map clothing

Transparency in clothing tutorial!

In this loooong ass tutorial i’ll explain you the technique i used while making my Mamé Blouse!

I made this tutorial as if i was explaining it to someone who already has a great knowledge of Blender and S4S

Also, made this specially for the chama @enriques4 who CRAVES to know jow to make this, ly!

1. Open your nude top on Blender and import your scratch mesh.

2. Do all the weights, uv1 and vertex things you do when making a top, BUT waith till the end to make the uv map. For this part we will use @spectacledchic-sims4 UV Mapping guide :)

3. For the UV mapping of the clothing I recommend using the parts of the hay, the part between the arms and the “extra bottom and top” part. You can also use some parts of the sim body IF its covered by other mesh or if its not covered with one part of the mesh that’s going to be transparent.

As for my top UV Map I made it like this:

4. Once you are done with all the morphing and UV mapping process, save you blend!

5. Go into S4S and find this blouse. This one will be your main top package :)

6. Export the mesh and open it on Blender!

7. Once in Blender, you’ll see that this mesh has 6 cuts! This is actually a great amount of cuts, since we’ll put different parts of our mesh in each one of them to make you top not have transparency issues.

8. What you’ll do now is go to each cut and delete all that its in each one. Press “X” and click “Vertices”.

9. Once its all done, append your top. I recommend you to change the name of this since you may confuse this with the other cuts :)

10. Now, go into your top and separate the different parts of it. As for me I separated mine into the Nude Top, the Straps (the parts of the mesh from scratch that wont have transparency) and the transparent part of it.

IMPORTANT: separate each part of the transparency part, so in this way we dont have any issues later. I separated it into the left boob, right boob and the back part.

11. Take the last 3 cut from shirt we exported and join each one with one part of the transparency part.

12. After that, we’ll have left 3 cuts. What i did was: in cut number 3 i joined the straps part, in cut number 2 i joined the nude top and in cut number one i duplicated the nude top and join it into cut number 1.

13. Once its done, save it, import it to S4S, make all your LODs but still dont make your textures.

14. Now go to the “Warehouse” tab. There you’ll find different “geometries”.

The division of these is like this:

- The First 6 ones are the LOD “0”

- The next 5 ones are LOD “1”

- The next 5 ones are LOD “2”

- The last 5 ones are LOD “3”

15. What we’ll do now is changing the shaders of the transparent cuts of our mesh.

This is one of the essential parts of this tutorial, since without doing this, the “transparency” wont work. This shader and technique is used when making Alpha Hairs and Glasses.

                              PAY ATTENTION ON THIS PAAAART!

  1. The LODs we’ll change our shaders are 0, 1 and 3. ONLY these ones, we wont touch LOD 2 FOR ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD, OK? Well, lets keep going…
  2. In each LOD (except LOD 2, this one IS UNTOUCHABLE), we’ll find the “Geometries” that show in the 3D preview the Transparent parts of the mesh.
  3. Select the geometry and go to the “Data” tab, next to the 3D Preview one.
  4. Now, Find the part that says “Material”. Then go to the part that says “Shader” and change it to “Simglass”.

Repeat this process in each Geometry that is one part of the mesh that will be transparent. Do this in all the Geometries of each LOD, EXCEPT IN THE LOD 2, YOU ALREADY KNOW THE DRILL WITH IT.

  Save your package, you are almost done. Go grab a snack, you deserve it ;D

16. Now to the last step, texturing! This part is all up to you! Play with the opacity of the parts you want transparent.

As for me, I decided to make this, hehe.


I went for transparent breast area, covering the nipples with some kimojis. I know this looks kinda trashy, but it’s all for the sake of the tutorial!

                          Now save your package and test it in game.

And this is how it looks in game! It actually turned out to really great.

I hope this tutorial helped you. This is my first time doing one of these, i’m not the best one at explaining so if you had any trouble at understanding dont bother to send me a message!

Also you can download the top I made for this tutorial so you can have a better guide!

Byeee! ♡

… somehow ended up doodling chibi icons for [Animus/JobSetAU]…

Demanding Answers

It would surprise many to know that ‘Dame-Tsuna’ can understand Italian.

It seems an utterly ridiculous concept- he’s failing every single subject, including English, so where in the world would he learn it? But he does- was taught by his mother when he was younger, even if he has trouble pronouncing it when he tries to speak it out loud. He doesn’t like to use it often, it being the language of the country his father left for, but his mother insisted that he learn it, so if nothing else, he reads some story books in Italian so that the knowledge doesn’t go to waste.

