map of the tardis

Timing - Eleventh Doctor X Reader

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Minor language

Summary: The Doctor (Eleven) is tries to get the confidence to tell the reader how he feels, but she takes the opportunity to get lost in the Tardis.


Giving oneself a pep-talk was much more difficult than it seemed, and unfortunately, the Doctor was learning it first hand.

For the thousandth time that evening, he banged his head against the library wall. “You can do this,” he muttered to himself. “Its just Y/N.”

Actually, that was the exact problem. Every time he even thought about her lately, he couldn’t help but feel… Funny. It was only recently he faced the facts and figured out what exactly that funny feeling was.


Head over heels in love. He tried not to let it happen, but here he was now, banging his head against a wall while she was in her room, probably texting some human boy that was much more handsome than himself with cooler bowties.

And damn, he really was in trouble now, wasn’t he?

“You’re a Time Lord, you shouldn’t have to deal with this.” He kept on muttering to himself, hoping to calm himself down. It wasn’t working.

“You’re going to do this,” he said, trying to raise his hopes. “You are the last Time Lord of Galifrey, and you are going to tell that girl how you feel.”

He stood back from the wall and took a deep breath, leaving the library. He could feel his confidence wavering as he got to her door and knocked. And when she didn’t answer, it came close to crumbling. He shook off the doubt and cleared his throat.

“Y/N? Are you in there? I need to… Talk to you.”

I sound like an idiot, don’t I?He thought.

When he got no reply, he said louder: “Y/N?”

He furrowed his brow before heading off to the console room She must be there instead.

But she wasn’t. She wasn’t in there, and the confidence he was had fell into a panicy mess. Quickly, he began a scan of the ship, looking for life forms. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw what was surely her appear on the map.

Why in the world was she so deep in the Tardis? he thought. She was so far back, how did she even get there?

Whatever the reason, the Doctor knew he had to go after her.

So, he weaved in and out of the Tardis halls, making left turns then right turns and lefts again and rights again… When he felt he was drawing close to where she was, he began to call out her name.

“Y/N!” he shouted, over and over. It wasn’t long until his cries became more panicky when he was answered with silence.

He gave another desperate yell, louder than any pervious. This time, he received a small reply:


He breathed a sigh of relief, straining to hear her. He ran in the direction he thought it was from.

He rounded the corner, and grinned. Y/N was standing there with wide eyes, and he ran forward to pull her in his arms. He held her tightly and felt her smile.

Pulling back, he placed his hands on her shoulders and looked at her face. “What happened?”

She looked at him sheepishly. “I got lost.”

“Well, you had me worried sick,” he said. “A on top of that, you have absolutely the worst timing ever.”

She furrowed her brow in what the Doctor would consider a very cute way. “What do you mean?”

He took a deep breath. “I mean it took me all day to build up the courage to do this.”

He pressed his lips to hers, and after the initial surprise, she melted into it before breaking away to breathe. The pair grinned at each other, faces red as the Doctor fidgeted a bit.

“Well,” Y/N said, smiling ear from ear. “If you still have the courage, I wouldn’t mind doing that again.”


Hey guys. How you doin’?

So, I finished all my stickers and I already printed them out.

There were some that weren’t printed because:
1) I didnt had enough money for the prints,
2) Some were specially requested, like that Sonic Oc(the bunny) and that undertale couple(Ryker!sans and Ash!sans), and
3) I want to draw all eeveevolutions so i can sell all of them in a bundle.

The ones that were printed out were(plus how many):
- Treasure planet(20)
- Sansta(16)
- Totoro(16)
- Fabulous Unicorn(14)
- Tardis(15)
- Captain jack Harkness running(22)
- Human Monokuma(16)

If you have a question or want to order a few stickers from me, please send me a private mensage on chat and we’ll talk there about the prices and way of sending the stickers for you ^^

Here is a list of what I already have:
- Silver and Shadow the Hedgehog(Sonic the hedgehog)
- Zangoose, Houndoom, Lucario, Flareon, Delphox and Samurott(Pokemon)
- Prof. Grabiner(Magical Diary)
- Rafa and Fafa(Sonic original character)
- Treasure map(Treasure Planet)
- Flying machine(Atlantis)
- Tardis and Captain Jack Harkness(Doctor Who)
- My neighbor Totoro(ghibli)
- Fabulous unicorn(special request)
- Sansta(Undertale/Toby Fox. It was made for last Christmas)
- Eyeless Jack(Creepy Pasta)
- Human Monokuma(Danganronpa)
- Kamen Rider Kiva(Kamen Rider)
- Pepsiman(Pepsi)
- Emil(Nier)
- Couple sticker, Ryker!sans and Ash!sans( @car-race-undertale-au and @decaytale)

Everything belongs to their respective creators

River Song: Use the stabilisers!
The Doctor: It doesn’t have stabilisers!
River Song: The blue switches!
The Doctor: The blue ones don’t do anything, they’re just… blue!
River Song: Yes they’re blue: they’re the blue stabilisers! [presses the button and the TARDIS indeed stabilises] See?
The Doctor: Yeah? Well, it’s boring now, isn’t it? They’re boring-ers! They’re blue… boring-ers!
Amy: Doctor, how come she can fly the TARDIS?
The Doctor: You call that flying the TARDIS? [scoffs] Ha!
River Song: Okay, I’ve mapped the probability vectors, done a foldback on the temporal isometry, charted the ship to its destination and… [presses a button, the cloister bell clangs] parked us right alongside.
The Doctor: Parked us? But we haven’t landed!
River Song: Of course we’ve landed; I just landed her.
The Doctor: But it didn’t make the noise.
River Song: What noise?
The Doctor: You know, the… [does an impression of the TARDIS materialisation sound]
River Song: It’s not supposed to make that noise. You leave the brakes on.
The Doctor: Yes, well, it’s a brilliant noise. I love that noise.
—  Doctor Who
fic: fill in the gaps, p1/4

The Doctor and Rose reunite after Midnight. 

