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why is everyone on this website, especially right-wing folks like yourself so comfortable with their pedophilia? ?? ? like thats not something to be proud of buddy

>Especially right-wing folks like yourself

You immediately started out with a bold, ignorant statement. Amazing. Last time I checked…

I was right about where that red dot is. But good job going with the “I don’t like you therefore you have this political affiliation” diatribe.

Also, it’s an anime character.

A rather buxom, though petite one, at that.

I’ll refrain from making comments about you being a Maoist. Anything else you’d like to add that I can tell you you’re wrong about?

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what is autonomaoism even. i've only seen edwad talk about it

it’s called autonomaoism mostly as a joke, but essentially it’s a type of marxist thought that combines tenets of autonomism with tenets of maoism. i dont know any more specifics than that because it’s not fleshed out (as far as i know) but everyone who calls themselves that seems to line up with me on most things - and i actually made a post like 6 months ago saying i wanted to become an anarcho-maoist, if that was even a thing. basically it takes the ultra-est parts of maoism and combines it with the tankie-est parts of autonomism to make a fun new flavor of communism.


In Focus: The Last Maoist Village in China

In Nanjie Village, locals still wake to loudspeakers blaring “The East Is Red,” the classic anthem of People’s Republic of China during the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s. Nanjie, with more than 3,100 residents, is touted as one of the last models of communist China, where the principles of the late Chairman Mao still strictly guide the people’s daily lives. In the 1980s, when the rest of China was introducing market reforms, Nanjie went the other direction, collectivizing its farms and industries. Aside from free housing, healthcare, food rations and education, locals working in the village’s factories receive an average salary of 2,500 yuan (about $400 USD). Reuters photographer Jason Lee recently traveled to Nanjie, coming back with the photographs below.

See more. [Images: Reuters/Jason Lee]


This year on May Day Eve in Kansas City Missouri local anarchists and radical sympathizers held down a free food party in Prospect Plaza Park. We spent the night before and the morning of preparing all sorts of delicious vegan food; “hot dogs”, spicy “chicken” patties, cake, and the notorious KC Food Not Bombs mac n “cheese”. One person even brought their parrot!

After the neighborhood had their fill we hit the streets. Marching through Kansas City from the Park to the Jackson County Correctional Center. Kansas City is a place where we are able to maintain a lot of anarchist projects but it is somewhat rare to take the streets. Many of us have been arrested and assaulted for doing so in the past. On this night the streets were ours. Every time we screamed “Fuck The Police” a passerby would throw their fist up in the air, shout it back, or just sit quietly with a big grin on their face.

At JCCC we held a noise demo, to remind those who the state has stolen from us and locked in cages that we have not forgotten them as well to inform local prisoners about the May Day prisoner strikes occurring all across the country. Prisoners pounded on their windows back to us, as well as flipping their light switches to let us know they were listening. This is not the first time noise has been raised at this facility. We do this not only because prisoners are workers, but because all prisoners are political prisoners.

Afterward it was decided to take a stroll through Power & Light a notoriously racist and classist part of our city that was heavily funded by tax payer money. “Rest In Power Ryan Stokes” was shouted in memory of a black man who was murdered by KCPD in the area.

On May 1st we released the digital version of a zine we handed out the previous day as well as food was handed out as usual at Food Not Bombs.

Serving Food In The Park: [Video]
May Day March & Prisoner Noise Demo: [Video 1] [Video 2]
May Day March & Prisoner Noise Demo: