Study Moods

I loved @howtomusicmajor‘s posts about study moods, so I decided to make my own!!!! Theses ones are based more off of subjects….

  • History: Epic music mixes and/or RPG Battlefield soundscape from, or classic piano music, strong black tea or espresso, on a large wooden table to make room for all your textbooks, notes, mind maps, flashcards, and laptop.
  • Literature/Art History: Classical music, or music based on the book you may be reading, green tea, Earl Grey, or a cappuccino. In a coffee shop or on your living room floor. Don’t forget the highlighters and sticky notes!
  • Geometry: Soundtracks or music from the Study Music YouTube channel. Latte or Earl Grey tea, at your desk/breakfast nook/dining room table. Do lots of practice problems, and use the Feyman technique. 
    • This was my first study mood ever. Used it for everything.
  • Biology/Science: Nature sounds, like rain or something. Herbal tea, lemon water, or iced coffee. Do outside, or at a sunny spot. 
  • Languages: Soft classical music (especially if it was composed in the country whose language you are studying), or fireplace sounds. Water to clear the throat, and hot cocoa or a drink from the target language country! Wrapped up in a comforter on the carpet.
    • Also nice for just a cozy session.

You can always mix them up, I like to use the literature/art history mood for history sometimes. 


sometimes i wonder if true love really exists anymore ?? having someone geniuenly worry for you?? care for you?? look at you with such fond and loving eyes. a person you can give your body and mind to, a person you can call yours and yours only??

Gemini: Super Facts


  • Like to help anyone who needs it
  • May have many mood changes
  • Confusing but very down to earth
  • The funniest person you’ll know
  • Can be overly random
  • Hard for them to stay mad for a long time
  • Very friendly but don’t cross them
  • Can definitely be a bit too sassy at times
  • Loves attention but not too much
  • Can be either shy or loud
  • Great listeners and generally cares
  • Can at times have a weird sense of humor
  • Sort of a heartbreaker but they love to be loved
  • Loves a nice challenge
  • Will more then likely have a good music taste
  • Loves expressing and sharing knowledge
  • Can’t stand people with no sense of humor
  • Hate being tied down
  • Loves to appreciate and be appreciated
  • Will give the best advice but can’t follow their own