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Don’t Wanna Fall In Love

Prompt: Requested by Anonymous. “Oh my god you have no idea how happy I am that requests are open! You’re like my favorite writer on here. Okay so could you do one with punk Gerard and like everyone hates him and so does Y/N but then one day they get paired to do a project for school and so they have to meet up at Gerard’s house and Y/N is not happy about it but then it turns out Gerard’s actually a total sweetheart and then lots of fluff thanks 😊”

Word Count: 1,814

Pairing: Gerard x Reader

A/N: omg you’re so sweet! <3

You know those kids at school that everyone hates, usually without reason? Everyone has always just hated them, well, Gerard Way is that kid. Of course he has friends, some idiot named Frank, but the majority of the school hates him and honestly you don’t know why. But you hate him too. You like to tell yourself that you hate him for good reason because you’re not the kind of person to go around hating people without thought as to why, so your mind supplies you with the little things he does that drive you nuts. Like how he always starts debates in class so the teacher will forget to assign homework, or how he never seems to change his clothes, or the way he looks better in makeup than you do. They’re stupid reasons to hate a person, especially when he’s never even spoken a word to you, but he’s Gerard Way and you’re supposed to hate him.  

“Is he assigning partners today?” Your best friend asks you as you file into your Spanish class. You have been talking about your midterm project for a few days but you can’t get started until partners are assigned and you’ve been hopeful every day all week.

“I hope so,” You reply, taking your seats beside one another.

The teacher is too tall for his pants, he always is, and his socks are scrunched down around his shoes. He looks like a dorky grandpa who dances to quiet music at the family party. His eyes are a faded out grey but when he starts talking and Spanish tongue fills the room he lights up and his eyes dance across the class like everything is filling with colour and life in front of his very eyes. It’s the main reason you like him so much, his passion for what he’s teaching.

“So let’s talk about your project,” He starts and a few kids groan. He starts pairing kids off and you get more and more worried the more names he says, losing friends left and right until finally he calls out your name and…Gerard fucking Way, of course.

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Zippered Pockets
Pagan Min
Zippered Pockets

Pagan Min: Ajay, I hope you don’t mind but I took the liberty of having a new suit made up for you. If you are to lead Kyrat when this is all over you’re going to need a sharper look than denims and fucking sneakers my boy. And that jacket oh don’t get me started. WHY on earth do you need so many zippered pockets? What do you keep in them all? Handfuls of meat? Huh. I supposed you do. I’ll make a note for my tailor. Ajay’s jacket, zippered meat pockets. Perfect! Well, don’t let me slow you down.

You’re the One That I Want

So this is my first fic request from @2jaekisses with the prompt “cop!youngjae and badboy!jaebum”! I’ve never done a fic request before so I was really nervous about this and I don’t know if you wanted it this angsty but it gets fluffy and flirty at the end I promise! 

Rated: T
Progress: Completed/One-Shot
Pairing: 2jae
Word Count: 10,283
ao3 link aff link

Description:  What started off as a routine call for small town cop Choi Youngjae turned out to be anything but when he met a foul-mouthed, bad-tempered man named Im Jaebum.

Important Author’s Note: There is some implied homophobia from an OC who isn’t actually in the story. However, a conversation will take place where one homophobic slur is mentioned. I just wanted to mention this ahead of time.

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Pagan Min’s Calls: A Comprehensive List (In Progress)

I love getting those calls from Pagan Min while playing Far Cry 4, but I haven’t been able to find any kind of comprehensive list or videos. So I’ve decided to make one. I made up the titles pretty much. Anything title in italics needs the full transcript. I’ve linked clips I’ve found where possible because obviously you need to hear him say these things. Please send any transcripts and/or clips you have found!

It would also be really interesting to learn if there’s any specific order they typically come up in. I personally have heard each one up through “Yuma’s First Impressions”, in this order.

Last Updated: 15 Feb 2015, 6:00pm EST

“Again with the Crab Rangoon”

…I had him killed. Or was it his family? Either way, the spread will be better next time…That’s the last time I’m kidnapping a fucking TV celebrity chef…

“That’s It. That’s the Call.”

“Ajay? Ajay? Aaaaaaaaajaaaaay?”

“Uh? Yes?”

“Awesome! Oh, just making sure you’ve been listening.”