One day, though, he finds some documents that his father had left behind. His last visit was a few months ago; constantly drunk and flirting with his mother the whole time. The feeling of absolute frustration rises up just thinking about that man; a part of him felt tempted to rip the document apart out of spite.

He’s not that petty, though, and knows that the documents might be important, so he starts walking towards the house phone to dial up his number- and out of curiosity, takes a look at one of them.

A few minutes later, Tsuna is shaking with shock, disbelief, and the stirrings of rage.

A few weeks later, Tsuna has packed up, told his mother he’s ‘off to find the truth’, and snuck on a ship that’s headed for Italy.

The journey there was long, and uncomfortable, and miserable, spent hidden and shivering within the folds of a blanket, but he makes it to Italy without being caught by any of the crew, and packed with a plan, a map, pepper spray, money, clothes and other things that he had made sure to acquire and put in his slingbag and considerably large suitcase, he began a painstakingly long journey towards his father.

1) a run-in with Reborn, who was in a bit of a problematic situation at the time, and after a series of events and escaping said situation they join up once Reborn finds out Tsuna’s family name is Sawada. He could always just call Iemitsu and inform him that his son found out what he did for a living and is now currently in Italy, but that wouldn’t be fun, and he plans to fully savour the look on Iemitsu’s face when he sees for himself. Tsuna, on the other hand, is slightly confused, slightly terrified, and initially was a little bit worried about this- after all, as far as Tsuna knew, Reborn was a baby, and wouldn’t his parents worry about this, weird gut feeling saying otherwise aside? He is quickly dissuaded of this worry. Reborn is a demon in disguise.

2) a chance meeting with Gokudera, who was trying to make a living for himself by being a hitman, and had been very frustrated with Tsuna through their initial interaction. He continues to be frustrated as Tsuna puts his plan to the side to try and dissuade Gokudera from what he’s trying to do, and this continues until he messes up with his dynamite during a hit and almost dies- if Tsuna hadn’t managed to pull him away in time. After Tsuna asks if he was alright and starts worrying over him, and answers Gokudera’s question with an answer he didn’t expect, that’s basically when he decides that he owes this kid his life, and tags along for the ride so that he doesn’t get hurt while looking for his father. Over the course of the trip there, he grows more and more loyal, to the point that he’s willing to follow Tsuna all the way back to Japan, if he asks him to.

3) Lambo, who insists on trying to off Reborn the entire time. Tsuna is caught off-guard when a kid with horns and an afro that probably contains a black hole somewhere in there starts throwing pink grenades at the fedora-wearing baby on his head. He is even more caught off-guard when said kid pulls out an entire bazooka, shoots himself with it, and is replaced by a fifteen-year-old teenager. Said teenager apparently knows him, and was incredibly taken with patting he and Gokudera on their heads while giggling at Reborn’s tiny form all the while. He got kicked in the head for the latter. Tsuna finds out a little while later that that was Lambo from the future, that he takes incredible joy being taller than the both of them every time Lambo of the present uses the bazooka, and that he was probably stuck with him, Gokudera, Reborn and some others that supposedly join him as he heads for his father for the rest of his life. As Gokudera and Lambo go into a hair-pulling fight and Reborn drinks coffee without a shred of concern to said fight, Tsuna feels concerned.

4) pursuit from Hibari, who soon realized that Tsuna was no longer attending class. Upon questioning Sawada Nana, he finds out that Tsuna has left for Italy to look for his father, therefore rendering him absent from school. Upon further investigation, Tsuna did not use legal means to reach Italy, and the time of his return to Namimori is questionable. He did not inform the school of his leave. Therefore, he is skipping school. This is unacceptable. After having made some preparations and leaving the school to Kusakabe, he booked a flight to Italy, and began his chase.

(To be continued. ^_^)]

Years after the Incident, years after their monster hunting days, years after gas stations and road maps and blood splattered clothing, things are quiet. Never completely quiet, though, because if you stick Nancy Wheeler, Steve Harrington, and Jonathan Byers in apartment together it’ll never be totally quiet. But the sounds of engines revving and monsters roaring has turned into the ding of the toaster oven and the soft click of the front door swinging shut and the sharp staccato of microwave popcorn. It’s the sound of telephone conversations with family and box springs squeaking with added weight and visits from the boys. It’s the sound of traffic outside of their window and the dripping of the leaky sink and the soft, melifluous tunes coming from the radio. It’s turning pages and grading papers and rewinding tape recorders. It’s home, to all of them. So when Nancy writes a letter to her mother she always starts with two things:

“Hello, Mom.
It’s quiet here. We are well.”

