Asaichi it’s a morning show….

all mc : good morning our guest today it’s kouhaku host, inoue mao and ninomiya kazunari!

mao&nino : good morning!!(together bow)

mc : so, what about a morning, this is really early in the morning?

Mao : he’s not yet wake up…….(nino hit mao-chan)

Nino :…that’s not true…

Mc : so, how all arashi decide the costume?

Nino : so..that’s…(not concentrate)

Mao ; hehehe…please wake up!!please calm your self….

while nino give advice to mao-chan.
Mao : i’m so happy, together with and all?

Nino : eh, maybe are you sleepy too?

Mao : hahahaha!!!just arashi right?

Nino : the six of us ne…

they both still sleepy….have hard schedule…but they still have that great smile…..


  Ninomiya Kazunari plays the main character ,he is a pshychiatrist working in counsiling room of a cancer treatment center by the beach.While tending to the patients,part of his job involves taking dictation from them when they want to send a letter to a love one. Inoue Mao plays the pshychiatrist and wife of Nino-kun and mother of a twins which names are kuu and yuu (i think).Other cast members are Nobuko Miyamoto as a nurse , Yusuke Santamaria as a surgeon and Naoto Ogata as the owner of surf shop.Nino has a cancer here in this novel 

  Loveteam(NINO X MAO) :

    -Nino’s character is 野野上纯一. Mao’s character is 夏子. (How do you read them in Japanese? I’ll still call them Nino and Mao for now. xD)

-Nino is admiring/ogling girls at the beach when Mao who is windsurfing accidentally hits him. Nino falls in love with her at first sight. 
-When he first met Mao, he’s still just a 21 year old working at a hair salon. xD Mao is 20 years old.
-In the novel, Nino and Mao’s character plays beach volleyball together, rides jet skis, goes diving together, and Mao’s character teaches Nino’s how to windsurf. (Seriously would be cute if they film all these. xD)
-Nino confesses at the beach to Mao (doesn’t wait till they go back to Japan); He puts his head underwater and holds his breath waiting for her answer. xD
Shocku! They find out Mao’s pregnant before they were married. xD

-I think the twins’ names are Chisami and Harumi? Not sure about this.
-When Mao’s dad wanted to see Nino (most probably because he got his daughter pregnant), he tells him to go to McDonald’s at 4am, wearing a Santa Claus hat so he will know it’s him. xD
-Mao’s dad tells Nino to strip somewhere and interrogates him. xD I’m not too sure about this. But it is funny. xD It is through this interrogation that Nino decides to become a psychiatrist.
-Nino’s character had depression before. And also had an affair.
-The twins in the novel are supposed to be 7 years old.


anonymous asked:

i recently read your maomiya fic in livejournal. the one where mao pretended to be nino's girlfriend. i love it so much, but i wish you would continue it :( :(

Oh my God, I just got a wave of very deserved guilt.

I want to finish it— I swear, I do. It’s one of the most enjoyable fanfics I ever drafted and I still have pages upon pages of dialogue and scenes and notes and all Nino’s emotes from his Game Nikki and I can go on and on for that fic— I even have the a good half of the last chapter’s dialogue finished too— but I’ve been stuck in a writer’s block for this current published chapter and the next for so long. =/ It’s a really big scene where Nino and Jun confront each other but every time I try writing it, it feels short of the impact I want it to have. And it’s not even like I can write around it since the dialogue between them is supposed to set up the rest of the fic’s mood.

I guess all I can do is keep trying right? I mean, I really love the outcome in the last chapter and I want to be able to share it with everyone eventually. LOL

Thank you for your message— I’m surprised people can still find that fic, I wrote it years ago.

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa~ the inoue mao guest thing in the share house just made my day complete

damn, my dreams for her is coming true ;__ ; HER with neen, NEEN NEEN NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN *echo*, my super OTP MAOMIYA *le cries, thank you very mucccccccccccch .. And ofcourse with my ichiban AIBA ♥, everything is just too perfect. very perfet. I CANT EVEN. 

No jun can interrupt XD  but it would be better if it was JUN MAO NINO naaah~ thisis perfect too 

OMOMOMOMOMOMO :“”“”“”“”“”“”>

meheheh :“>