Our Little Family

I wish you could remember what it was like back then, Ajay. Your mother and I, with you on her hip, oh those were the days. She was never happier than she was back then, and I should say the same for myself. We had such plans, not just for our little family, but for Kyrat. It wasn’t always like this, I long for those days but then it’s too late. I tried, I really really did, this place is ruinous. Try not to let them drag you down, Ajay. Ishwari didn’t send you back here for that.


I’ve been thinking about my image, on the world stage, and I think what I lack is a celebrity endorsement, you know, a visit from Dennis Rodman type. Perhaps I could get Beckham to bring the Galaxy over for a game against my best 11? A bit cliché now I suppose. A pop star? If the dictator of Turkmenistan can get J-Lo to sing him “Happy Birthday” then who’s to say I can’t get my fading star of yesteryear? I wonder how much Kanye is going for. Do you follow him on Twitter? It is gold. I would love to shoot the breeze with that young man.

“No Homo” (7:57-8:32)

Uncle Pagan here, just checking in on my favorite nephew. So tell me, Ajay, who are you rooting for so far? Have you fallen into Amita’s honey pot, or have you been dazzled by Sabal’s flowing locks and bad-boy jawline? Hey, each to his own, that’s your lifestyle choice to make. He isn’t my cup of tea, contrary to the rash assumption some may make about my appearance. I am indeed batting for the other team. You, more than most, should know that there was only ever one woman for me, my boy.

“Always Money in the Banana Stand Temples” (8:32-9:31)

Oh, I’d love to give you a tour of my vaults one day. Right now, I’m looking at all the wealth of Kyrat. Gold medallions, ivory statues, jade carvings, such delightful trinkets! The Golden Path says I stole its wealth, but I did no such thing! They robbed themselves for centuries instead of putting it to good use! I, on the other hand, have been selling off whatever I can to the West, and whatever I can’t, I melt it down and make something a little more…contemporary. There’s a lesson for you, Ajay. People are hypocrites, and they all want someone to blame for their shit-filled lives, they never want to accept their share of the responsibility. The next time they’re whining about building schools or clinics, remember they’ve been hiding away their fortune in dusty old monasteries for centuries!

“Fucking Candles”

Ajay, you’ve been out and about exploring Kyrat for a while now. Tell me who lights all of those fucking candles? The country is in the grips of a civil war, an apparently monstrous dictator has the country on it’s knees, and yet some industrious fool has put it upon himself to wake up every morning and go around lighting hundreds, and hundreds of candles. Oh I’m tempted to employ someone to blow them all out again. Actually I have a better idea—Gary. GARY! Put it down this is important. Listen, candles are now illegal. What? Yes all of them! Treason punishable by death, thank you—and thank you Ajay, you just made my week.

“Zippered Meat Pockets”

Ajay, I hope you don’t mind, but I took the liberty of having a new suit made up for you. If you are to lead Kyrat when this is all over, you’re going to need a sharper look than denims and fucking sneakers, my boy. And that jacket. Oh, don’t get me started. Why on Earth do you need so many zippered pockets? What do you keep in them all? Handfuls of meat? Huh, I suppose you do. I’ll make a note for my tailor: “Ajay’s jacket, zippered meat pockets.” Perfect. Well, don’t let me slow you down.


Did I ever tell you about Noore? This is one of my favorites. She used to be a doctor, quite a benevolent soul. She came to Kyrat on some aid mission in the early days of my reign. She had the audacity to write a report on the human right abuses perpetrated by my regime! So I reached out to her, invited her to come back, to see the improvements, how we’d acted on her recommendations. I extended the invite to her family. So she came, husband and kids. I put them up in the palace, I even put on a little meeting for her, made a PowerPoint, “A 12-Step Action Plan” to address Kyrat’s human rights violations *chuckles* Except each slide was about how I was going to ruin Noore’s life. *laughs* So Paul “De Pleur” kept her family hostage while I forced the great humanitarian, Dr. Najjar, to run the most terrible parts of my Kyrati empire. Oh, between you and I, I think she actually enjoys it now.