Jeffs room hc because why not

- Jeff has a 6 pack of redbull and ranch flavored Doritos under his bed

- some thin ass black blanket that doesn’t protect shit from the cold

- like 2 pillows

- he has a big bed but doesn’t take up much space, most of the bed is Smile dog’s

- mini tv in the corner that gets like 6 channels

- posters everywhere and im talking like gaming posters, music posters, those fucking meme posters, a map somewhere

- knifes

- clothes everywhere

anonymous asked:

Can i request that the reader is actually hanzo's and genji's sister that they kept hidden from overwatch and the world but they have to tell the team about her when she starts to get hunted by talon

You loved your brothers. You really did. However, what you didn’t love was that whilst your brothers were out gallavanting with Overwatch, you had to stay behind and be kept hidden.

“It is for your own safety, (Y/N).” Hanzo explained. He had come back to your safehouse in Hanamura. To the rest of his team in the dropship, it was a visit to his previous home so it didn’t look too suspicious.
“I just wish to go with you. I don’t want to be stuck here while you and Genji are out, facing danger every day!”
“(Y/N), there is a fine line between wanting and needing. I know you do not want to stay here, but we need you to. With the forces of Talon becoming greater, so does the risk of you being found out and being put in danger.”

You huffed. Being the younger sister of the two ninjas was no easy feat. They were always protective of you, always wanting the best for you. Even if that did mean no one knowing of your existence

“Let me come back with you. Please?” Your eyes widened, eyelashes fluttering.
Hanzo raised an eyebrow and pursed his lips, his well known stern look on his face. You frowned.
“Fine. Okay. I’ll stay.”

You of course didn’t plan on staying.

Once Hanzo had hugged you and bid you goodbye, you began grabbing your necessities and shoving them into a small backpack. Toothbrush, deodorant, comb, money, map, clothes. Done.

You opened the door of the safehouse and took in a deep breath of fresh air. The streets weren’t overly busy, but busy enough to lose yourself in the crowd should you need to.

You had a nagging feeling. A sense that someone had their eyes on you. Looking over your shoulder, there was no-one in your immediate vicinity that you could spot looking at you. Shaking it off as nerves of disobeying your big brother, you carried on stalking through the streets of Hanamura to the station.

Suddenly, a hand wrapped around your wrist and your heart went through your chest. “What are you doing?!” You tried to wrench your arm away from the assailant.
You stopped. You stared. It was your other brother, Genji.
“Where are you going, (Y/N)?”
“You haven’t seen me in months and that’s the first thing you ask?”
Your arm went slack.
“Hanzo had said to me that you wanted to join us. He asked me to follow you.”
“Yes, well, when you leave your younger sister alone things tend to get, erm, lonely.”
“Hush, (Y/N), please.” Genji looked over both of his shoulders before leading you towards a secluded shop opening.

Before you could even open your mouth to confront Genji, screams were heard from across the street. A confused, fearful look crossed your face, opposite to Genji’s which showed annoyance.

“This is why you should have stayed at the house.”
You frowned, lips parting to say-
“Stay out of sight. Do not let anybody see you, (Y/N).”
“Is this that.. Talon?”
Genji nodded.
“Hide, sister. I will be back.”
He stalked off towards where the screams and now explosions were coming from.

You thought it would be best to follow your brother’s advice and jogged down a small alleyway, out of sight and in the shadows. What you hadn’t expected was to see two men dressed in black uniforms, sporting an insignia you had never seen before. It had two arches, resembling a rams horns.

Oh shit.

Your feet skidded on the ground to try and stop and run the other way, but they had already clocked you and soon enough had their weapons pointed at you.

“Freeze.” One of the men chuckled.

You spread your hands out and held them at head height to show you were unarmed. You gulped.

The second man raised his hand that wasn’t holding his weapon to his ear.

“Boss. We found her. Practically ran straight into us.” He spoke into his earpiece.

Wait, what?

“Yeah, the Shimada sister.”

Shit. How did they know who you were?

You wanted to run. You wanted to call out. You wanted to do anything that that stopped these men pointing their guns at you.

Ryūjin no ken wo kurae!

Genji appeared and then disappeared, a swift strike through the soldiers and they slumped on the floor. He grabbed your wrist again, not as gentle as the last time.
“Come. We must leave.”
“Genji.. I-” You were in shock. Your brother had just killed those men and-
A yank on your hand sent you running. Where? You don’t know. You managed to keep up with your brother, eyes watering with unshed tears.

