where the theory gets REALLY weird. 

When the circle is complete, my prediction is that it’s going to do some crazy thing involving the realms. I mean, we’ve touched on the other realms but it feels like more could be done with them, and opening the other realms WOULD give the show another like TEN SEASONS of potential content to work with. 

On the other hand… if this is the final season of the TV series as we know it… what if The Ninjago Movie is more closely connected to the series than we thought? 

What if whatever realm-chaos goes down at the end of the season reveals that one of the other 16 realms is the LEGO MOVIE realm?

Alternatively, what if the reboot is fully meta? What if completing the circle resets the entire timeline and we end up with the timeline of the LEGO Ninjago movie?

Camping Vocabulary Word List

adventure animals  backpack boots  cabin camp camper campfire campground canoe canteen cap caravan climb compass day pack dehydrated food dugout equipment evergreen fire fishing flashlight forest gear ghost stories gorp hammock hat hike hiking boots hunting hut insect insect repellent   kayak knapsack lake lantern map moon mountain national park natural nature oar outdoors outside paddle park path pup tent rope   scenery sleeping bag stars state park sun sunscreen tarp tent trail trail mix trailer trees trip  vest walking water bottle waterfall wildlife woods