so earlier today i was thinking about the distances between galaxy kids (where they live, where they go to school etc) so i took this map from go game which shows the locations of closest schools to raimon.

mannouzaka area is quite large, but we know that tetsukado is from fisher family so he most likely lives near to seaside in that area. his school is located at mountains tho.

the game doesn’t show exactly how large tengawara and eito areas are / how far do they continue but at least we can get a sort of image where minaho and manabe live.

another school that should be located on this area is kaiou, but as far as i know there’s no official information where it is. we know it’s at seaside, so myself i’d say it’s either somewhere around the cape between tengawara and mannouzaka or possibly at other side of tengawara (or somewhere around russian roulette and holy road stadium??)

kaiou isn’t very rich school so it would make no sense for it to be near to eito which instead is quite wealthy area, so i’d locate it closer to tengawara/mannouzaka. but then again, this is just my interpretation.

kusaka’s school is a mystery, but i’d still say it’s somewhere around this area as well - i don’t think his friends would come all the way to odaiba soccer garden to hang out with him if they lived far away. (odaiba soccer garden is located somewhere between inazuma town and holy road stadium, the area is at seaside as well)

konoha goes manyuuji which is in kyoto, while sakura goes oumihara which is located at okinawa so we know that they both live very far away.

ibuki goes gassan kunimitsu which is different region so he also lives in different area, i don’t think there’s any official information where or how far it is so it’s kinda hard to say.

but then again, minamisawa and hyoudou are from gassan kunimitsu too. they came all the way to raimon to help shinsuke with practice during go, so if they lived very far, i don’t think it would be possible. so i assume gassan kunimitsu is quite close too.

and then there’s zanakurou, we have no idea where he lives or goes to school.