After 5 minutes he slowed down, taking you to a quiet street, bringing you against him in a tight hug.
“I am sorry you had to see that.”
You looked back up at him, tears finally falling and breathless.
“Those men.. who were they?”
“Talon. They were after you.” He loosened his arms and looked down at you. “Hanzo and I were on our way to our usual visit here, but it appears as though we were itercepted. We know they have recently recruited a new hacker. Whether they found out our connections, I do not know.”
You unlocked your eyes from his, burying your head in his chest. He didn’t need to say anymore to imply what Talon wanted.
“Thank you.”
A small pat on your back and you were released from the hug.

“This does however put us in a bit of a predicament, (Y/N).”
Your brows furrow.
“Your safehouse was comprimised. Yet, I can’t take you back the dropship.”
You tilted your head. “Why not?”
Genji sighed.
“Overwatch does not yet know that Hanzo and I have a sister.”
“Ah.” You brought your finger up to wipe away the last tear.
“I am sure however, we can think of something.” Genji said, a smile in his voice.


“Y'all have a sister?!” McCree exclaimed.
“Jesse, please. Don’t let the entire dropship hear.” Hanzo said. It was rare he used sarcasm, a trait he had picked up from his western friend.
“Well… What’s she like?”
“A Shimada.”
The conversation was dropped.


You and Genji stepped up to the dropship ramp. You took a deep breath. Inside the dropship you were surrounded by unfamiliar faces. You saw Hanzo, and smiled meekly at him. It was as though his face hadn’t changed from the stern look when he blatantly said yoi can’t come back. He stepped forward, creating a space between you and the strangers.

“Everyone. This is our younger sister, (Y/N).” He paused. “She is here because it seems as though our information has been compromised. Talon agents know who she is and our relations, and attempted to find her. Hence, why she is now here under our protection.”

Murmers spread amongst the strangers, your face blushing with the attention.

A man in a hat and a cape came up to you.
“The name’s McCree.” He nodded.
You smiled slightly, and glanced at Hanzo. He raised his eyebrows and slightly nodded his head in approval.
“Hi, er, (Y/N).” You said, introducing yourself.
He tilted his head, a smile pulling at his lips.
“So how come we haven’t heard of you before?”

Oh no. Here we go.

“I- well..”
Hanzo could see you flush slightly and made his way over, a protective hand encasing yours.
“Protection.” Hanzo stated, glancing at you. You agreed. To be fair, Hanzo wasn’t wrong.
“And now that she is here, we will be able to protect you even more.” A gentle smile graced his lips as he full on looked at you.
“Well, darlin’. You’re in capable hands if you’re bein’ protected by Overwatch.”

McCree’s accent made you blush, not to mention the thought of you being actually being safe. Now that you had a terrorist organsiation hunting you down, you needed your brothers more than ever. Luckily, they were here for you.
Or so you hoped..

Anon, I hope this was good enough for you!

