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  • Remus: where do you want to go tonight?
  • Sirius: bar
  • Remus: but wouldn't it be nice to go somewhere fancier?
  • Sirius: bar
  • Remus: but, like, a nice dinner, romantic-
  • Sirius: bar
  • Remus: but don't you think-
  • Sirius: bAAAR
  • Remus: but-
  • Sirius: baaaaaarrrrr
  • Remus: *opens mouth*
  • Sirius: BAR
  • Remus:
  • Sirius: bar
  • Remus: I guess we're going to a bar tonight.

ExoMars rover 360

This visualisation presents a 360º view of the ExoMars 2020 rover.

The 310 kg rover will traverse the martian landscape on six wheels. It will be the first rover capable of drilling down 2 m, where ancient biomarkers may still be preserved from the harsh radiation environment on the surface. The drill is housed in the large grey box at the front of the rover.

Navigation cameras (at the top of the mast) and ‘localisation’ cameras (at the base of the mast) are used to determine where the rover is and where it will move.

Power is supplied to the rover by solar panels. These are folded during the journey to Mars and opened once the rover is on the surface.

There are so many lovely messages I still need to reply to (and I will get to them soon for sure) but for now I will just lock in the time and date that I plan to do the next liveblog, just in case you want to be around at the time. 

My weekend itself is a bit busy this week, but I don’t want to leave you guys hanging for any longer than I have to, so I’ll aim to try and do it on Thursday evening!



My words are venom

A/N) here we go! Part two of the last text convo that happened between Remus and Sirius. This one is pretty heavy so buckle your feels seat belt. Written by @credence-needs-a-hug
Hope you enjoy!!
Remus sat with his head in his hands. His heart was hammering, as loud as the thoughts running angrily through his mind.

Ignorant. Impulsive. Sirius.

The words, detached from sentences, scrambled any logic that could have been within him. He was just so-angry. He couldn’t even find his common sense. The very thought of Sirius infuriated him. It was his fault. All of it. He could have gotten snape killed. He was an asshole, yes, but no one deserved that. And did Sirius even think of what it would do to remus if he had killed snape? He would have been devastated.

Remus stood, a pulsing rage swelling in his chest. He looked around at the classroom he had found. After wandering around for a while, he had come across the dark room, occupied only by some old chairs and desks. Unthinkingly, remus grabbed the nearest chair, flinging it as though it was nothing, hard against the wall and watching it splinter and shatter like glass.


Remus jumps, whipping around to see Sirius in the doorway holding his cheek tenderly. When he moved his hand, blood ran down his cheek in a thin stream. Remus face turned vivid. “How the fuck did you find me?” He demanded.

Sirius looked up at him with watery eyes. “I was walking past and I heard footsteps,” he explained. He chuckled without humor. “I walked in right on time to get a splinter to the face. Nice aim by the way.”

Remus scoffed. “I wasn’t aiming for you. The fact that I hit you was just as satisfying as throwing the chair, though.” Sirius’ eyes widened. “You’re really mad, aren’t you?”

Remus froze. He turned slowly. He continued to turn until he was facing Sirius with a deadly look in his eyes. “Sirius,” he began, his voice ice. “You are a fucking idiot. That was the dumbest, most immature thing anyone has ever done.”

Sirius, averting his eyes to the ground, walked farther into the classroom and closed the door behind him. “I know, remus I do,” he said, holding his hands out in front of his body. “I was being dumb. I am so sorry. I didn’t think.”

“DIDN’T THINK?” Remus screamed, causing Sirius to cower down. Remus took a breath. “Sirius, do you know how much I have to lose? You don’t seem to understand that I have parents who will be effected by this. I’ll be kicked out of school. I might get thrown out of my house. I could get arrested,”

“Remus, I get it-” Sirius tried, but Remus cut him off. Eyes turning to steel, he stared down at Sirius. Unblinking and glaring, he stared. “You will never understand,” he growled. “Your family hates you. You have nothing. You’ll never understand losing something because you have nothing to lose. So please try your best not to fuck my life up just because yours is so pathetic.”

Remus will never get the image of Sirius’ face out of his mind. The hurt strewn across his features.

Sirius could feel the tears falling down his cheeks, but he didn’t even try to stop them. His heart was aching, and it made him want to curl in on himself. He stared at Remus with wide, pained eyes. The place on his cheek where his tears and blood had created a cocktail of watery red on his pale face.

He took in a shuddering breath. “You couldn’t just beat me up, huh?” He let the breath out, his chest deflating. “I guess that’s your style, though.”

Remus stared back defiantly, no sign of remorse in his eyes.

Sirius turned slowly, pulling the door open and leaving without another word.

Remus sat down, curling his hands into his hair. Why did he do that? Why did he make it so hard to be angry? He should have felt good about it. He should have been happy at the way Sirius’ face fell, but all he felt was this emptiness. It consumed him.

He sank to the floor and cried.


California: Natural Wonders

Good afternoon, folks, and welcome to today’s Eurovision statistical map. Today, we’re looking at something this blog has never analysed before - but something I felt was interesting to examine at this point in time: the presence, or lack thereof, of bands at ESC. Almost 11 years ago, Lordi won Eurovision for Finland, their first win. Since then, we’ve seen nine soloists win the contest and one duo - but no bands; whilst on the runner’s up podium, it’s been slightly more diverse: seven soloists, two “bands” (stretching the term for the Udmurt grannies) and one duo. 

Despite this, we’ve had a notable downtick in the numbers of bands getting selected to represent their country at Eurovision. In ESC ‘07, a year after Lordi’s triumph, we had 14 groups (not counting duos), falling to a steady 9 between ‘08 and ‘10, 7-8* between ‘11 and ‘14 (*I’m confused as to how to classify Homens da luta - a duo but who came to the ESC more or less as a band) and to only 6 in the past three years. 

With ESC being increasingly perceived by some delegations as a way to expose their talent show stars on a bigger stage, the collateral damage, I feel, are groups - with no band having won in a decade, I can sort of see why soloists or the occasional duets are outnumbering groups, but I do find it a huge shame - part of me feels that bands can add to the contest’s musical diversity in a way that soloists do not.

The map showing the participation of bands since the symbolic ESC after Lordi’s win may make it seem like groups at the contest are in rude health, as most countries sent 2-3 in that timespan. Thus, I decided to include a second map to show trends over the past five years, during which large swathes of Europe have never sent a group, and the majority of countries have only done so a maximum of once. The exceptions to this rule are located in small clusters: a few nations of the Balkan peninsula (Greece and Montenegro), a few from the Caucasus (Georgia and Armenia) and but most of all from central-northern Europe, where the contrast in attitudes is most vivid, with many nations sending 2-3 bands (like Germany and Latvia) and others having never sent a band at all in this period (like Norway and Sweden.)