map detail

Slowly making progress on a long overdue MAP project :’D

A courier gives you a package that says “To: [features that describe player in party] wearing green [colored item they have]”. You are wearing a red [item]. The package contains…

1. Drugs, and a map detailing where to take them.

2. Information on the location of a missing villager, and instructions on where to take them.

3. Information about a coup happening soon.

4. Drawings of you and your party members, scarily accurate and personal information as well as instructions on the best way to take you out.

Reasons Why I love Tolkien

Reason Number One: He wrote strong female characters into his work before women really had a voice and his women are still stronger than many women writers invent today. 

Reason Number Two: Tolkien was an amazing linguist and inventor. Many of his languages stem from others (Quenya was modeled after Finnish) but they are all original and provide such a rich depth to his work. 

Reason Number Three: Tolkien invented an entire mythology and provided a rich history for all of his worlds. No one had ever written an entire invented mythology just for books before and his mythology was indeed very detailed. 

Reason Number Four: Tolkien drew and designed maps. Maps are awesome. I love all of the visual imagery shown in these maps and how detailed everything is that Tolkien thought up. 

Reason Number Five: Tolkien did not use the common, perfect heroes. Instead, he used ordinary, unlikely people to accomplish heroic feats. Everyone had to work together to save the world; Elves, Dwarves, and Men had to get along. But, it was all because of the brave Hobbits that the quest succeeded. “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”

There are many other reasons why I love Tolkien’s works so much, but these are my top five!!! 

Spending Valentine's Day With:

Side Note: I’m personally not a fan of Valentine’s Day, but I thought it’d still be cute to write for some of the characters.


Stiles Stilinski: Stiles loves to show off his goofy, lovable, dork side everyday, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day that’s when he kicks it up a notch. You come home and find a very detailed map laying on your bed, following all the clues the last one leads you to the lookout where Stiles is standing dressed in an handsome suit, holding your favourite flowers. He arranged a cosy picnic, the view being the entire lit up town of Beacon Hills. When things started to cool down a bit both of you would cuddle in his Jeep with the radio down low and the heat up high.

Angus “Mac” Macgyver: When it comes to romantic gestures Mac is very traditional, often he likes to keep things as a surprise just so he can see your face light up. Valentine’s Day is where Mac pulls out all of the stops, he at times feels guilty that his always away a lot for work so he wants to make sure you know how much he loves, appreciates and adores you. This year, Mac traditionally decorated the house with white/red rose petals, along with well lit candle light dinner, followed by a relaxing bath laced with all your favourite scents. Then you and Mac spend the rest of the evening in the comfort of the queen sized bed.

Klaus Mikaelson: He likes to remind you that his an 1,000 year old vampire who has traveled the world. So every Valentine’s Day Klaus would whisk you away to another romantic place, last year was Pairs, the year before was London. This year Klaus and you landed in Hawaii where he wanted you to get away from the hectic streets of New Orleans and spend time relaxing. Klaus compelled all the finest foods, wines, desserts, anything you desired to be sent up to the hotel, where the two of you would spend most of the day.

Isaac Lahey:

As much as you told Isaac that he didn’t need to spoil you on Valentine’s Day, he disagreed greatly. So with the help from Lydia and permission from Derek, he turned Derek’s loft into a romantic getaway. After he removed the blindfold your eyes were greeted with hundreds of fairy lights and a huge love heart shape made out of rose petals in the middle of the floor. Isaac then gave you a beautiful moon pendant indicating that you will always be his anchor.

Elijah Mikaelson: When it came to showing how dear you were to him, Elijah never disappointed. The morning of Valentine’s Day, he sneaked into your room with a lovely homemade breakfast tray filled with coffee, croissants, orange juice and pancakes. After that, Elijah took you on a romantic stroll around New Orleans and surprised you with your favourite singer serenading the both of you, while Elijah and yourself danced underneath the stars. 

Theo Raeken: Theo’s motto was go big or go home, he never did anything by half and when it came to you he’d never dream of it. Theo had a hard time showing emotion but on Valentine’s Day that didn’t stop him from showing just how much he loves you. The day was spent in bed, messing around in the sheets and only getting up for food or the bathroom. When night fell, Theo and you cooked dinner which only ended up in a food fight, but you didn’t mind one bit.

Inuyasha is my favourite manga of all time, and I finally decided I wanted to design something for it. In all my years of being part of the Inuyasha community, I’ve never seen a detailed map of the places the characters travel to, and I decided that was a good place to start.

Over the course of nearly a year I reread the entire manga, taking notes and placing locations on a generic map as I kept track of their travels. I determined locations using various angles. 1) Inuyasha undergoes a transformation every new moon. Using a calendar from 1995 (the year the manga takes place) I was able to keep track of every new moon and thus be able to track the time of their travels. 2) I researched how far a human can travel in a day and doubled it for Inuyasha, who is a half-demon. I now knew how far they could travel. 3) I used a map of feudal Japan (where most of the manga takes place) as a guide to where major villages and shrines were, using many of those places for unnamed locations in the manga. By doing this I was able to place every major and minor location the characters travel to as well as I could.

Without consulting the manga artist this fan-made map can never be confirmed or held to be canon, but with the information I have at my disposal, it is a good attempt to locate the travels of Inuyasha and his companions.


Westport: Detailed neighborhood maps

Ok, so central Westport is a bit of a mess with all the text, but there are so many community lots crammed together, I did the best I could! There’s a tiny electronics store business lot behind the rowhouses in the center that isn’t owned by anyone, and I couldn’t fit the text so there you have it. :p

Otherwise I feel like it’s a decent overview of where everyone lives!