“Lancing Boils” (9:32-10:14)

A word to the wise, Ajay. The next time you need something lanced, employ the services of a professional, as scarce as those services may be around here. Did you know because of your mother I sponsored an entire class of students to study medicine in Singapore? And they never came back! Can you believe the depth of that ingratitude? Paul dealt with their families here in Kyrat, and I had my contacts in Singapore track them down and find a fitting end for each of them, yes. Oh, as satisfying as that was, I now find myself lancing my own boils. Gary! Bring me some gauze and some fucking antiseptic ointment!

Yuma’s First Impressions

I’ve spent a lot of my life apologizing for Yuma’s first impressions. She has a remarkable ability to make consistently terrible introductions. I’d love for you two to meet on better terms, she really has been the driving force behind most of my successes. She forges deals with my international buyers, she polices Noore and De Pleur, she even finds time to run my army. Well, that is until her recent obsession with Kyrati superstition took a hold of her. She thinks I don’t know about the expeditions she’s been sending up the mountains looking for magical paintings or whatever it is. I’m as open as the next fellow about negligible losses for the sake of employee morale, but only so many pens can go missing from the stationary cupboard before someone has to lose a hand!

“Piano Recital”

I was in America not so long ago. I looked up Ishwari, but I couldn’t bring myself to see her, not after all these years. You always regret those decisions when they die, don’t you? Anyway, I was there with De Pleur, or rather “Paul Harmon”. He invited me to his home to meet his family, to see the other side of him. It was incredible to see the man behind the man. Paul, the loving father and husband. I was as jealous as I was happy for him. We went to his daughter’s school to see a recital. There was his darling Ashley, the light of his life. I could see the tears welling up in his eyes, so proud, so much love. It really made me think, what if I had followed Ishwari? What if that were you clumsily stumbling through a piano recital as I looked on teary-eyed through a viewfinder, capturing every precious moment. It always hits you when it’s too late, Ajay, always when they’ve gone.

“Cocaine and Yak’s Blood”

After Ishwari left it was a very dark time for me. Oh I was a cruel and angry young man. It’s this time more than any that gives me the reputation I have today. Yes, yes, I murdered countless innocents, yes I outlawed religion, yes I changed the currency so everyone’s savings were meaningless. And yes, I may have gone through a period of bathing in yaks’ blood and slamming rails of coke. But…I’m reformed now, look at me, getting this country back on it’s feet again. Top shape, Ajay. *snorts a rail of coke* Top shape.

“Pàng Xióng”

Ajay, did I ever tell you about my first body double? Not the one you wiped off the map, he’s number three or four now perhaps. Anyway, the first one, Jeong was his name, started brilliantly. He looked the part, diligent in his duty, but back then I didn’t realize what becoming me could do to a man. He went completely berserk! And it wasn’t the random beheadings or the blood-drinking that did him in in the end, no! It was a particularly embarrassing incident where in full costume, he was caught trying to sneak into Disneyland! Using a forged Dominican Republic passport–this is the best part–under a Chinese name that meant “Fat Bear”. Fucking imbecile!

Story-Relevant (spoilers!)

“Poor Eric” (15:06-15:53)

“Hello Ajay, did you miss me? Oh wait, yes, you did!”

“Pagan? I just killed you!”

“No, no, you just ruined a perfectly good body double with hair loss. Do you know how expensive he was to make? He wasn’t even Asian, for Christ’s sake, he was from Melbourne, I think. His only crime was being born with fabulous cheekbones. Whose picture do you think’s on the money? No matter, what’s done is done, I suppose next time it’ll just be you and me.

"Choices” (18:35-19:46)

“Oh Ajay, I can almost see your furrowed brow from here.”

“Pagan, what do you want.”

*tutting* "Tone! I’m merely calling to check up on you! I hear your little friends are having a bit of a spat. It must be hard, what with you in the middle of it all. Choices are difficult. Trust me, I’ve been there. In fact, you should be grateful for the choices I’ve made. Choices like Yuma. I went on live television to serve her up to you, and I loathe television. Radio is so much more my thing. And you, you jumped on the opportunity. Poor Yuma, she will be missed. It was a tough call to make, picking you over her. But it was the right call. You’ll see. Of course, you’re in a hurry. Places to go, shit to tear up. I’ll let you get back to it. But don’t forget, Ajay, choices have consequences.“

"Something More Contemporary” (20:07-20:37)

Really, Ajay? What do you have against my likeness? All those posters, Eric my double, and now this. Am I missing a hint? Should I start taking this personally? That statue was solid fucking gold. Literally! I’m not being metaphorical. Do you know how many artifacts I had to melt down to get it made? And poor Eric standing there for God knows how long just to pose for it! Well, what’s done is done. And dinner’s nearly ready.