Nintendo Direct 9.13.2017
  • Ultra Sun and Moon (3DS)
    • Necrozma  Story update
    • New Map area
      • Beach, Pikachu Valley
    • New Clothing Items
    • New First Encounter gameplay
    • Special pokemon for preorder/online purchase
    • Purchase Gold/Silver
      • Get Celebi in Sun/Moon
    • November 17th
  • Nintendo 2DS XL Pokeball Edition
  • Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Remake (3DS)
    • 3DS release
    • Includes new Bowsers Minions game
  • Kirby Battle Royal (3DS)
    • Kirby 4 Player Top down Brawler
    • January 19th 2018
  • Yokai Watch 2 Ultimate Edition
    • Free Update for owners adding new gameplay/features
  • Laytons Mystery Hourney
  • Minecraft
    • Coming to New Nintendo 3DS system
    • Release TODAY
  • Mario Party: Top 100
    • Best minigames from the entire series on 3DS
    • Download play!
  • ATLUS games
    • THe Alliance Alive (early 2018)
    • SMT Strange Journey Redux
    • Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology (early 2018)
  • Orange and White 2DS XL 
    • in America October 6
  • Nintendo Switch
    • Xenoblade Chronicles 2
      • New gameplay/story trailer
      • Lots of creatures/Titans/Blades (who are also characters)
      • December 1 2017
      • Special editions with soundtrack and steelbook
      • Themed Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
    • Splatoon 2 Updates
      • Update Map: Kelp Dome
      • New Map: Snapper Canoe
      • New Umbrella Weapon
    • Fire Emblem Warriors
      • New Character Lyndis
      • October 20
      • Special Edition coming
    • Snipper Clips Plus: Cut it out Together
      • New Content/stages with new themes
      • New Game+ with new Body mode
      • New content available as DLC for already owners
    • Morphies Law
      • Available this winter
    • Rocket League
      • New hats/cars/local multiplayer
      • Avaialbe this holiday
    • Arena of Valor
      • MOBA for switch
      • Beta free this winter
    • Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
      • November 17th release
    • Doom and Wolfenstein 2
      • Coming to Switch??????
      • 2018
    • Flip Wars
      • Bomberman like game
      • Available now
    • Nintendo Classic Arcade Games (Archade Archives
      • Versus Games
      • Mario Bros September 22
    • Sports Games on Switch
      • NBA 2k18
      • WWE 2k18
      • FIFA 18
      • Pokken Tournament DX
    • Project Octopath Traveller
      • New Trailer
      • “HD-2D” Art Style with Sprites and 3D worlds
      • Demo releasing later today!
      • Survey for feedback as well
      • Release 2018
    • ARMS
      • New Arms/Characters
      • Avaialble today
    • Dragon Quest Builders to Switch
      • isometric-ish minecraft style game
      • Spring 2018 release
    • Kirby Star Allies
      • Spring 2018
    • Mario Odyssey
      • Power Moon Collectibles
        • Kinda like kokoro seeds
      • Mini Games with online rankings for power moons
      • Customize Marios looks with outfits
      • Stickers and Souveniers to customize your hot air ballon
      • Snapshot mode!
    • Mario Odyssey Bundle
      • Red Joycons, Carrying Case, Game included!
General BotW Tips!

You can smash boxes and crates and barrels with two handed weapons like axes and sledgehammers. There is usually food or arrows in there.

You can feed animals by holding or dropping foods in front of them. This includes your horse(s).

Spotted/dappled horses are easiest to tame, but aren’t good stamina-wise; they maneuver a lot easier, though. Good beginner horses.

Two-colour horses have more stamina, but are slightly harder to tame, and slightly harder to maneuver.

Solid colour horses are the hardest to tame, but have the most stamina, and are very fast.

Keep your guardian parts for upgrading your bombs/stasis, etc.

Keep Bokoblin horns for upgrading your clothing at the fairy fountain.

Be sure to find the tower in each new area you go to right off the bat; it’s a lot easier to explore when you have a map.

If you wear clothing of the same set, you’ll gain a special bonus.

Your horses CAN DIE. Do not fall off cliffs with them…

If you attack cucoos enough, they’ll lay an egg (they still attack you after enough hits, so be careful not to hit them too much).

Recipe lists aren’t all that essential as long as you remember that there is no mixing ingredients with effects (stamina and defense or speed and stamina, etc), and you should be able to make something that is edible.
And don’t mix monster parts in a meal either.

Guardians are terrifying until you cut off their legs; if you aren’t ready to fight and kill one yet, don’t… But you can get away from them by cutting off a few legs.

Sometimes fairies fly out of random enemies as they die; catch them while you can!

You can get fairies behind Kakariko village at the great fairy fountain. Sneak up behind them and grab them - you don’t need a bottle.

Remove your sword and any metallic items if there’s a lightning storm; you’ll get struck by lightning if you don’t.

Feel free to add more info! I haven’t gotten all that far in the game myself.

anonymous asked:

pLEASE write out some arranged marriage au's for perc'ahlia. i BEG you

literally all you have to do is ask, so long as you don’t mind a summary of ideas rather than actual fics because…..i would die if i tried. but i have many ideas regarding these two and marriage, and quite a few are arranged marriages. let’s see….

You have your classic arranged marriage, based on a timeline where the de Rolo family is alive and Vax and Vex are far more controlled by their father’s wishes. I like to think of this one as the left overs idea, seeing as it’s founded on the principles of Frederick and Johanna having to arrange a marriage for their third child who will not go out courting, and Syldor having to make a match for Vex before he can feasibly find a future husband for Velora. The deal is struck after months of arguing, when Vex finally agrees to marry some little lordling from the north because, well, the rumors about him are that he can’t be bothered about a wife, so he ought not to mind one that spends more time in the woods than by his side, right? And she’s heard Whitestone is lovely if chilly and distant (thought, really, that’s a virtue when it comes to getting as far from Syngorn as possible, and she even gets to take Vax with her).
They meet as proper nobility and this would be the fic in which Percy politely offers to cut his finger on the sheets. Instead, they stay up most of the night with Percy carefully explaining Whitestone’s traditions and Vex explaining how rubbish some of that is, and the maid finds them asleep against each other in the morning, still propped up against the headboard in casual day clothes, a map and what looks like half a written and scribbled-over argument in parchment pieces strewn across the bed. She’ll have to be checking the linens later, then.

