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“First of all, we say primarily that the priority of this struggle is class. That Marx, and Lenin, and Che Guevara, and Mao Tse-Tung, and anybody else that has ever said or knew or practiced anything about revolution, always said that revolution is a class struggle. It is one class, the oppressed, against the other class - the oppressor. And it’s got to be a universal fact. Those that don’t admit to that are those that don’t want to get involved in a revolution, because they know that as long as they’re dealing with a race thing, they’ll never be involved in a revolution. They can talk about numbers; they can hang you up in many, many ways, but as soon as you start talking about class, then you got to start talking about some guns. And that’s what the Party had to do.”

- Fred Hampton, Chicago chair of the Black Panther Party, 1968

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Mao Zedong (center-left) and Zhou Enlai (far left) in Yanan by Olga
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Мао Цзэдун и Чжоу Эньлай в Яньани, ~1935. Великий поход китайских коммунистов

Fun Fact 139

When Mao Zedong met with Nikita Khrushchev in 1958, Khrushchev did not know how to swim. In a power play, Zedong arranged that they hold a meeting in his private swimming pool with Khrushchev forced to wear inflatables while Zedong swam laps.

Can we please stop calling Chechnya the first concentration camp since Hitler’s. North Korea has them and the Soviet Union had them. Also Che and Castro murdered gays too. Not sure if we can classify them as concentration camps but the millions of people who died under Maoism in work camps in Cambodia, China and other areas are worth mentioning too. Do not erase the suffering of millions for your shocking headline.