map and marker

on how I inadvertently made my hometown haunted

I know I’ve shared this story before, but I can’t find it.

I grew up in a log cabin in the woods on the outskirts of a small rural town. It’s so small that it doesn’t actually show up on any maps - the only official marker is a small green sign on the edge of the road, and the longest-residing resident automatically becomes the mayor. We have a few houses, a gas station, a Masonic lodge, a Quaker church, and a couple of small graveyards. The rest is farm and woodland.

One day, I was visiting a school friend in the next town over. There were six or seven of us there, doing nothing but munching on pretzels, talking shit, and stewing in a questionable hot tub. I didn’t get out much, so this was a real party for me.

I stayed late because one girl I didn’t know offered to give me a ride home. I lived about 20 minutes away, but she didn’t mind - she liked driving country roads and wanted the practice. We were halfway there when I casually mentioned the name of my town and she nearly veered off the road.

She turned to stare at me in horror. “Are you serious?! I’m not driving there!”

“Why… not?” I had no idea what her problem was. It’s not like there’s a crime problem. Was it too far away? Was she going to leave me stranded?

“It’s super haunted. I hear so many bad stories about that place,” she said. I think my jaw dropped, but she was completely serious.

“What have you heard?” I asked. Haunted? And *I* didn’t know about it? Me, the kid who drank up ghost stories and urban legends like mother’s milk?

She explained how she’d heard stories about secret societies, strange rituals, black dogs, witches, mysterious gated roads, creepy houses, hooded figures roaming graveyards, and more. She was clearly terrified.

It took me a moment to process everything before I burst into laughter. Gasping for breath, I said, “That’s me! That’s all me! That’s literally all my family!”

My dad, a Freemason, had offered our woods as a location for rituals. My dog at the time, a black Labrador, was allowed to roam free. My parents often cooked over an open fire in a cauldron, either preparing food or chemical treatments for my father’s craftsmanship. Our log cabin we constructed out of pieces of old 18th century local buildings and is filled with oddities @. The hooded figures had been my birthday party, wandering the cemetery with lanterns ‘cause there was nowhere else to go.

“It’s not haunted,” I assured her. “That’s all just my family doing normal stuff. You can visit if you like. The scariest thing in town and the source of all these stories is already sitting next to you in your car, so what’s to fear?”

She did eventually calm down enough to drive me home, and we had a good laugh about it. I have no idea how far my town’s reputation for spookiness has reached, but I’m honored to be the inspiration of at least a few urban (rural?) legends.

When i think of the signs, i think of ...

Aries: painting with water colors

Taurus: laughing so hard you can’t breathe

Gemini: reading a whole book without stopping

Cancer: rolling down a hill

Leo: speeding on a back road

Virgo: whispering in a movie theater

Libra: sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag

Scorpio: planning an adventure with maps and markers

Sagittarius: getting up to watch the sunrise

Capricorn: having a snow ball fight

Aquarius: roasting marshmallows over a campfire

Pisces: driving at night with the windows down

The Littlest Winchester - The World Is Your Canvas

Character(s): Dean Winchester, Castiel

Warning: None

Word Count: 454


   In each hand, Dean’s four-year-old daughter holds a marker. The drawings on the wall of the bunker tell how long she’s been at it without being caught. It isn’t her father who finds her first, nor her uncle, but rather Castiel. The little girl doesn’t so much as startle when he crouches down next to her and inspects her wall art curiously.

   “What are you drawing?” He asks.

   “A map of the whole world.” She states.

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Can I request #8 for Cullen/Trevelyan? Pretty please?

“You’re staring.” For Cullen and Amaryllis Trevelyan.
Part of @dadrunkwriting!

“You’re staring.” she stated flatly, having felt his gaze on her from the time he’d slipped in to the war room, where she’d been staring at the massive map littered with markers of all kinds. She’d been desperate for answers; so little made sense in this madcap world, and failure was something she could not avoid, it would be disastrous if she was unsuccessful, there were too many people relying on her…

“And you’re brooding,” he said quietly, before shifting to stand by her side. “Anything I can help with?”