Then we have the canon-compliant arranged marriage that I have seen written in some form or another, where Vex was supposed to be married off to Percy, but then of course the Briarwoods happened and Byroden happened and it never got all worked out. This idea mostly involves me wanting to write Vax being an ass about it on principle and/or Cassandra casually mentioning Percy’s betrothed, which causes a whole slew of confusion and one ill-fated quest to make sure he isn’t still engaged (which of course he is) because Percy really does not want to be engaged to anyone but Vex (which of course he isn’t). The endgame of this whole comedy of errors being Vex holding the papers legally binding them hostage, while Percy tries to grab them back because “It ought to be our choice, I don’t want to push a deal on you that you had no say in.” “Oh, so you’re not interested in making deals you don’t know the full repercussions of now, hm?” “I’m not - It’s not the repercussions I’m working about, it’s - I’d rather make this deal with you - give me the damn papers, Vex!”

I also have this idea for something very Swan Princess-esque where Vex and Percy grew up knowing they were going to be married, but then i also have this love of doing things a little backwards. So Percy is the one who starts falling in love first - in tiny inches, with the way Vex stands straight and tall with her brother when they’ve gotten in trouble again, with her laugh when it’s soft and light and then also when it’s too loud and sudden and she sometimes looks as though it’s caught her by surprise. He falls in love with her messy braid and the feathers in it, her awful-sounding Abyssal and the way it makes their tutors cringe, her insistence on keeping both a pet bear and a table full of cosmetics, the both of which she learns to wield and treasure for how they keep her safe and happy.
Vex, on the other hand, feels only a grudging sort of friendship. Sure, Percy’s alright. He’s clever enough and polite and stopped trying to lock her and Vax out of his rooms years ago (for all the good it ever did him when Vax was more than happy to pick said locks). And Vex knows she’s going to marry him one day, and that will be fine, but she doesn’t expect him to have grown to tall over a year. She doesn’t expect him to have a jawline she can see her lips following or eyes that beg to go darker with passion, and she certainly doesn’t expect his familiar wry grin to punch the breath from her chest when it’s directed at her now. He shows her the siege arrows he’s made (”They’re much more powerful than the exploding ones, you see. You’ll have to test them, but I’ve also had an idea for something like a grappling arrow that I’d like to try if you’re willing to give me some input.”) and Vex remembers the things he’s made and done for her and all the times she never thanked him and he never seemed to mind, and oh. Well. There’s an idea. Perhaps he loves her, and Vex finds herself a little in love with the thought.

The last thought I’ve had is angst-ridden and only half-formed, but it begins with the Briarwoods deciding to marry off the surviving de Rolos instead of Percy escaping, and he gets shipped to Syngorn. Vex is determined to hate him, just like everything Syldor has ever brought into their lives, but he’s so damn fragile when he arrives, and Vex has never been able to walk away from broken things. He’s her husband, yes, but Vex does a lot more of being his only friend than being a wife, and Percy slowly opens up. The twins are not nearly as bad as he’d dreaded and it’s certainly better than staying trapped in his old home, shadowed by monsters and wraiths, or chained in the dungeon and left to Anna’s tender mercies. He behaves because of Cassandra, but she is also why he never can quite enjoy his new life. Vex catches him, eventually, in a moment where he seems to be truly happy for once - and a breath-taking sight that is, when he’s creating and thinking, beautifully vibrant and casually sharp-tongued - just before he catches himself out and remembers to be quietly miserable.
“Tell me what you’re thinking about when you do that,” Vex insists. “What is it that always makes you force yourself to look guilty for enjoying things.”
Percy tells her, in halting, almost forgotten and definitely avoidant sentences, about his home and the people who took it from him, about the sister he left behind and why he’s never on anything less than his best behavior. Because if word ever gets back that he isn’t, it will be on Cassandra’s head.
“Well,” Vex says, after she’s swallowed down the impulse to simply hold Percy as close and as tightly as she can. “Let’s go get Vax. If we have to go liberate our city, we’ll need him.”
“You don’t have to get involved,” Percy tries. “It’s my problem, not yours.”
“By law, it’s half mine,” Vex says, flippant in the way she knows gets across how serious she really is. “The problems and all. That’s marriage, darling.”
It’s the first time Percy says he loves her, so quietly any human wouldn’t have caught it, but luckily, Vex is half elf.

