(新品)MapCamera × MS-Optics(マップカメラ×エムエスオプティックス) REIROAL M35mm F1.4 MC プラチナクローム(商品ID:2717000575282)詳細ページ | マップカメラ|日本最大級のカメラ総合サイト(中古販売・買取)
MapCamera × MS-Optics(マップカメラ×エムエスオプティックス) REIROAL M35mm F1.4 MC プラチナクローム | マップカメラ|日本最大級のカメラ総合サイト(中古販売・買取)の商品詳細ページです。

NEW MS OPTICAL Lens- -  the  35mm f1.4 Reiroal lens

This Reiroal lens, finished in platinum chrome, is a collaboration between Map Camera and MS Optical- it comes with an original vented lens hood, too.  Certainly there will be a market for such a tiny and fast 35mm lens.

Interestingly, the name of this quirky little lens, picked by Map Camera staff, is a reference to “Aomori Elegy”, a poem written by Kenji Miyazawa in the 1920s.

Map Camera (English Website)  

UPDATE: All 100 pieces in this limited edition are SOLD OUT but you can see some more photos of the lens and its production in Mr. Miyazaki’s workspace here.