“Not really.” She gnawed on her lip. Should I travel to the Exalted Plains first, or should I meet this Fairbanks? Did I do the right thing by listening to Sera and sending that battalion to Verchiel? Maker, I know Dorian wants me to travel with him to Redcliffe, but I don’t know if I have the time… but he’s my best friend, how can I let him down?

Amaryllis.” The command in his tone had her turning to face him. He laced his fingers with hers, and brought her hands up to his lips, placing soft kisses along her knuckles. “Talk to me, love. Let me in.”

She sagged against him. “There’s so much to do, Cullen,” she began. “And there’s no room for mistakes. What if I fail? What if the decisions I make only make our situation worse? Am I doing the right thing? So many people look up to me, I can’t let them down…”

He drew her to him, cradling her head to his chest. The scent of him, warm, familiar and distinctly masculine soothed her, and she exhaled slowly.

“You’re doing the right thing,” he reassured her. “And you’re not alone, love. We’re all here with you. You’re not letting anyone down. Think of all the good you’ve done, sweetheart. Without your help, the refugees in the Hinterlands would still be starving. They’d still be suffering. Look at the village of Crestwood. You closed the rift for them, saved them from the undead. You’re doing the right thing, love. You are.”

She let his words wash over her, and they were a soothing balm, easing away her worries, focusing instead on how the baritone of his voice resonated through her chest, till it felt like she was feeling his words, not just listening to them.

“I know what you need,” he said decisively after they’d stood, locked in embrace, for several minutes.


“Trust me?”

She looked up at him, fingers itching to trace the scar on his lip. His eyes were like molten amber, and they were so welcoming… “Always.”

He smiled at that, a crooked smile, as though he couldn’t quite believe what he’d heard. It made her heart ache for a moment, knowing that he thought himself unworthy of her love. Itching to banish the uncertainty, she stood up on tip toes, pressing her lips to him in a bid to push into him all the love she held in her heart.

It seemed to work. His fingers twitched against her back, then gripped her coat almost painfully tight, crushing her to him as he deepened the kiss. She would never tire of it, never tire of the way he held her - as though he feared she were smoke and would slip away between his fingers.

I’m here. I’m real. And I love you. Her heart hammered out the words, and his caught them.

He pulled away from her, eyes shining bright in the dimly lit room. “Come on,” he coaxed, tugging at her arm. 

She followed him obediently, laughing as they climbed down the stairs towards the kitchens. “What are we doing here?” she asked as he pushed open the kitchen door.

“You need a distraction,” he stated plainly, “and I have a good one in mind.”

“What?” she asked curiously.



“Yes.” He pulled her through the entrance, into a surprisingly empty kitchen. “It’s only going to be ours for an hour or two,” he admitted, “but I know how much you loved my sister’s caramel pie. She gave me the recipe, and I thought…” he trailed off, looking sheepish.

“Oh, Cullen,” she replied, impossibly touched. She moved to the counter which held all the ingredients they’d need. Reaching into a bowl, she held up an egg for inspection. “So,” she asked, a smile on her face, troubles long-forgotten, “how many of these do I need?”


Details from a large class project I did featuring my characters!
It was supposed to be based on mapping -so I placed each character (emotion) ina map or maps that I felt correlated to it.
This took about 2 weeks to complete and I’m most happy with how the charr turned out.

When I Think of the Signs, I Immediately Think of...

Aries: painting with water colors

Taurus: laughing so hard you can’t breathe 

Gemini: reading a whole book without stopping 

Cancer: rolling down a hill 

Leo: speeding on a back road 

Virgo: whispering in a movie theater 

Libra: sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag 

Scorpio: planning an adventure with maps and markers 

Sagittarius: getting up to watch the sunrise 

Capricorn: having a snow ball fight 

Aquarius: roasting marshmallows over a campfire 

Pisces: driving at night with the windows down


Remember my kid-friendly character sheets I was working on a while ago? Tonight the boy and I played a quick adventure I whipped up and it worked great. His post-game report to mom:

“Mom, Pathfinder is awesome but it’s also tiring.”

