modern dregs: wylan van eck || in his satchel he carries: a polaroid camera, a map of symbols he sketched to depict what the road signs in the city mean, and usually a few snacks because he learned to be prepared at all times since spontaneous adventures are his and jesper’s thing

alignments of the equipment used to collect evidence on ghost adventures

Lawful Good: ovilus
Neutral Good: stationary IR camera (x cam)
Chaotic Good: Spirit Box
Lawful Neutral: EMF meter
True Neutral: those little buzzing light things
Chaotic Neutral: 3D mapping camera
Lawful Evil: POV cam
Neutral Evil: their own personal feelings
Chaotic Evil: digital recorder

modern day dregs: wylan

  • he’s the most diligent student of the dregs. never misses a deadline
  • he even does tutoring for maths and music
  • in his satchel he carries: a polaroid camera, a map of symbols he sketched to depict what the road signs in the city mean, and usually a few snacks because he learned to be prepared at all times since spontaneous adventures are his and jesper’s thing
    • jesper always wants to stop for food, and wylan has had it with the nonsense TM
  • he bikes everywhere. and during the summer, he can’t pass the paper wrapped bouquets in the deli shop window without purchasing one for his mom - biggest momma’s boy on the planet
  • he loves that there’s a myriad of methods to portray a story. it relinquishes some anxieties about not being able to read
  • he frequents plays and concerts and ballets. he’s fascinated by the way people can capture art and convey it beautifully enough to get a whole audience to feel like they’re a part of the story, too. he figures it’s how others must feel when they’re reading text by a proficient writer
  • but he’s especially a film enthusiast. he raves about movies to the other dregs, the mailman, even the barista he sees daily before school
  • and he will explain the chemistry of cinematography in great detail to you even when you don’t ask. it’s science and art mixed in one so try and stop him (you can’t)
  • he’s the type to get excited and tap you on the arm during a movie, a silent query, omg did you notice that?, only with him it’s not about an action sequence or a touching scene, it’s about the way light is manipulated or the camera’s panning at the perfect time
  • he also loves electronics, appreciates how advanced things are, particularly his smart phone. has been caught having full conversations with siri
  • but it is disheartening when siri can’t precisely read the messages in the dregs’ group chat because of all the typos. they’re mostly kuwei anyway, but there’s also kaz, who uses abbreviations for everything since he loathes texting, which leaves wylan like ????
  • when it comes to deciphering what kaz’s nonsensical assortment of letters mean jesper is an expert and he always comes through
  • knowing it’s mainly for his benefit, wylan utilizes the speak to text option to reply “what would i do without you, jes. ily” with a dozen hearts and then he realizes too late he’s still in the group chat
  • he’s definitely the type who shuts off his phone, chucks it across his room and hides in shame under the blanket for a while thinking i can’t believe i just did that
  • yes, he has an existential crisis over small things sometimes

others: nina


Blue Origin recently revealed the interior of their New Shepard crew capsule which the company hopes to fly next year. New Shepard will carry up to six people on an 11-minute suborbital flight high above Texas.

A computer tablet mounted on the corner of each massive four-foot wide window will provide external and internal camera views, map views, and mission data to each flyer. Each flight will experience around four minutes of weightlessness. The capsule’s interior is sparse, maximising the available space for microgravity acrobatics. 

The entire flight will be monitored by Launch Control on the ground, and there will not be any bulky control equipment. A black table-like structure in the capsule’s center is actually the Launch Escape Motor required in the event of a launch abort.

P/C: Blue Origin

Reasons I love the RotomDex
  • is the snarkiest character in the game
  • would probably help you pull the most fantastic April Fools Day prank in all history
  • uses the word ‘dex’ as a verb
  • kind of an asshole
  • functions as a map and camera and a friend
  • uses the word “dreamboat”
  • calls you clever
  • “Hot-diggity”
  • Presumably enjoys Bingo
  • Is with you through Team Skull, the Aether Foundation, even into Ultra Space, and is there with you when you become Champion, like any true Pokémon on your team would be
I love you

So I’m not over (I don’t think I ever will?) that I love you scene. And it’s just so damn much, I needed to process it somehow. That somehow turned out to be the photography. Some people have written about it, the similarities that specific framing has with other secens ( @mollydobby in this post and @darlingtonsubstitution in this post). Is not the first time we see Sherlock looking directly at the camera (and the following scenes are not the only ones), so I went and tried to see what scenes where shot in a similar way.


The Van Buren Supernova. The fourth pip. A kid’s life is at risk. People in the back, Sherlock looking at the painting(camera), yelling the puzzle’s answer to the phone.


Irene’s safe code/Vatican cameos. John’s life is at risk, people in the back, Sherlock looking at the safe(camera) trying to deduce its code; the safe contains her cell phone. Double deduction, as he realises there’s a trap in the safe.


Addlestone. Children’s lives at risk, people standing at his side, Sherlock is looking at a map(camera) in his MP, placing the info he just received via his phone. Info that helped him to narrow down the kids location.


(the two reasons why every single one of us is) here today: The mayfly deduction. Sherlock looking at the photographer’s camera(actual camera). Someone’s life is at risk (Sholto’s), Sherlock just poured his soul reading John’s blog from his phone, and people are sitting beside him. 

So all these scenes: 

  • Have an audience.
  • Sherlock is looking directly at a clue/camera (in reality or in his MP)
  • Involve a cell phone.
  • Are about Sherlock saving someone’s life.
  • Have Sherlock saying his deduction outloud.

So what can we say about this?

I love you.

Most probably this scene takes place in his MP. It has an audience, probably it will be about saving someone’s life, Sherlock’s eyes are focused on something (a clue) and his deduction is I LOVE YOU.  What can be that puzzle, the thing that makes him say it? I saw a post where someone theorized that this was Sherlock coming to the realization that Moriarty loves him. If this is a MP scene, he surely needs the emotional support that John and Mycroft provide as he discovers that the insame obsession Moriarty has for him is of a sentimental nature. He probably would be absolutely terrified. As the clue he’s focusing on, he could be looking at a IOU (like he saw that YOU in TAB).

Now, before shit rains down my way, we all know how in this show a clue or a deduction is not JUST that, but it carries a meaning and say something about Sherlock. And the fact Sherlock says these words out loud deserve all the freaking out we can experience.



{Just One Word September Book Photo Challenge}

8. Bag.

Already packed my bags for Prague, but unfortunately I can’t take this poor, sad dog with me ):
Do you think two books are enough?