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You can’t ask for more LGBT / mentally ill / disabled / POC representation in media if you don’t believe that fiction affects reality. That’s complete bullshit.

Fiction has always affected reality. Popular media has influenced generations of people & always gives us insight to common attitudes and beliefs in the past.

If fiction doesn’t affect reality, why are so many black cats killed or left unadopted. Why did two girls try and kill their friend because of Slenderman. Why do so many young girls think they can become astronauts, scientists, or even the president after they watch TV shows with women in high positions of power. Why are sharks feared more than they ever have been after the movie Jaws. Why do North Korean citizens who obtain smuggled contraband videos and flashdrives full of American shows and movies become motivated to leave their country. Why do so many serial killers have similar tastes in favorite books and movies. Why did so many young girls braid their hair after Disney’s Frozen or The Hunger Games came out. Why was it reported that kids who grew up reading Harry Potter became adults more tolerant and accepting of people from different cultures.

You learn shit from media. That’s the goddamn truth. It’s why kids shows are so vastly different from adults’ ones–you learn morality and ethics from others. You learn how to act and behave, and what’s right or wrong. What content you consume shapes you as a person.

Fiction. Affects. Reality.