Farewell Address

If you’re listening to this, I am no longer with you. At the time of this recording, Ajay Ghale has just ditched me at a dinner party, and I am admittedly a little ???. I have a plan for what should happen next, but the future is a fickle mistress. Regardless, I hope I leave Kyrat in better hands than my own. And to the Golden Path, oh ho! Fuck you. I’ve always hated the lot of you. Sincerely, Pagan Min.

Escape from Durgesh DLC

“That’s My Boy”

Well I had something important to say, but I suppose you just want to get out there and start shooting things. *chuckle* That’s my boy.


You know what I hate? Typos. You pay good money for propaganda posters, you expect them to be properly proofread! Ajay, be a good little errand boy and destroy the less than perfect propaganda in that center. While you’re at it, teach the people there a lesson. We’ll see if they’ll ever spell Pagan with an ‘e’ again! I’ll bet this is Yuma’s doing. She knows just how to piss me off.


I feel so much better knowing those terrible posters will never see the light of day. I’m giving you elephants. That’s right, elephants! I call the big one Hurley. He’s clumsy, but oh-so-adorable.

“Boom Boom”

Well, Daddy’s tower didn’t go boom-boom, so that means you must have succeeded. Excellent work, Ajay. You are, er, let’s see here, “capable and valued”, yes, those were the words for the day. I’m a believer in positive reinforcement in case you haven’t figured that out. Your reward! It will be made available to you when you head to your little landing zone. Thank you so much!

“Positive Reinforcement”

I still believe in you, and I still value you, Ajay. I’m a believer in positive reinforcement. I’m in control of my temper, even if you did just fuck up royally!


Things that I, a right handed person, have noticed are unnecessarily right handed:

most things with on/off switches (phones, metronomes, some toys)



fishing poles

many things with zippers

tracing utensils

dvd/cd cases

record players

laptops with cd/dvd drives

large bottles of liquid (gallons of milk and tea come to mind. The name is oriented ti where the handle has to be on the right for you to read it)


if you think of others please add

anonymous asked:

what would team prime holomatter look like(style/race)?

((A/N this felt a little loaded so I tried my best to describe what I feel the show projects to the audience based on personality, this is all head canon and is in no way meant to undermine anyone else’s projections or feelings about holoform prime characters

Also next time, for me, Team Prime will mean the main 5 as I felt like this felt forever to do everyone))

Optimus Prime

-Between 6’5” and 6’7”

-He would be an older Caucasian Male

-Appearing between the ages of 39-42, with dark brown eyes that have crow’s feet and a few wrinkles on his face from being aged and wise- he would also bare a few subtle scars on his arms and legs that are covered by his dark body hair. He would have short dark brown hair that would be covered under an aged and old baseball cap, and be a simple jeans and flannel kind of guy. He would want to appear masculine so he would attempt to sport a moustache and have a little hair on his arms and his chest, the picture of what the people whom would drive a vehicle like himself would appear.


-Between 5’6” and 5’8”

-He would be a young Caucasian Male (tinted more beige than OP)

-Appearing as young as someone whom is between the ages of 18-22, he would sport a sandy blonde hair cut that would be purposefully messy- he would also have bright blue baby eyes projecting youth and excitability, and have quite a few freckles that pepper his roundish baby face. He would be quite muscular, though it would be hidden under his baggy hooded sweater and “dad jeans” type of pants, he would also have worn out sneakers that appear to be a name brand kind of thing. He noticed human trends that say the type of people who drive his car are “guys who care about how they look but want to appear like they don’t care”.


-Would be 5’9”

-He would be an Older Greying Mexican Male

-He would have nearly buzzed cut hair that is jet black but peppered with all the age that he has experienced over the years in the form of silver tresses, with dark nearly black eyes with many subtle and prominent wrinkles on his stressed out face- with dark bags under his eyes to show how tired he is projected to be. He would wear rather than scrubs or lab coats- a working coverall with the Autobot symbol on the chest and “Ratchet” printed on the name label, something an EMT would wear, after all he is a battle medic and not a cushy nurse or doctor.


