I’m so incredibly proud to finally show you my brand new personal quiver!

It is a white leather quiver, engraved with about 80% of Tolkien’s map of Middle Earth: It shows the Shire, the Grey Mountains, Erebor, Rohan, Gondor and the mountain range of Mordor. And all the water on the map is painted blue.

Every bit of it. Every lake, river, creek and pond. It took me HOURS.

The Lonely Mountain is painted gold and the entire piece is protected with a water resistant finish. I used a dark brown leather braid and stitches for a nice contrast against the white (I also think it matches the engraving quite nicely) and I chose light silver materials to fasten the quiver to my belt. With a longer strip of leather, I can change the fastners and wear it on my back.

As you can tell, I’m pretty damn pleased with the final result. I have yet to take it out for better pictures of it in use but I couldn’t wait any longer to show it off here. Gosh I hope you guys love it as much as I do.

I haven’t eaten in 3 days

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La jeune princesse Kanalia accompagnée de son fier Gadou. Avant de pouvoir régner elle doit d’abord voyager seule à travers son royaume, pour en connaître chaque peuples et cités~


The young princess Kanalia accompanied by her proud Gadou. Before she can reign she has to travel alone through her kingdom first,  to know each peoples and cities.

First time in my life I took a part in MAP. It was fun to animate something with determination. Also here is a link on youtube. I’d love to work as an animator I feel so good making this, unfortunately animating takes a lot of time. This 9 second animation I was doing almost 10 days… I’m so slow xD