Strange Swans

I was rewatching The Swan Princess and got an idea for a Strange Magic AU. 

Roland is a sorcerer who wants to marry a princess and become a king. He’s not picky about which princess, but his first attempt is with Marianne. 

Roland is Bog’s court wizard and Marianne is betrothed to Bog to unify their kingdoms, which share a border. Roland assumes Marianne will be glad to marry him instead of “that ugly cockroach” and is unaware she genuinely loves Bog. (They got to know each other during the betrothal rather than meeting for the first time on their wedding day.) 

When Marianne refuses to marry Roland, he spirits her away to his private estate and turns her into a swan. 

This was a terrible idea. 

With the physical power of a swan backing up Marianne’s own innate ferocity, she attacks him. Fearing for his face, he changes the spell and makes her a frog instead. She still won’t marry him. 

Bog assumes Marianne ran away because he was too ugly to marry. Roland helps this impression along. Griselda is suspicious but has no evidence. Tension increases between the kingdoms since they are both suspicious the other is responsible for Marianne’s disappearance, but because they are also both deeply dependent on one another for trade and defense, war is avoided. 

A few years later, Roland tries his luck with another princess, Dawn, whose small and isolated kingdom also hoped to forge ties with Bog’s kingdom through a royal wedding. Dawn is in love with one of her court minstrels, Sunny, but willing to marry Bog for the good of her people. Bog is reluctant and trying to avoid her because he’s still pining for Marianne. 

Dawn is as indignant at Roland’s proposal as Marianne was. If she were going to break the contract it would be for the one she truly loves, not for some guy she just met! 

Dawn’s gentler nature, however, means Roland feels safe turning this princess into a swan. 

Trapped on Roland’s estate if she wants to continue turning human by night, Dawn meets Marianne, who immediately adopts her as a little sister. They test the ‘kissed by a princess curse antidote’ by having human-Dawn kiss froggy-Marianne on the cheek. It works, and Marianne breaks into the estate’s house to steal food, clothing, weaponry, maps, and travel supplies. They set off to try and get to Bog’s castle before sunrise, since they have no way of knowing until moonset if Marianne’s kiss on Dawn’s cheek also broke that curse. (Unfortunately the estate does not have horses for them to steal.) 

They both turn back into animals by day and conclude their curses got tangled up with one another. Marianne rides in Dawn’s claws and they fly back to Bog’s castle. Dawn doesn’t turn human that night, but Marianne does, and finds Griselda. 

Griselda is shocked and thrilled Marianne has returned, and happily lends her armor and a sword so she can storm the throne room and attack Roland, while Dawn and Griselda go looking for Sunny, who was part of Dawn’s retinue when she came to meet Bog. They’re hoping True Love’s Kiss will work, since Kissed By A Princess has so far had mixed results. 

Marianne takes Roland down (again) with some help from Bog. It is unclear if Roland’s death (remember, he committed treason by sabotaging Bog’s political marriage and risking the kingdom going to war, twice) or Sunny’s kiss that breaks the curse on Dawn. 

After revealing to her family that she’s alive and well, Marianne sets up ties between her kingdom and Dawn’s, officially since she “owes” Dawn for helping break the curse, but mostly because she cares about her adopted sister, and also so Dawn’s kingdom won’t get annoyed at Bog’s kingdom for turning down the marriage contract in favour of renewing the original contract between Bog and Marianne’s kingdoms.

There is a double wedding.

the stars freckling his skin

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Keith woke up suffocated in warmth. He didn’t have to open his eyes, taking in a breath that was distinctly Shiro. His shoulders rose and fell with his exhalation, the air bouncing off of Shiro’s neck and coming back sticky and hot. They always fell asleep side by side, getting closer dream by dream. Their legs intertwined, Keith on his side trying to feel as much of Shiro as he could, tucked into the space between his head and shoulder.

Shiro mumbled in his sleep, his head falling to the side and into Keith’s hair. Keith slung an arm over his wide chest and snuggled in closer. Shiro murmured, shifting as he woke up. Keith groaned in displeasure.

“Too early,” he murmured into Shiro’s neck.

Shiro’s laugh was a deep rumble under his ear. It shook his eyes open.

He immediately regretted it, squinting against the light that happened to spill between the blinds and right into his crusty eyes. Shiro peeled himself out from under Keith, stretching in the early morning light. Watching the muscles play under Shiro’s scarred skin, Keith no longer regretted it.