-Would be only 5’6”

-She would be an African-American young Female

-“Sadie” is what she calls her holoform, and rarely is she ever used to display anything but a driver for her alt-mode. When the helmet is pulled off she is shown to have very short micro curly hair that poofs out when she allows it a chance to be shown, and harbors a face to be about 29-31; someone with experience, but can always learn for others around her. Her body has been shown to be “attractive” to other humans while she is in her leather biker suite, and rarely ever wears anything else, as fashion isn’t really her thing. Her face is one of elegance and grace- with dark brown eyes that could pierce through very thick fogs and beautifully sculpted lips and high cheek bones.


-Would be 6’6”

-He would be a Native American Male

-Bulkhead would have the appearance of a tough strong man between the ages of 32-35, someone who looks scary but is really a big softie when approached by other people. Long black hair made for rocking out and dark brown eyes to reflect his unique understanding of the world, he would be littered with scars and bruises all over his face and body- he was a big guy and ran into things a lot. Holoform aren’t his strong suite- as it takes a big mental capacity to keep them running, he only uses it when he needs to but is designed with a denim jacket with the sleeves ripped off, with a shirt to reflect his favorite metal band, and ripped up jeans and dirty sneakers.


-Would be 6’5”

-He would be a Caucasian Male

-He would appear to be about 35 years of age, but the bags under his bright blue eyes and the scars that litter his face make people perceive him to be much older- they assume he has been through war or quite a few accidents, as he has that air feeling about him which is also reflected in his eyes that he has seen many things. It also helps that he sports a military camo jacket with many pockets and zippers with dirty working jeans and worn out sneakers to project all the hard work and dedication he holds to his own cause. He sometimes likes to change up between having short brown hair to very long brown hair- his style ranges from “hippie veteran” to “prim and proper”.


-Between 5’8” and 5’9”

-He would be a Caucasian Male

-His appearance is that of a race car driver, wearing a jacket that reflects his frames colors and sleek design, he would wear simply a black shirt underneath, and would have on rather tight fitting jeans- his shoes would be a crisp and clean white. He would wear his sandy brown hair slicked back and out of his face to reveal his deep green eyes that show how young and inexperienced he is- it is also reflected in the fact his projection is only about 18-21 years of age. He enjoys being seen as a sleek race car driver, almost as much as he enjoys being a race car itself as it comes with all kinds of attention and praise from strangers who shout out “cool car, my man!”

Ultra Magnus

-Would be 6’4”

-He would be a Caucasian Male

-His style is that of Optimus Prime, very vindictive of human truckers to reflect the type of alt-mode he has chosen as the whole point of Holoforms is to blend in with the native population. He would have dark hair that is kept neatly brushed and at an acceptable length with a baseball cap covering up most of his head- blue eyes that reflect years of wisdom and hold a sense of leadership and control. He appears less of a hairy guy of masculinity and more like someone who is well kept and clean- he would also have a prosthetic arm so he can always remember what happened to him subtly. Mostly he is perceived as someone with authority, which is what he wants really, it was the look he was going for.

Gothic Sewing Horror

The floor looks clear, yet you always manage to catch your foot on a pin. You have vacuumed three times. They aren’t even your pins.

You measure and measure and measure. It is different every time.

No matter how sharp your shears are, the edge is jagged when you cut. The shears are beginning to seep blood.

You swear you hear screaming when you trim your threads.

The first time the fabric cut itself was fine. The first time it tried to cut you was less satisfactory.

You wind the bobbin, and put it in. When you start to sew, it is gone. The thread is still there though.

Your sewing machine is possessed. This would be less obnoxious if it was at least properly timed.

The fabric is washed and dried to preshrink. It grows to twice its length, and releases hollow sighs when ironed or steamed.

All the the zippers are gone when you go to bed. When you awake, there are too many zippers. The pact has been made.

“Done is good” they chant, pressing their hands harder into the folds. It will never be done.



A pin kickstarter celebrating the tv show Hannibal.
There are only a few hours left and you can choose from six pin designs and many merch like zipper pouches, screenprinted totebag, Omanju stress balls…
And everyone that backed will get 2 sticker sheets, 1 bookmark, 2 super secret prints and 1 heart button.

Be quick before it ends!

