The ultimate compilation of the Skyeward story… so far.

That’s right! I decided to make a big video with everything we’ve been through since the very beginning to Crazy in Love and Take me to Church.

Just in time before the show’s back!

Also, if you’re wondering what’s the deal with this ship this is the video for you! (But spoiler alert if you haven’t watched the show. Like… very huge spoilers, all the spoilers, the whole thing is here)

I have to give some credit here: I saw this video, which is a The Captain Swan Story video (If you like Captain Swan, go watch it, super recommended) And I thought… we should totally have a video with the Skyeward story… AND THIS HAPPENED!

Get ready for the feels.

Please share and comment or… you know just watch (preferably comment too :))

I think my favourite line from this article is

"The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. mid-season premiere is less concerned with offering up answers than it is with cultivating questions…"

so… you mean… liKE IT HAS BEEN THE ENTIRE SEASON??? Is this meant to be NEW information??? Dear god we know this show doesn’t do resolutions, you don’t need to tell us that not to expect any answers, my expectations for this season are about a -5 so far.

**I did not make this petition, but please sign. Agent Carter needs to be renewed.**

Agent Carter is one of the rare shows where we have a strong female lead, the storylines are fantastic and it is currently only being aired in the USA, if Agent Carter gets renewed for a second season, there is also a very good chance season one will finally be aired in countries world wide, please sign this petition to show how much we love the show and how much we want another season.


Can we please have a video of Chloe dancing every week??? ♥