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LAST RESORT: What to pack if you're going to be on your own

 Some babies are in not-so-great situations. Momma doesn’t exactly condone running away, but if you are going to, at least be properly prepared!

  • Water bottles
  • Good boots
  • Phone
  • High-end garbage bags
  • Ear plugs
  • Multipurpose knife
  • Weatherproof backpack
  • Toothbrush
  • Baking powder (for brushing teeth, cleaning, and deodorizing your shoes.)
  • Multivitamins
  • Map
  • A light. A flashlight works, but a head-mounted one would be perfect.
  • Sleeping bag + compression sack
  • Layers of clothing made out of wool and synthetic materials. Cotton takes forever to dry.
  • UNDERWEAR. Preferably fast-drying.
  • Four pairs of good wool or synthetic socks
  • Set of dark clothes
  • Set of nice clothes
  • Small sewing kit
  • large ziploc bags
  • Water purification. Either a filter straw or the tablets.
  • A good TRAVEL towel
  • METAL cup or bowl
  • Hat with a brim to keep the sun away
  • Rain poncho
  • Tarp
It's the little things that count
  • James Sirius Potter: quidditch, fruit-flavoured toothpaste, bloody knuckles, shiny white teeth, bow ties, ripped jeans, unbuttoned shirts, white chocolate, always smells like smoke of exploded fireworks, melting smiles, claret-coloured trenchcoat, the marauders map, dirty shoes, doodles beside exercises, butterbeer, winter, echoing voice
  • Albus Severus Potter: chess, small black notebooks, stump pencils, darkred lips, dried farb boxes, organized school materials, chocolate frogs, blushed cheeks, sunflowers, turned-down corners in every school book, the beatles, gives everything a name, knitted blankets, collecting dried flowers, summer evenings at the sea of hogwarts
  • Lily Luna Potter: ponytails, brightest smile of the family, journals, pink, taylor swift, sassy, every kind of tea, pumps, skirts, dance party at the common room at 2 am, strawberries, spring, smell of rain, butterflies, 100% catperson, can't decide if she should cut her hair of or leave it long, prefers Albus over James, ice skating, bomber jackets, icetea
a brief history of shoes

Found as I dug through the detritus at the bottom of my wardrobe today:

  • black women’s oxfords, worn so often the soles flap and the insides look strangely rotten
  • brown women’s oxfords, still good
  • one (1) plain black pump, origin unknown, partner unaccounted for
  • a pair of roll-up plastic pumps I had in my handbag when I took a friend to a fetish club for her twenty-first birthday and abandoned her to fuck strangers all night; ruined stumbling down the London pavements on the way home
  • maroon with a high wedge heel, barely worn, somehow wrong-looking to my eyes
  • not so much ‘boots’ as ‘a confection of straps and buckles with a very high heel’, objectively absurd, dearly loved, purchased about the same time I got my eyebrow pierced, a relic of a very different self
  • white leather heels with golden studs and a six-inch heel, shoes to step on a man with; I remember the man at the time was boringly uncooperative
  • black wooden zori with heavy red silk thongs, bought by my grandmother in 1956 when she moved to Japan to be with her new husband. there is a silk kimono that goes with these. she never learned the language, but her children spoke it before they spoke English.
  • knitted christmas slippers with holes in the heels
  • giant shiny gold clompy tacky and hideous party shoes, gold rubbing off them now
  • smart black court shoes, worn at graduation, heels murdered beyond repair by mud and cobblestones
  • little blue silk kitten heels I bought when I was eighteen that only make me remember how insecure I felt and how I thought I needed them
  • my cool twenty-something hipster boots, tan leather and laces, worn so often they fell to bits
  • a pair of shoes with maps of the world printed on them in autumn colours
  • pale peach pumps, two pairs
  • black trainers given to me by my grandfather’s cousin’s daughter-in-law’s husband during three days I stayed in California with them for reasons never adequately explained to anyone, especially not their dog, who hated me
  • red shoes I bought myself at a time when I mostly thought about whether it would be too much work to kill myself and if anyone would really mind; pretty shoes, with a low heel and an open toe, all scarlet leather; shoes that say remember you love to dance