The Brooklyn Museum Libraries and Archives recently received a reference question concerning the Lantern Slide Collection images that are available on the Museum’s website. A researcher wondered if there was some way to match the images taken in Prospect Park in the late 1800s to their modern locations. In response to this inquiry, I created an interactive map that shows the modern locations of some of these captivating images. Click on the orange dot to see the late-nineteenth century photograph from the Lantern Slide Collection and hover over the dot to see a description.

The Lantern Slide Collection was started by the Brooklyn Museum’s first curator of Fine Arts, William Henry Goodyear in the late nineteenth century. Our Libraries and Archives now hold 11,710 lantern slides that are available digitally on the Brooklyn Museum’s website. In addition to images of Prospect Park, the Lantern Slide Collection contains photographs of ancient Egyptian archaeological sites, Plains Indians in Canada and the U.S., Coney Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, and so much more. This collection is one of several digitized image collections made available on the Brooklyn Museum’s website through the Libraries and Archives. For more images of Brooklyn back in the day, check out the postcard collection that ranges from about 1907-1952.

Posted by Giana Ricci