Campaigning around the country as a woman was not easy. Sometimes, our opponents would send thugs to throw stones, bottles and sticks at us. Some of us ended up in hospitals, severely traumatized, and with injuries. Sometimes, we were inconvenienced by having to sleep on floors or in the open air. It was not at all easy, but we had to do it…so that women could begin to enjoy some of their entitlements today.

I faced seven men in that election, including late Barrister Anyiam Osigwe. I won the election, thus becoming the first woman to be so elected in Aba. I held that post until 1967 when the war (Nigerian civil war) broke out. I tabled many motions, argued, and got some of them passed into laws. My accomplishments paved the way for women who were interested in pursuing political careers, and motivated them to do so with greater confidence.


Margaret Ekpo 


Nigerian activist, feminist and all around badass. 

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It's2 in the morning over where I live and I'm just sitting here looking up to the stars and I can't help but think how lonely I am I have no one I can share things with I don't have anyone to laugh and be silly with. I just feel empty sad almost

I know loneliness is the loudest thing sometimes. I know. but there are so many hearts around you. there are so many lives in constant motion. people will come into your life. sometimes they’ll stay and sometimes they won’t, but you’ll love more than you could even imagine. there’s so much miracle here. so much. it will find you soon.

im angry that pepe is a dead meme because the “enough” picture of pepe with a gun with the edges blurred conveys so many motions no other reaction picture can

I don’t think I’ve cried for real in a long long time. At movies or tv shows? Sure. I am the biggest sap in the world, but because I myself was in pain, not in a long while. On one hand thats good, I’m pretty happy in my life. But today I broke down. I had a phone call this morning that was going to either help me or hold me back from something really good in my life and it set me back. It did not go well. I needed it to help and now my chest hurts with pain set into motion many years ago by a past bad relationship that wrecked my credit. It’s a sad day.  

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"When you die the surface of the Moon will not change."

                                 “ who gives a TOSS about the bloody moon.
              can destroy the moon with just a flick’o me wrist, watch. “

         A FLICK OF his wrist & a stone goes skipping across the surface of
         the scum-clouded water, ripples shredding the face of the moon like
         PAPER before moving on to wreak their havoc on other reflections of
         the natural world. this same all-powerful hand vanishes along with its
         twin, back into the depths of trouser pockets worn from many motions
         much the same, & its owner’s chin dips down to rest against his chest,
         shoulders hunched & electric eyes flashing out across the wake of his
         projectile of celestial destruction like those of some great brooding bird.

           “ s’not ABOUT the moon, is it? s’about the WORLD. ‘bout PEOPLE.
             the surface may not change, nah, but f’ye can leave a ripple right
             down underneath, given time,
EVERYTHING might change. “

Victory Lessons from Omar Sharif; ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ Actor, Dead at 83
Actor Omar Sharif, best known for his role in Lawrence of Arabia, has died at age 83.

Here are 3 victory lessons to learn from Omar Sharif’s life:

Omar Sharif was one of the first Arab actors to appear in the anti-Arab arena of Hollywood.  Hollywood denied many Arabs roles in major motion pictures yet Sharif refused to be ignored.  He used his talent in order to earn the respect he deserved.

As William G.T. Shedd states, “A Ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” Do not listen to limitations.  There were numerous people that came before you that worked hard to make exceptions to rules therefore you are more than capable of doing the same.  Keep pushing forward no matter the circumstances.

Omar Sharif played in over 120 films over 6 decades.  Sharif was able to establish himself in his native country and he was also successful in the United States.  As opposed to being content with the success he had achieved remained consistent enabling him to achieve more greatness.

Consistency and success go hand-in-hand.  If you are persistent you will get it, if you are consistent you will keep it.  Remember these three elements of consistency: (1) Continuous, (2) Hard, (3) Work.

In ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ Sharif’s delayed entrance creates unbearable tension.  Many consider the movie on of the greatest films of all time and this scene is one of the best scenes in the entire film.  Omar Sharif made movie history by manipulating time proving that you can be late yet punctual.

“Better late than never but never late is better” is one of the oldest rules in the book.  Despite this rule, there are times in life when you will have to practice patience in order to take action at the right time as opposed to acting at the most immediate time possible.  Life is a game and the most successful players make the right moves at the right times.

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It’s been such a hard week.
I had the worst anexity attack I’ve had in years on Sunday. I know why now but at the moment it happened, I had no idea. It set him and pushed him away from me.

Yet last night was, hard. I haven’t been sleeping already and then last night when it became more real to him that I’m leaving well…it got messy.

I was so worried about him and I have never seen him that drunk before. I got him into my house and I know that if he didnt want to stay he would have left, forcefully.

He went through so many motions. Accusing me of sleeping with someone else. When I turned that around on him he stopped saying it. Then he kept asking me not to murder him but it wasn’t even a joke. I was trying to take care of him and he was afraid I would kill him in his sleep.

I told him over and over I loved him and at one point he told me he loved me. He was suddenly sorry we hadn’t ‘dated’ and he said he loved me that he didn’t want me to go. He mumbled something about children.

He mumbled a lot and he apparently had cried. I think he does love me but he’s so messed up and been so hurt its so hard for him to see past his own pain into the love I can give him.

The worst part is I’m not staying. I’m moving no matter what. I’m doing what is best for me because I can’t save anyone right now. I have to save me, and that means leaving.

I hope that in the next day or so he will come around to me, talk to me, let me love him so maybe we can have a chance at a long distance relationship.

I truly hope so, but… I’m not counting on it. We both have our own demons to wrestle with, I know mine but I don’t know if he knows his….

God damn it.

While all that’s happening my position for leaving is finally falling into place… It’s hard but it is what it is. I’m meant to go…

'I’ve finally forgotten. I’ve put down my sword. I’ve come to accept that, this week, wasn’t mine. It was yours. I’ve got no illusions. I’ve cut through this cord. Got no more addiction. See these veins? Can’t endure that much more… But when you can find love I’d you can find love. If you can find love then you. Forget everything.’

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Yoooo, question time. If there's a sign with continuous movement (like the sign for "what" or "sign") does it matter how many times you do the motion? Because with some of them I have no idea when to stop.

Hey there, welcometothenod.

I’m so happy to hear that you’ve been working on your signing! It’s pretty fun and addicting, isn’t it? You proposed a very good question, and here’s what I know about it…Generally, with nouns, you do the sign twice. For verbs, you do the sign once.

For example, the sign “chair” vs “sit”. I would describe how to do the signs but it’s probably best if you check out a video about it. But notice with “chair” the act of having your fingers sit is done twice. And “to sit” is only done once.

Hopefully this helps you out! Come back with more questions, and feel free to ask me anything you want. :)

I always forget how much I hate flying and how sick I get if I forget to take dramamine. That flight literally only took 70 minutes and I’m over here trying not to barf up my lunch and coffee. Thank god I’m back on the ground, even if it’s in the terrible Florida heat.