Shiro turned to him with a lazy smile, stripes of light streaking across his face like God’s brushstrokes.

“It’s a whole new world, Keith. We can finally do what we want.”

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Camping vocabulary in Finnish

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Inspired by @hotairballoon221‘s vocabulary list!

Retkeily - camping
Vaellus - wandering; hiking
Retki - trip
Seikkailu - adventure
Vapaa-aika - free-time
Harrastus - hobby
Leirintäalue - campsite
Leiri - camp
Maasto - terrain
Luonto - nature
Erämaa - wilderness
Reitti, polku - trail
Metsä - forest
Puu - tree
Vuoristo - mountain range
Vuori - mountain
Järvi - lake
Lampi - pond
Joki - river
Eläin - animal
Varuste - equipment
Rinkka - a backpack mounted on a light frame
Reppu - backpack
Ruoka - food
Voileipä - sandwich
Keitto - soup
Makkara - sausage
Vaahtokarkki - marshmallow
Vesi - water
Kartta - map
Kompassi - compass
Vaatteet - clothes
Teltta - tent
Makuupussi - sleeping pad
Retkipatja - sleeping pad
Tyyny - pillow
Peitto - blanket
Ensiapupakkaus - first-aid kit
Hyönteiskarkoite - insect repellent
Kamera - camera
Taskulamppu - flashlight
Tulitikut - matches
Sytytin, “sytkäri” - lighter
Polttopuu - firewood
Nuotio - campfire
Roskapussi - trash bag
Retkeillä - to camp
Vaeltaa - to wander; to hike
Kävellä - to walk
Seikkailla - to adventure
Leiriytyä - to set up a camp
Pystyttää teltta - to set up a tent
Sytyttää nuotio - to light a campfire
Syödä - to eat
Juoda - to drink
Yöpyä - to stay overnight
Selviytyä - to survive
Pitää hauskaa - to have fun
Ottaa kuvia - to take pictures
Viedä roskat (pois) - to take the trash (away)

Älä ota muuta kuin kuvia. Älä jätä muuta kuin jalanjälkiä. Älä tapa muuta kuin aikaa. - Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time.  

DAY 3322

Jalsa, Mumbai                   May 2,  2017                Tue 11:42 pm

Birthday - EF - Elena Iankova …..     Wed, May 3 .. to Elena then we wish the greetings for the birthday that she comes to .. wishes for happiness and good will and fulfillment …

They that live and be born and exist here in the metropolis , claim they have not seen or felt the heat of summer as much in this year, than ever .. they that have heard of it, fear its effect to be capable of melting them .. they that work, wipe the sweat, drench themselves in the shadows of moisture that appear in strange formed maps on clothing, and smile to its glory .. the open aired shoot and work belts down its heat wave amidst the ‘ajgar’ .. the ‘ajgar’ is a massive python .. or is the Hindi for it .. the representation of it bends and winds itself along the congested set work in the outdoor, carrying cooled air from a unit placed some distance .. it resembles a large mouthed python or an anaconda .. I coined the word for it the ‘ajgar’ .. and now it has assumed patent qualities and reference, for some years now .. 

But in temperatures of such numbers, it has no noticeable attraction for me .. me a ‘gudadi ka lal’ from the city of Allahabad, where such occurrences and even greater, are common factors, we few we celebrated few, consider this to be the winter of the summer .. not just phonetically or philosophically or metaphorically .. but in actuality .. 

For some of the sequence at work, a normal cotton attire is attached on ornate hangers in the location of your dressing .. for some it is the representation of a winter and its celebrated warmth in its clothing .. so the woollen polo neck, made of the warmest wool and shawls of the largest dimension or warmth, are draped across, a sublime act of cool, despite the numerous ‘ajgars’ about .. !!

It is my bread and my living and my will .. it shall ride above all ..

Those extreme expressions be for the work .. many would like to believe that they were for the 48 degrees that mount to almost 55 on the work place ..

NO … !!!

For those then that comment and complain of the heat, be they be blessed and refund their work or profession .. for them that still profess the commit .. surround themselves in the requirement and smile .. and live ..

Lament not, for ye shall be struck with the ‘gada’

Good night and love .. 

A good hours of night sleep they say, compels one to live the 3rd of May with greater pulse and better BP .. heheh hahahe ehhe ..  HHHAAAA ..

( I have no idea why the mirth .. but its there .. so .. )

Amitabh Bachchan