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(More of the Android 20 universe, because that’s all that my muse is willing to talk to me about at the moment.)

Dr. Gero had taught 17 and 18 over and over again that nothing belonged to them.  Nothing.  Not their bodies, not their names, not their memories.  He even did his best to control their thoughts.  They had nothing because they were nothing – merely tools to be used and discarded.  Every time 18 woke up from stasis there was a tiny part of her, curled up small and hidden deep, that was afraid that this time she would wake up alone.  That this time Gero would have finally decided that her brother was a problem without a solution and would simply have disposed of him like all the rest of the other failures that had come before them.

Now Gero was dead, and 18 looked at the world around her and found that she wanted to hold onto things.  To own things.  To have things that belonged to her again.

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nesrvn  asked:

18, 31 and 71 because I'm a nosy person❤😘

Ah thank you can be as nosy as you want 

18. Tell me a story. Okay so when I was 17, my best friend and I travelled alone to London. I’m really good with directions and finding my way around for some reason so we were good for most of the trip. This one day however, we were back at our hotel and wanted to have a chill evening cause we were tired when we found out about this event going on in central London with all these celebrities we liked. So we sprinted there but didn’t make it in time and decided to just wonder around for a bit. Fast forward to a couple of hours later when it was getting dark and we wanted to make our way home, we realise both our phones were dead (bye bye google maps), and in our rush to leave no one had bothered to take an actual map or our wallets with us either. So we were lost in this really obscure part of London (even now when I’ve been to London many times I still have absolutely no clue where we were at the time) with no phones, no maps, no money, just an oyster card for the tube and it was getting really dark really fast. I think we found a tube station after about 30 minutes of wondering around by sheer luck and then I managed to find our way home by looking at the tube map and thankfully managing to make sense of it. It was a crazy time & my friend was panicking so hard and I was trying to keep it together and pretend that everything was fine but it was really scary at the time lol

31. Tell me the craziest thing you’ve ever done. I’m going to cheat and use the same story from above even though it’s not the craziest but I can’t think of something else at the moment. Maybe moving to the other side of the planet by myself? Does that count? 

71. Story of your first kiss? I’ve told the whole story on here in one of those 11 questions tags in more detail but long story short I was 13, at summer camp and when we were meant to go to bed one night this guy I liked walks me to my room, leaves but then comes back and knocks on my door and we kiss while my roommate was awkwardly trying to make herself busy. It was very average and there was a lot more tongue than young innocent Bianca was expecting  😂

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fortunatelyfamousreview-deactiv  asked:

have you got old western costumes and pocket watch or compass or wallet or map been used before

Recycled Movie Costumes does indeed have some reused western costumes. You can find most of them in the Post Edwardian – Modern section of the main website.  You can also find a few in the Victorian – Edwardian section as well. The main Recycled Movie Costume website features many, many costumes not seen here.

As for the pocket watch, map, compass, and wallet, I’m afraid not. Recycled Movie Costumes typically only tracks costumes and accessories, which include hats, purses, jewelry, and shoes – anything someone would logically wear on their person. In this case, there are instances where if the pocket watch were worn outside the clothing on a chain, rather than in a pocket, that it could be included, but I’ve not yet run across a reused pocket watch.  The other items noted would be classified as props, which sadly we do not document, though I’ve given it serious consideration, as there is a vast history of prop reuse in Hollywood, I frequently receive recycled prop submissions, and while there are some interesting articles on the subject here and here (as well as many others), there does not seem to be a website fully devoted to documenting them the way that Recycled Movie Costumes documents costumes.   If enough people were to show interest, I would consider making a couple of special posts dedicated to props, and possibly adding a prop section to the website.


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