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Thank you,

Karina & Joule


Steampunk Chill da AyuAna
Tramite Flickr:
New clothing set for SD17 (Dollshe 18M Pure etc.) size bjds now at our Etsy store. New clothings for Elysion, lately he had some pictures at January ==“ So we thought that this is the time for him to modeling. This steampunk set was a bit of challenge for us, we added many brads and zippers to the elements of the outfit. Hope You will like it! Elysion is SWITCH Taeheo on Sadol Star70 body ns Face-up by Rugged Realism Eyes by Mystic Eyes Wig by Leeke World Shoes by Iplehouse Outfit by us - Ayu&Ana Design


Blaze attends Singles’ Night at the neighborhood bar in hopes of finding a cute someone.
Instead, he finds this angry man.

AM: “Wow, aren’t you a hot shot? With your obviously fake leather jacket and way too many zipper pockets? I know your type! You think you’re better than me, don’tcha?”

Blaze: “Is it rude to say yes?”


Blaze: “Good. I was a little scared that such a crap-brained dude wouldn’t be able to hear me over his own sniveling.”

Hello my lovely test audience for all my material. Here’s your heads up that I will be absent from all social media from tomorrow morning until Monday. My phone will be on for emergencies, but other than that I will be completely unavailable.

I don’t wanna make a big deal of it so I’m not posting this everywhere. But hey, if someone is like, “I think Pepper and Pals fucking DIED,” you can be like, “No, she just died digitally and will live again in five days time, not unlike our lord Jesus Christ.”

Basically I need to take a break from existence for a few days and find myself. Some people travel, some go to therapy, some look to religion… I’m going to socially isolate myself and do nothing but play Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, where I will surely find answers. My hypothesis is that I will find that never in my life will I write as a great a shitpost as Tetsuya Nomura has accomplished with the entirety of the Kingdom Hearts series, but we’ll see.

In reality, I chose Kingdom Hearts to play as back in middle school it was THE reason I begged my parents for a PS2, and playing jumpstarted many things for me in terms of motivation, drawing, finding an online community, writing, and a love for games. Plus I just had so much gosh darn fun playing it despite it not making a lick of sense. I don’t know that those things will be inspired in me again, but ehhhh it’s been so many years since I’ve played them and I’ve been itching to play them again anyway.

And I just think it’s fucking hilarious to try and attribute some greater meaning to Kingdom goddamn Hearts.

I figure it’s worth a shot because there’s a great number of creative endeavors that I want (and even desperately need) to get started on, but I’ve been too caught up in my own bullshit. So I guess I’m sorta trying to get back in touch with the younger version of me who just did stuff because she wanted to and didn’t give in to the numerous doubts. I’m more or less saying, “Hey, let’s just travel back for a few days to before a lot of complete nonsense happened in my life. You know, like complete disillusionment in the future.”

Also like. I’m trying to come to terms with the fact that I am very likely lactose intolerant, so I’m going through some shit. You know, even more so than the normal shit. I just. I love cheese. But it no longer loves me. I know there’s pills and stuff, but I’m also checking out some dairy alternatives.

And it’s just been rough times in general for a while now if I’m honest.

So until Monday, it’s just gonna be me, birds, these fine games by SquareEnix, and this vegan pizza.

Will I be reborn or broken by this time spent within this land of too many belts and zippers? Well as sure as Kingdom Hearts is light, I’m gonna find out.

See you on the other side, my guys, gals, and non-binary pals.

"Ajay! I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of having a new suit made up for you!"
"Ajay! I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of having a new suit made up for you!"

If you are to lead Kyrat when this is all over, you’re going to need a sharper look than denims and fucking sneakers, my boy. And that jacket, oh don’t get me started, WHY on earth do you need so many zippered pockets??? What do you keep in them all? Handfuls of meat? Huh. I suppose you do. I’ll make a note for my tailor: “Ajay’s jacket, zippered meat pockets.”

Sure do!

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You just gonna drop "best s'mores technique" on us and not give any kind of follow-up? RUDE.


1. buy good chocolate, you cheap motherfucker

2. put chocolate on your graham cracker (did you know those were invented to decrease the female libido? pretty sure that’s true, but i don’t want to know if it isn’t, thanks) and put that whole thing on a rock next to your fire so the chocolate gets a lil melty and soft.

