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-5 things you will find in my bag

  • another bag. well, a drawstring idk why
  • my sketchbook but i almost never take it out hahahhh
  • a rosary. just in case? it’s made of rose pedals i think. smells good
  • band aids also just in case
  • probably a bag of hot chips

-5 things you will find in my room

  • lots of books
  • my lovely bearded dragon, Queen
  • an untouched keyboard now used as a surface dedicated to my medieval shit prop things along with a middle earth map, and skyrim map
  • lots of posters got a couple star wars ones, lots from the avengers, wonder woman, my school, a cubs banner aaaand a minecraft one cuz why the fuck not i made a lot of good memories playing that game
  • a framed picture of Shia LaBeouf saying JUST DO IT for motivation

-5 things I’ve always wanted to do in my life

  • have a cat. my ma doesn’t like cats..thsomebullshit
  • have a car of my own and take my little sister and her friends on awesome adventures cuz when I was her age I never did anything and I just feel like I barely had a childhood so I don’t want her to suffer the same bullshit of being locked up in the house
  • have a big dog I only have chihuahuas from hell
  • go to new Zealand not letting go of that lotr tour hiking triiiiiiiip
  • not feel anxious every minute of every day 

-5 things on my to do list

  • get a PC and two monitors
  • get a new bike
  • I should get a better drawing tablet 
  • find morpheus and trinity to complete the crew of pop vinyl guys from the matrix 
  • finish reading all the tolkien books I’ve started cuz I buy so many, read 40% then buy more like a fuckin animal

-5 things people may not know about me

  • I’m way too emotional like I will start to cry over the smallest things too quickly itsucksmangottaholditin
  • I have an unhealthy addiction to V8 yeahh the vegetable juice. dont let the veggie part fool you its got a lot of salt
  • I like to hang out by myself but at the same time i’m too scared to
  • I’m super self conscious about my artwork like i scream in agony every time I upload lmao
  • jeez this ones hard idk what else to say?? this ones for my sister @satans-ass101 I act like I dont give a fat fuck about you but I honestly fear for your life 24/7 youre a crazy bitch 

I wont tag anyone this round but if you wanna spent 1 hour of self reflection be my guest lol! 

“The doors of Durin, Lord of Moria, speak friend and enter"

By now you’ve probably gathered that I’m a big Tolkien fan. So when this set of The Lord of the Rings, featuring custom “Doors of Durin” dust jackets arrived on Saturday from @juniperbooks, there was definitely a pig squeal involved.

The books themselves are made by Houghton Mifflin with gorgeous Tengwar embossing on the front and spines BUT THERE ARE FOLD-OUT MAPS OF MIDDLE-EARTH IN THE BACK OF EACH BOOK. (I actually made my husband stop what he was doing and come unfold the maps with me when I discovered their existence, because it was one of those things you need to do with someone.)

They are pretty big maps, and they are gorgeous. (by now you’ve probably also gathered how I feel about maps) I will definitely show the maps in another post soon.

There is something really amazing about owning a beautiful set of books that really mean something to you. (just as much as the old set that you’ve read one million times and is falling apart.) It’s like having a beautiful gown hanging in the closet next to your favorite, worn pair of jeans.

Honestly an all around special set of books and custom covers by @juniperbooks.

The Doors of Durin, also known as the West-gate, the West-door of Moria, or Elven Door, were built into the Walls of Moria in the dark cliffs of the Silvertine, and formed the western entrance to the great Dwarven city of Khazad-dum.

The Elven Door was constructed in cooperation between Dwarves and Elves, sometime between S.A. 750 and 1500.It was the two greatest craftsmen of the Second Age, the Elf and Lord of Eregion, Celebrimbor, and the dwarf Narvi who built the Doors.These were the days before the Dark Years of Sauron’s dominion in Middle-earth, and the friendship between Elven and Dwarven kingdoms was a rare and special event. During this peaceful time the Doors stood open, allowing unfettered trade. But during the War of the Elves and Sauron (in S.A. 1697) the Doors were sealed shut after Hollin fell to Sauron’s forces.

Mapmaking Part 1

So you want to make a custom map! Pylon Bina here to lend their (hopeful) expertise on the matter.

Mapmaking is a great way to add physical context to your stories. Knowing where people are in relation to the world around them helps readers follow along the journey more accurately, ESPECIALLY if there are lots of events happening far away from each other. Tolkein’s books include maps to get you oriented around Middle Earth while multiple plotlines were happening, and C.S. Lewis had maps of Narnia and the surrounding countries so that “Calormen” and “Ettinmoor” weren’t just vague concepts to the reader.

Mapmaking is also a great mental exercise that brings together a lot of general knowledge, and will get you thinking about how your world works. By the end of mapping your world, you’ll have a much better grasp of your setting. Not to mention it’s an indispensable reference!

So, this tutorial will cover the all the different scales that you might need. Some of these are related and will be grouped together: world/region/country maps, and city/town maps. Since the tutorials are image-heavy, they won’t both be put together in this post, but linked separately.

Mapmaking Part 1a: Large-scale maps

Here we’ll go through the process of creating a large-scale map. All steps will be listed in order, but not all steps apply to the kind of map you want. For example, if you’re focusing on a country or province, skip the step about picking a map projection (unless your country is absolutely enormous).


This isn’t really a necessary step for the beginning, but it’s best to think about it early. What kind of look are you going for? An old, parchment-style map? Something sleek and as informative as possible? Is it a reference only for you, or would you include it with your published material? The maps I’ll use for the tutorial are the old-looking parchment ones.


If you’re drawing a world map, you might consider picking a map projection. This gives you a border to draw in and adds some realism to your map. There’s a wikipedia page on map projections to look at (HERE). There’s some crazy ones out there. I went with the Winkel-Tripel projection (fun fact, National Geographic uses this projection for their all-world maps).

Then decide: How many continents? Do you have a Pangea thing going on? Or do you have 5-6 major land masses like Earth does? Is it all islands?


This is the fun part and most creative part, really. Here you’ll choose the location and general shape of your borders/landmasses. They might be the continent’s coastal boundary, or it could be a political border. Keep in mind that political boundaries have way more regularities in them than coastal boundaries do (for example, the boundary between the US and Canada has a long smooth portion in it).

Choose your shapes. They can be super vague, just get the general idea down. Consider completely random objects for inspiration if you want more irregularly-shaped landmasses/countries. Lumpy horse head? Rooster tail? Saggy boot? Go nuts. Here I used a lumpy upside-down arrowhead shape.

Special note on political borders: A lot of the time, political boundaries follow meridians/parallels (resulting in a smooth border), or natural formations such as rivers and mountain ranges. Keep this in mind when drafting.

STEP 3 (optional): REFINE SHAPES

If you feel your shape isn’t distinct enough, take your time and refine it. Add notches, lumps, carve chunks out of the edges, anything you want, until you’re happy with the overall shape. For inspiration, look at a real-world map and look at just how irregular and weird some countries/continents are in their shape. Don’t be scared to make something crazy! I mean, look at the broken-ness of northern Canada. Or the intense squiggles of Greenland. The thin-ness of Chile. Lots of weird stuff irl to remind you just how flexible you can be.


Ahh, the fun part. And the part that might take the longest. Lining/inking! If you don’t have steady hands or worry about making smooth lines, don’t fret! Coastlines (and to a certain degree, political boundaries) are filled with some shaky random nonsense. To get a border that really feels real, embrace that randomness and don’t bother with a steady hand. I purposefully let my hand shake and twitch to get that proper randomness. Make sure that you enlarge your sketch to be properly big enough for your map.

Note how I deviated from my sketch all over the place. The sketch is really just to give you an idea. I encourage straying from it when you want more interesting borders. I also added some random islands nearby.


Before you put your cities down, you need to get the lay of the land. Are there mountains? Rivers? Lakes? Deserts? Forests? If you have a climate already planned, reflect that on your map. You can either include them on your final map, or have it in a sketch somewhere (or on an extra layer in your art program) just so you know. Reference real world maps for help.

To actually draw these things, check out their representations on real maps or fantasy maps. It might be sections of color, different textures, or you can get artsy and throw down some triangles for mountains, clustered circles/scribbles for forests, etc. Just so long as anyone looking at the map can easily tell what’s what. !!! Include a map key if you have to !!!

Consider this: Lots of land features work in tandem. Rivers can originate from mountains. Air currents mean a forest might be on one side of a mountain range but not on the other.  All rivers end in the ocean. All rivers flow downhill! Mountain ranges are BIG. Does a mountain range cut through multiple countries/continents?

Also consider: Do any land features make up a border to your country (if applicable?) Rivers are great for political boundaries.

This has been the first part of making a custom map; stay tuned for the second part (in which pylon Bina goes into adding the civilization part to your new landmasses) coming soon!

Speaking of entry level geek cringe, this is it, the thing that causes the most irrational Nerd rage in me. It is so zero-effort, Bazinga!-grade garbage.

Actual fantasy maps would be cool. A time-shift merging of the geographies of Middle-earth to the Hyperborian Age and other prehistories would be sweet.

But this is muddled shit.

Like, there’s so many problems; Panem is a future US, Westeros is the size of South America, throwing off the scale; Hogwarts is a single campus and distinctly a part of the modern UK (and why the fuck is Hogsmeade pointed out?), and the fucking wardrobe is in England. Middle-earth is a massive continent on primordial earth, or Arda, yet is only somewhat larger than a camp. Moomin Valley is show to be a plane circled by mountains, not a valley between mountains. The Land of the Lost is subterranean, not an island; why is Lidsville a Hyrulian peninsula? The fucking Minnish Cap? Terabithia is, even in its own book, imaginary AND ONLY ACCESSIBLE BY A BRIDGE, it’s the title; actually physical places on earth are freely mixed with extradimensional Dreamlands.

And Nehwon, one of the smallest places here, is actually the largest (barring maybe the possibly infinite Dreamlands), a planet.

I hate this shit so much.

Original art by someone who never gets credited by the buzzfeed-level fuckers who share it