Papa Manzinho Strikes Again!

In an interview for ESPN Brazil,Manzinho again had something to say about his eldest son’s career. This time, it was about his “football nationality”. He said that Thiago is “dying to wear the canary shirt” and that he is “our traditional number 10”.

The article continues to explain how there was a misunderstanding in his son’s international career. He claims that he had contacted the Brazilian Football Federation (CBF) and found out that, in fact, his boys are NOT able to play for them, despite his strong wishes. This is because Thiago has been playing for Spain in the sub21 categories. “I communicated with them (CBF), they commented that athletes who are trained outside the country would not return to the squad," he says. 

More interesting quotes:

  • "I was first became worried when Pep called him to play with the under-16 here. I did not want him to play for Spain because he knew that the boys were able to play for Brazil.
  • “Thiago has a low provision of € 10 million. The contract ends in June, and he has signed for two more years. It would be very foolish to miss out on a Barcelona player that hardly exists in Spanish football”

Now where is this heading to? Well, it’s been well known that Thiago has once and for all commited to a nationality: Spain. He was quoted saying:

“I have this clear and I will not generate any doubt to anyone. This is no longer a U-16 or U-17, this is something more serious, important. We’re talking about another level. And if I’m willing to be here, it is because I am willing to play with Spain.”

What I don’t seem to understand is how the CBF could possibly say “no” to a player who has grown outside of Brazil (Thiago has been in Barcelona most of his footballing career). Look at Messi, he grew up in La Masia but is also a prominent player in the Argentina NT. Isn’t it not official until a player had been called up for the first team? I also wonder if Thiago face palms every time he reads something that his dad said, I mean he must be used to it now.

Sources: Uno, Dos and spotted at Tres.

Possible move to Sevilla?

Apparently, Thiago’s padre would love for him to play for Sevilla. In an article by, Manzinho gives a few thoughts on the matter by saying:

“All players like to play for big clubs. I would love for Thiago to play for Sevilla”

Sevilla was one of the clubs that was interested in signing Thiago. Manzinho, who is also the player’s agent, also added:

“I know the interest of Seville by Thiago. If Guardiola does not assure a place on the first team, you will have to look for a summer” 

It raises some eyebrows, eh? Xavi, Iniesta and now Thiago.

(Tuttosport) - If only I had imagined, the leaders those of Lecce and Fiorentina have offered Mazinho a lifetime contract. But who would have known that the eldest son of the  Brazilian, born in Bari, April 11, 1991 (dad played in red and yellow then came in purple), would become Thiago Alcantara; the brightest star in the constellation of the new phenomena of Barcelona, able to beat the last round of Champions Rubin Kazan in the semi-final return The Pillars of the King’s Cup. Guardiola's are young (Piqué has just celebrated 24 years, Messi will turn them on June 24 and Busquets is 21, just to name three), but the extraordinary youth of Barca is already cranking out their heirs. 

Xavi and Iniesta? heritage heavy, no doubt, but Thiago Alcantara has already demonstrated his capacity to collect, confirming all predictions that for years he is predestined for greatness (it has been a strong point of Spain Under-17 European Champion in 2008 and Under the second of 19 in 2010). The head of goals scored is the second goal he scored (againts Almeria) with the first team, in which the midfielder has settled with surprising naturalness. Moreover, Thiago has all the features of the Barca player: excellent technique, quick feet and thought, innate ability to read the game that allows both to find openings for assists to his companions, is to fit in the aisles just to go shooting. Like Xavi and Iniesta, he also has the same physical characteristics: 1 meter and 72 centimeters in height, 70 pounds of weight. And Thiago is not the only “gift” that Mazinho has in Barça; A Juvenil shines with Rafa Alcantara, or Rafinhasecond son of the Brazilian midfielder.


“It’s sad to see the sports press switch to the tabloids! Is this football?”

“What I said before, I said in general without referring to a particular brand!”

Some wise words from Thiago. Could he be refering to the Sevilla news that has been surrounding him lately? Could this possibly mean that he is inadvertently telling Manzinho to back off?

It had everything for kids to grow and form…(clubs ) elsewhere would make (Thiago) get more money or play longer, but the club offered him a future, confidence, good facilities, better organization and everything i need to educate a boy

his father Manzinho on why he chose FC Barcelona’s La Masia for Thiago. Thiago joined Barcelona’s Cadet B when he was 14, turning down offers from other youth teams such as Real Madrid and Valencia.