3. BE SMART WITH YOUR MUSHMALLOW. be patient. don’t take your eyes off that fucker for one god damned second, you useless gay. CONSTANT VIGILANCE.

4. enlist the help of your most trusted friend. if you’re doing this all alone (mad respect), put the stick between your legs and hold it steady.

5. slowly and carefully slide the perfect mushmallow off the stick using the melty graham cracker and the top graham cracker, making an immediate mush sandwich. make sure you don’t leave the inside of your mush on the stick. that would be catastrophe.

6. eat it. do not drop it in the dirt you butterfingers. you will get it on your shirt. consider eating it naked and then having your most trusted friend lick it off of you. otherwise a bear might do this in the night time.

7. repeat until bloated

8. blame your most trusted friend for letting you eat so many

[One Night to Remember: One] Anthony Ramos x Reader

A/N: My first Hamilcast fic! 1/???

Word Count: 2,176

Warnings: Cursing. Alcohol. Diggs being loud. Modern AU.

Summary: She’s not exactly from here. He’s exactly from here. Their two worlds collide.

Originally posted by hamilbabes

Small pearls fell to the sand, all different shades of brilliant and bright colors. They all reflected the sunlight as they buried themselves in the earth. From water to rock, they all fell one by one, followed by the sounds of soft weeps and pitiful sniffles. An aimless adventurer walking by would believe they lucked out at the sight of dozens upon dozens of luxuries.

Her hair draped over her shoulders, a wet mop of sea water. Her hands collected some of the pearls that fell from her eyes before letting them sink back into the ground. The first time she experienced round and smooth pearls falling from her eyes she was only a child. Her tears had stopped immediately after seeing the rocks sink in the ocean, interest overthrowing her sorrow.

She scooted herself further into the water, the dry air becoming more and more uncomfortable on her tail.

She, (Name) (Last Name), would be known as what people would write off as a myth. What people would tell their children to put them to sleep. She was known as a Pearl Weeper. Nearly flawless features accompanied by not legs, but a tail that could only be made up in the imagination of a youth. Truly, it was magnificent. A beautiful array of light blue and lilac scales reflected the sun. The colors blended together perfectly from the top that started at her hips to the very tip which ended with two fins that looked as if they were made of silk. 

She made sure to keep a bit of herself in the water. If she got any drier, the tail which was half of her pride would vanish and turn from instead two fins to two (Skin Color) legs. Very useless legs, admittedly, but still legs. They weren’t used often as there was generally no reason for them to be, not to mention that to cherish legs was considered a disgrace to a mermaid.

Through the midst of her quiet sobbing, sounds of sand mounds being stepped on and incoherent muttering could be heard.


Quickly, she shimmied back into the water as fast as she could. Her shoulders shivered at the sudden temperature change, but nothing too drastic. She stayed underwater at a both safe distance but close enough to see who was approaching. 

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captain-sofa  asked:

3, 14 ;w;

What’s your favourite / least favourite quality about yourself?

Favourite: I like my sense of humour, and my ability to make jokes out of almost anything.

Least Favourite: I don’t  that I turn anything into a conspiracy against me. Someone doesn’t like vans? They hate me because I wear vans. Someone loves anchovies. They hate me because one day in second grade I said I didn’t like anchovies even though I’d never tried them. I have extreme paranoia, lmao, and it annoys me

What’s your most bizarre pet peeve?

The difference between hoodies and jackets, thanks.


you  could  see  that  the  sight  of  those  boots  and  that  many-zippered  jacket  offended  them  in  connection  with  such  high-minded  subjects  as  algebra,  latin,  and  earth  science  ;  such  attire  was  meant  for  the  shop  courses  only.  chris  sat  among  the  well-dressed,  vivacious  boys  and  girls  from  the  middle-class  families  in  castle  view  and  brickyard  hill  like  some  silent,  brooding  grendel  that  might  turn  on  them  at  any  moment,  produce  a  horrible  roaring  like  the  sound  of  dual  glasspack  mufflers,  and  gobble  them  up,  penny  loafers,  peter  pan  collars,  button-down  paisley  shirts  and  all.  he  almost  quit  a  dozen  times  that  year. • @  BULLTRUE  !  independent  chris  chambers  from  stephen  king’s  the  body  rob  reiner’s  stand  by  me  (1986).  written  by  ink