we are destined to hold two truths:

i love you and i fight you

phoenix starts supplementing his income by taking art commissions, primarily steel samurai fanart because maya (who begs fanart off of him and is literally one of maybe two people who could get away with that) spread his name around in relevant circles and now as far as the internet is concerned that’s his Thing. which honestly he doesn’t mind, even though he still doesn’t care about the steel samurai like….at all…… because hey, it pays the bills. 

anyway the point of this is that miles has (unknowingly) commissioned several pieces from phoenix and at some point phoenix is going to discover who his best customer is and it’s going to be hilarious


ahaha wait, what the heck…? how does UNDYNE know anything about all that…?

i think alphys more than anyone would be very understanding of when someone makes a mistake or keeps a secret. but just what kind of mistakes were happening when they were all underground…?

this is another page that was originally 2 pages of 3 and 4 panels respectively, then combined into 1. so it’s technically like getting two pages! i guess. sorry if it’s one-page updates for awhile. it’s a busy time of year!

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Everyone is so happy and excited about Gallavich and I’m just sitting here being extra cautious and not letting myself enjoy it because… didn’t you see how Ian going to Mickey was clearly paralleled with his meds being off balance?
I don’t want to fall for that again, Mickey was never and never will be a trigger to Ian’s mental illness and I will not let the writers destroy them (and me) again.

what r some neo pronoUns that are easy to Use?

So apparently the way you ask a question will change someone’s memory, and so like the whole legal system is flawed by this

lamentis  asked:

uni: has 85 ship tags for kuma. also uni: only has like 4 healthily romantic ships bc actually the other 81 tags are just ppl kuma fucked over and/or tried to kill and/or both. amazing



I wasn’t going to address this, but seeing as how things are spiraling; 

“인스타 댓글” (instagram comments) is now trending in korea bc some of you guys cant keep your shipping opinions to yourself. 

Intl. fans are deadass trending in korea for being gross and disgusting. Kfans are literally making posts about this, asking intl. fans to stop commenting about your ship. 

Shippers are free to ship whoever they like, but actually commenting this on an idol’s sns for EVERYONE to see - including the idol? Kfans are talking shit about every intl. fans right now, thinking that we’re all the same disgusting ppl. 

You guys NEED to STOP posting inappropriate, obscene comments on an idol’s sns. It will not only affect how kfans view us, but also how the idol feels. Baekhyun even went ahead and posted a comment asking if what he posted was weird. 

The shipping culture is so toxic, yall are really making regular fans (AND THE IDOLS THEMSELVES) uncomfortable. Can’t you guys ship your otp in private? And NOT by bringing a photoshopped poster of chanbaek kissing to a concert? Or tagging them in over-sexualized fanarts, or by spamming the comment section about your otp? Especially by assigning traditional gender roles to the ship. I’m not even going to get started on the misgendering, that’s a whole other post. 

You guys are making things weird. Forcing your shipping onto your otp is not okay at all. 

This goes to all ships out there. 

Stop posting inappropriate comments. It’s disrespectful and disgusting.