sometimes i wonder if true love really exists anymore ?? having someone geniuenly worry for you?? care for you?? look at you with such fond and loving eyes. a person you can give your body and mind to, a person you can call yours and yours only??

Well I’m just having a moment where I realise how much I love this whole damn fandom. So much talent in this place it blows my mind! All of you, I fucking love the bones of all of you ❤

Wow I didn’t expect this post to get so many reblogs and likes and I would like to add something else to it.

I wanted to share it because if you started supporting Atleti not long ago, you maybe know all that background because you’ve read about it, but maybe you didn’t know until you saw my post. So I wanted to give everybody the chance to know about that part of Atleti’s history, so you can feel even prouder of them for the things they’re doing.

As heartbreaking that it was losing 2 UCL finals in 3 years, it isn’t a reason to be sad, it is a reason to be proud. A few years ago not even the most positive person would have thought of Atleti reaching a final. When we lost in Lisbon we thought that a lot of years would pass until we got to reach another final. Winning a Liga? In our wildest dreams, maybe.

So if anyone wants to make you feel like a loser because you support a team without an UCL title, or a team that isn’t winning a lot of stuff. If they try to mock you for your choices, and they try to end an argument with the “but you lost…” card, you can remember that maybe the final result isn’t the most important thing after all. Because this team is about standing up when we fall, about fighting against all odds, about proving yourself and the others that nothing is impossible, and hard work pays off.

As Cholo said, after winning La Liga: Si se cree, y se trabaja, se puede. (If you believe, and you work for it, you can). And I don’t know about you, but for me, those life lessons are way more valuable than any silver trophy.