【FNAF Gijinka】MAP Parts 12 & 13
Here's my parts for NEK-0x's FNAF Gijinka MAP! Forgive me for the bad timing in some parts ;v;

Yaya this is my parts for @nek-0x onee-chan >v<

Lol I can’t draw flowers, forgive me ;v;

Also sorry for the bad timing at around the middle of the vid 8′D

things that every trainer needs: 

  • a smartphone 
  • power bank for your battery!
  • a backpack (I personally want a pokemon themed.)
  • water, to stay hydrated. (!!!)
  • food, if you’re lucky, your mom might provide some snacks. 
  • your pokemon go plus device! 


  • snacks guide (for all of those do-it-yourselfs!)
  • small drinks
    • juice boxes
  • journal, to keep track of what you’ve accomplished.

for the real pokemon adventure: 

  • living: 
    • tent
    • camping mat
    • sleeping bag
    • pillow
    • rope (so you can hang your wet clothes)
    • flashlight (because it will eventually get dark)
    • maybe a blanket too
  • hygiene: 
    • toothbrush and paste
    • water and a cup to wet the toothbrush
    • sunscreen (depending when you’re going/where you’re living.)
    • hairbrush
    • tissues
    • toilette paper
    • towels
    • small mirror
    • mosquito spray
    • band aids
    • maybe a whole first aid kit if you plan on hiking or similar
  • survival: 
    • cooking: 
      • camping cooker
      • dishes
      • fork, spoon, knife
      • dish towel
      • lighter
    • clothes: 
      • rain jacket
      • never forget socks
      • weather resistant sweater
      • sunglasses
      • shoes in which you can walk for a while

my personal kit so far (yet to buy/bought):

  • phone
  • bag
  • pokemon go plus
  • savings for the game and journey 80€ (14 Feb 2016)
  • journal
  • people who’ll go with me: 0

ps. i will probably start buying when the game is actually released. ♥ and this post will constantly be edited. 


i got this map part done in just about a day….