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That's a good Maoism article but I found the solutions at the end to be really unsatisfying and it just made me more doubtful about scientific socialism. :(

The article summarizes some of the lessons of the historical experience of the dictatorship of the proletariat. Maybe you are disappointed that this experience does not stretch further? If you are looking for a “theory of everything” that will explain exactly step-by-step how world communism is achieved, you will not find it. Nobody knows how it is done, because nobody has ever done it. We only know what we know, you know? 

Or maybe you are dissatisfied because the summary itself is poorly written, or because it focuses on the wrong lessons. Read up on the cultural revolution maybe? idk depends on where ur coming from i guess

also theres some rly good youtubes about life in china in the 70s if u want to get a better idea of what socialism was actually like… this is the best one probably (the whole series is really good though, i’ve been watching through all of them lately) 

What your leftist ideology says about you.
  • Marxism-Leninism:You've probably defended the USSR in an internet argument. Everyone but you is sectarian and revisionist.
  • Left Communism:You offer no real solutions to anything except that everyone else is an idiot and should check their dialectics.
  • Democratic Socialist:You're still new to the whole "Marxism" thing but you're afraid to make a full commitment.
  • Anarcho-Syndicalism:You have a huge boner for the Wobblies and Republican Spain. Other leftists think you're kind of annoying.
  • Syndicalism:Same as anarcho-syndicalism but add in Daniel DeLeon into "things you get a boner for"
  • Luxemburgism:What Democratic Socialists become after they hit puberty.
  • Trotskyism:You like Lenin but you can't fucking stand how authoritarian Marxist-Leninists are. You're part of one of the dozen groups claiming to be the fourth internationale. All the other leftists make fun of you behind your back.
  • Maoism:The same as Marxism-Leninism but you're even more of a tankie somehow.
  • Social-Democrat:You truly believe you're a socialist but you're not. You get a raging hard on whenever someone says "Nordic Model". You probably vote democrat.
  • Post-Leftist:You're a pretentious white petty-bourgeois asshole. Get the fuck out of my office.

Not long after I arrived in the United States, I met an American woman at a friend’s home. She told me with apparent pride that her daughter was a cheerleader. I did not know what kind of leader that was. Hearing her explanation, I could not bring myself to present a compliment, as she obviously expected. I only wished that my eyes did not betray my disdain as I said to my- self, “I guess this American woman has never dreamed of her daughter being a leader cheered by men.” I felt fortunate that I had been “brainwashed” to want to be a revolutionary instead of a cheerleader… .

Was “brainwashing” girls to desire to be “young vanguards” in socialist construction more oppressive and limiting than ’“brainwashing” girls to desire to be cheerleaders for football games? No.

—  Wang Zheng; “Some of Us: Chinese Women Growing Up in the Mao Era”
When we say Marxism is correct, it is certainly not because Marx was a ‘prophet’ but because his theory has been proved correct in our practice and in our struggle. We need Marxism in our struggle. In our acceptance of his theory no formalization of such mystical notions as 'prophecy’ ever enters our minds. Many who have read Marxist books have become renegades from the revolution, whereas illiterate workers often grasp Marxism very well. Of course we should study Marxist books, but this study must be integrated with our country’s actual conditions. We need books, but we must overcome book worship, which is divorced from the actual situation.
—  Mao Tse-Tung - On Practice and Contradiction