map of florida

cutesymikey  asked:

so from the map in kc, florida is underwater? are you saying you want me to drown, victoria? (also, thanks for including Gays. it makes my queer heart happy)

I don’t want Florida to drown, but climate change deniers seem to!!


#359-Absol, The Disaster Pokemon

Absol is a Pokemon that is mostly only find deep in the mountains where it hides away. However, Absol appears just before major natural disasters. Without natural disasters, it can be found deep in the northern Rockies and the Appalachians. in California they can be caught just before an earthquake. In Oklahoma and Kansas they can be seen in April and May during heavy tornadic storms. On the East coast they can be found in areas where a hurricane is about to hit. Research is still being done to identify whether or not they appear before avlanches.