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Rokurou: You want to know my biggest dream? *smiles sweetly* I'm going to kill my brother. Berseria fans: AWWW MY SON I LUV HIMM

hi my name is rokurou rangetsu! my hobby is murder and my dream is to kill my older brother!!


So I found my Old PSVita, and it had my old Childhood Game in it that I would never stop playing, I have over 400 hours on it. x.x
Disgaea 3~! My favourite game back then, I was so obsessed with this game…..and I had a crush on Mao for some reason…I question my old self. xD
So after finding it, I decided to draw my first ever crush back then? eh, whatever XD……I’m falling for the guy again…God dang it.

SO, have a set of my progress in drawing Lord Mao, hope you guys like it! >~<