Rose steadied herself against the nearest wall, heaving in a few deep breaths. Wherever she’d ended up was unbearably humid, so once she’d caught her breath back, she stripped off her blue leather jacket. Glancing around, she realised she was in some sort of changing room, which confused her. The dimension cannon was supposed to lock on to somewhere the TARDIS had recently been, using her key as a link. Why would the Doctor be in a gym, or something?

Wrinkling her nose, she pushed herself away from the tiles and made her way through a door to her left. It didn’t take her long before she found a sign telling her where she was. Apparently, the Doctor had fancied a spa weekend. Rose smirked to herself. Maybe he’d needed a holiday.

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Hello guys! Offical AX map announcement! 

I really suck at being tardy with maps, and I’ll keep adding more on to it later today when I get off work but here we are!! 

I will be at table C7 next to Shattered Earth!! My friend and helper Ray (Delicious Almonds) will be spotting for me, because I’m at work, but I will be there from Friday - Sunday! Please come by and say hi! I think they extended the AA so now I’m in some uncharted territory aha ;n-n 


Hello Whovians! A few weeks ago we reminded everyone about the really cool TARDIS that popped up on Google Maps in 2013 which you can actually explore via streetview. 

We mentioned how cool it would be to have a Google map that mapped the TARDISes all across the world, SO WE MADE ONE, and we’re opening it up for EVERYONE to submit! 

If anyone sees a TARDIS in any form in their community, take a picture and place it on the map (you’ll need to host the picture elsewhere.) 

And if anyone sees TARDIS spottings on the internet as well, feel free to place those on the map too with a credit back to the original source. Let’s try to fill this map up, click here to get started!

The Doctor is apparently visiting Earth again, and this time he’s left his TARDIS — that’s Time and Relative Dimension in Space, — parked outside Earl’s Court in London. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Here’s the thing: It’s bigger on the inside. That’s what everyone says, anyway. And you can poke around inside all that embiggened otherworldliness by clicking here or just dropping “Earl’s Court” into Google Maps, then bringing up the Street View and clicking the double chevrons on the street outside the TARDIS. [x]

Remember when this popped up in 2013? Wouldn’t it be cool if there were a Google Map that everyone could contribute to that mapped out the TARDISes all over the world? Yeah, that would be pretty cool 👀

Closed RP with aluzkarou

The Doctor was off to visit his friend Aluzkarou, whom he hadn’t seen in several months in his time.  He decided the perfect time to visit her would be just a couple of days after he last visited her, so he landed and knocked on her door.  "Alu!“ he shouted, "Are you home?”

After a few minutes of waiting, he decided she wasn’t home and went back to his TARDIS to visit her the next day.  A few seconds later in his time, but a day later in her’s, he was knocking on the door again.  "Are you home?“ he shouted.

Sure enough, after a few minutes, he decided she probably wasn’t home, so he went back to his TARDIS and decided to do it again the next day.  So he set the TARDIS coordinates for the next day and went off to the next day, where he knocked on the door again, and she wasn’t home.  "That’s weird,” he thought out loud to himself, “Perhaps she’s just out of town for a bit.

So, instead of setting the coordinates for the next day, he set them for the next week.  He knocked on the door, once again, no answer.  He decided perhaps it was just a really long vacation, and he set the coordinates for the next month, once again, no answer.

After about 10 minutes of trying new coordinates, the Doctor was now six months later in Aluzkarou’s time and starting to get worried.  He knocked on the door.  "Alu, I know it’s been a while, but I’m here now.  Are you mad at me or something?” he shouted.  The last time he had seen her, they hadn’t argued or anything, in fact, quite the opposite.  He went back to his TARDIS.

“TARDIS, locate Aluzkarou’s current location,” he said to the TARDIS and a map appeared on the TARDIS console.  "That’s a few hundred miles away,“ he said surprised, "What is she doing there?  Did she move or something without letting me know?”

The Doctor took off.  He landed in a town, he had never been before.  "Aluzkarou!?“ he shouted, hoping for any kind of answer.

"What are you shouting for?!?” an elderly woman screamed at him.

“I’m looking for a friend,” the Doctor said.

“You don’t seem like the type to have friends,” the woman said with anger, “I’d hate being friends with you if you are that loud all the time.  I doubt you’ll find one here.”

“Have you seen a woman with fangs?” the Doctor asked, “About this tall?” he said, holding out a hand.

The woman gasped in fear and pointed towards the center of the town with fear in her eyes.  "Thank you,“ the Doctor said and started walking towards that direction, looking for his friend.

Time of Magic || usedtobealostgirlx


There was some things that the Doctor could not ignore. And a blank spot on a map was one of them. Not many things could blank an entire place on every single map. But something did.

And he had to investigate.

Landing the TARDIS on the edge of the blank spot, the Doctor looked around. It seemed like a normal road.  The sign at the inside of the blind spot made it seem like a normal town.

Stepping down the road, he locked the TARDIS, leaving that outside the black out, heading into the town, leaving the sign behind.

Welcome to Storybrooke.’