He played a ninja Rogue named Bombs and journeyed with me, a wizard named Snakebite. He was really good at investigating footprints and exploring streams and rivers looking for clues to who stole the farmer’s turkeys (nasty kobolds did it, zomg!).

Fun side effect: the game sneaks in math all the time too so it was kinda like getting him to do homework without him knowing.

First father/son nerdfest gaming session complete/successful!

- Mo!

I know I’m late but I’m not going to give any excuses.

#inktober2015 day 9.
You always know where you are going when your elephant friend is reading the map. ;-) 

Markers on paper, friends on vespa.

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Name: **** 

Nicknames: i go by Rosie on the tumblr land, and some people call me Steph(anie) and my real name (****) is a nickname for something else, and I also have a few shorter versions of **** that my dad calls me, too!

Height: 5′2

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw!

SSB main: ???????/

Fictional character I’d date: Stephanie Brown, Betty Cooper, i was tryin to think of some boys but idk

Favorite bands: idk anything about music we all know this

Following: 78 last i checked but i unfollowed someone i think so like….77? 76?

Aesthetic: glittery stars, yellow, maps, arrows, markers smudged on my hands, overflowing bookshelves, sweater paws, popcorn, showers at midnight

Favorite greeting: Hey, stranger

Pets: i have a doggo named Penny! she’s the cutiest 

Last song I listened to: i played my school’s fight song, does that count?

Favorite TV show: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Doctor Who, Miraculous Ladybug, Steven Universe, Phineas and Ferb

First fandom: Harry Potter!

Hobbies: reading, tumblr, drawing, idk

Books I’m reading: Canterbury Tales in school, nothing really irl

Worst thing I’ve ever tasted: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tomatoes 

Favorite place: Disney World!! Or the AFB in Korea…or Ohio……..or Australia………or my bed, where I am rn……or maybe my old house in Texas…..or maybe Washington DC…..or maybe

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 Faction Housing Overhaul : Vault 81 - by Elianora .

      Elianoras second house mod for fallout 4 is a complete overhaul of the room given to the player in Vault 81. This items in the room will activate upon completion of the main quest for the vault. The mod adds a map marker that allows you to fast travel in & out of the vault, as well as placing weapon & armor workbenches outside of the room.

Nuka-World Review

So, I’ve pretty much exhausted the Nuka-World DLC, and I am very underwhelmed. 

Let me preface this by saying that I was so looking forward to this DLC. Way back when I was playing Fallout 3, I mentioned that I would have LOVED to see what Disney World would be like all nuclear-warfaired up. Nuka-World, as a satire of Disney World (a frozen head, really?), it was practically a dream come true. 

But, in typical Bethesda fashion, as of late, it lacked story and content. There’s the main quest, which is just you clearing out different ‘lands’ of Nuka-World, and then, depending on what ending you choose, you can then choose to extend the raiders into the Commonwealth. Other than that, there are about 3 side quests, and a whole lot of radiant quests that are repetitive and boring.
But what about exploration? you may ask.
A whole lot more of nothing. There are explorable map markers that are few and far between, and when you get there, there is nothing. Bradberton, a town I had high hopes of exploring, had no areas to explore aside from a single building. Beyond that, there’s a house here, a reservoir there, but nothing substantial and interesting.

What about settlements?
In a giant park, teaming with construction possibilities and imagination, you are given a single settlement. Is it one of the parks? Is it a kingdom of your own? 
It is a Red Rocket Station. You know, the first one that you get in the original game? Congrats! You get a slightly larger one!

Nuka-World fell flat in every regard, and I can’t say I even enjoyed playing it that much. I wish they had put more content in, and expanded the world in to something rich and exciting. It felt unfinished, rushed, and a cop-out to be frank, and I wouldn’t waste money on it; unless you really want to become a raider.