map on cats


I ended up doing a remake of my Five Giants Part!

Old version:

Some concept art I did for this:


Finished MAP part for this Crowfeather and Nightcloud MAP!

Character designs are by Nifty-Senpai.


New MAP part :0c featuring Tigerclaw, Ravenpaw, Redtail, Firepaw and Greypaw.

A quick one but it was a nice break to do a PMV MAP


“Exile, it takes your mind..again”- vilify by the national

Since there is a thing going around about redrawing pictures from warrior map/animations I wanted to dip my toe in and redraw this picture from this video, EXILE, since the video always stuck with me.

Original by CinderheartRaven

shiro facts:

  • likes hearty home-cooked meals
  • relies on maps to complete missions
  • likes cats enough to nap with one for 10,000 years
  • brings leadership to the table
  • wants invisibility as a superpower
  • would buy enough things to fit in a backpack and some nice socks at the space mall
  • works to relax
  • “hey shiro, if you could live and die on any kind of planet where would you find the most peace? :)” “nowhere because i will never know peace so long as the universe is in danger”
  • when it comes to tests, he just chills out because he knows he’s already as prepared as he will be
  • values teamwork above all