I’m in love with Mao Asada’s programs. I admire the concept and execution of this season’s programs, even if Mao hasn’t skated them cleanly yet.

Some people have pointed out that she is having trouble landing certain jumps because she’s becoming older, but I think that her age is only adding maturity to her programs. Sure, she’s struggling with some jumps, but she has reached a point in which, even if she fails most jumps, her program is still full of artistic value. The way she moves and expresses the music has no equal, and I’m so happy to see her skating to the music she chose for this season. I rarely find a skater that makes me feel as many intense emotions as Mao Asada. When other skaters fail a jump, their programs lose a lot of value, but Mao Asada can afford falling because she will still express what she needs to express in her programs. I’m not talking about the competitive value of a program, but more about the artistic value. 

I really hope she can skate a clean program next competition, because I’m sure her programs have the potential to become masterpieces.


Yuna: We’ve been compared and have competed for so long, and it seems like there won’t be that competition between us again. I think I’ll remember her the most. I don’t think there are many skaters like us two, who were constantly being compared. (x)

Mao: She and I have shared ups and downs since Juniors, always under the spotlight, always trying our best. For both me, and I’m sure it’s the same for Yuna, this Olympics was about a challenge for ourselves. And we both did it. And I’m so glad. (x)


There seems to be something going on here with Mao & Daisuke & Yuzuru hahah!

First, Daisuke was dancing with Mao and he left, then Yuzuru came up out of the blue to hold Mao’s hands, but Mao’s favorite was clearly still Daisuke so she welcomed him back into her open arms lmao~