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  • What I Used To Think Phantom Was About:There once was a kind and musically gifted young man. However, there was a fire at the theatre where he performed and he was tragically disfigured. This turn of fate led him to wear a mask and live underneath the stage, becoming the dark, mysterious, romantic Phantom of the Opera. Eventually, a girl meets the Phantom and falls in love with him. However, her father, who owns the theatre, hates him and doesn't want them to be together.
  • What I Now Know Phantom Is About:Crazy homicidal man kidnaps woman and wants to blow everything up also he can sing good

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You're such a gentleman Stanford! Your brother is probably quite jealous of your kindness!

Stanford: *cheeks grow red and starts fidgeting* I-I… well, thanks. I think? Heh, I wouldn’t say I’m a gentleman, really… I just know I’d feel uncomfortable if someone pushed me into something too fast.

Stanley: And I ain’t jealous. Not a bit! Hey, I’d make a great boyfriend, ‘cause I’d treat you well and I’d treat you right. Ford may have a cleft in his chin and a superior brain, but I got the soft, sweet heart and a charmin’ appearance. You need a teddy bear with a bit of chub to cuddle with? I’m your man.

Stanford: (to the second anon) I never expected this many people would be interested in me. I’ll definitely go on a date with you! Have you got any binghamite to trade?

remember the olden days?
Drag Me Down || Nathan & Melissa

It certainly hadn’t been Melissa’s intention to attend her high school reunion. In fact she was almost certain that avoiding the event would have been a good idea, although there were plenty of people she loved attending the event, there were also a few she never wanted to encounter again. Especially considering she was married to the man she stole from a past classmate. She wanted more than anything to have Blake with her, but the soccer player was off at an important game in Europe while their daughter was spending the night with her grandparents. The brunette would have preferred to go to her husband’s mathc but she herself had meetings with her record company that she couldn’t miss. 

Walking through the doors of the hotel that was hosting the reunion, Melissa took a deep breath while smoothing her hands over the front of the red dress she was wearing. If the brunette was about to see some familiar faces then she needed to make a statement - even though being on the covers of magazines was already enough of a statement. The murmurs and whisperes began as soon as she stepped into a the room, and with a sigh she made her way to the bar soon after collecting her nametag. “Give me something fruity.” She told the barman with a grin.


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Alright guys are you ready for a horde of butterflies? I finally managed to collect all the patterns the other day so in celebration I thought I’d give them all away to you guys! I have fifteen of each pattern! So you’ll need to be suuuper patient tonight, for I am but one person and I have to make sure to give you the right bug! If I happen to mess up, just send me an ask and let me know!

You can try for all of them if you like! I’ll clone more if I need to! Now read on to get the info for all of them! This is going to be a long post so I added a Read More.

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*Seeing other people who use “Allan” as 2p!america’s first name*

Sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit good sHit 👌that’s ✔ some good 👌👌 shit right👌👌 th👌ere 👌👌👌 right✔there✔✔ if i do ay so my sel f 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: good shit ) mMMMM M💯 👌👌👌 HOO0O0O0OOOoOooo 👌👌👌👌💯👌👀👀👀👌👌 good shit

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