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i spent the last few days saving up to gene two dragons and now im proud to say that i own two snow leopard-looking tundras! their eye colours dont match at all but i could really care less at this point, ill get ice-eyed kids anyway so cheers to fluffy snuggles 

I hate going to places where there’s very diverse people because I get crushes on so many strangers I’m suffering

I’m back to trying to clear out a bunch of meshes from my game. It’s so hard, what if I need it?
Anyway I’m trying to be really hard on myself and I’ve set myself a goal of clearing at least 500 meshes from buy mode. Hopefully that’ll stop the crashing for a bit, then I’ll work on body shop, but I’m not in as much of a rush to do that because body shop isn’t crashing my game.
Is it possible to delete recolours from in game using the trash bin?

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I want you to read a thing I wrote but it got no notes and I love your writing and you're just !!!! and afjndl;gnjbgb

oh my goodness dude first of all i am far more ?????? than i am !!!!! like genuinely i promise i’m just a regular old nerd 

second of all pal i’m sure i would love to read your stuff like i’m crazy behind still from being gone for a month but i love seeing all the insane talent that goes on around here !!

third of all i wanna give you a little bit of advice that you didn’t ask for because that’s just who i am as a person i guess. i know it can be hard to not fixate on notes, trust me i know, but it’s also important to remember that just because you don’t have a ton of followers or people aren’t reblogging your thing, it doesn’t mean that it’s not good.

the fact that you’re writing and POSTING it??? like that ALONE is incredible do you know how much courage it takes to put your art out there?? it’s crazy hard and people that don’t do it don’t understand that and thus don’t always give you the recognition you deserve for putting yourself out there like that. 

at the end of the day, you gotta write for you and no one else. when it starts feeling like you’re doing it for other people instead of because this is a thing you enjoy or that you have fun doing or that brings you some sort of fulfillment, take a step back and remind yourself why you started. write something just for you, write something you’ve been putting off bc you don’t think anyone will read it, maybe just take a break from writing altogether!

ultimately, try to work towards being in a place where the notes don’t matter, and that you can just be proud of what you’re making bc my dude you SHOULD be proud. you’re amazing and you’re making stuff and I’M proud of that.

okay that’s it for the unwanted advice for tonight sorry y’all bye. 

In relation to my last post:

I want a selective mute Eggsy thread where because of his past, he doesn’t talk much. It’s somewhat like a literal - “I ain’t grassing anyone.” give me someone who would learn about him and show him that they care about him. Give me someone who would take the time to learn sign language for him - without knowing Eggsy can speak. Give me someone who was completely betrayed when they learn Eggsy can speak. But also feeling extremely pleased when they realised they are special.Give me someone who becomes surprised and pleased to hear Eggsy laughing. The small giggles that the lad releases in their presence. Give me someone who eventually hears little phrases from Eggsy - and realises that Eggsy has an amazing voice. Give me someone who Eggsy is willing to sing to them, not just talk to them.Essentially, give me selective mute Eggsy who learns to love and trust more.

— cw: child abuse

      Wynonna always perceives people leaving her as a punishment because she’s a foster child and an abuse survivor and all her life, abandoning her and/or sending her away have been used like punishments for bad behavior. Ward Earp was notorious for ignoring his children if he didn’t want to be bothered with them—Waverly being the most obvious example, presumably because she wasn’t his child, but that doesn’t mean he was above giving a cold shoulder to his other daughters if they misbehaved. He just didn’t have the TIME to properly discipline them all when he had revenants to kill and his eldest daughter to train into the next heir. 

        For that reason, Willa likely received abuse more akin to how Ward had treated his wife—verbal THREATS and physical violence whenever she messed up. Even just forcing her to stay awake past 3AM on a school night, firing a gun over and over until she finally made the shot he’d set up for her, was a form of physical abuse. But the only way he could manage to PUNISH his other two daughters was to neglect and ignore them almost completely. 

        Perhaps this is why it took fifteen years and the return of her big sister for Wynonna to realize her father was an abuser. Being ignored was a favored punishment of his with his two youngest daughters  ( again, Waverly getting the very worst of it, in that he didn’t even know her birthday and Ward likely poisoned Willa’s mind by feeding her dislike towards Waverly in the hours they spent training, leading to Willa mistreating Waverly in ways she decidedly did NOT mistreat Wynonna )  because it was the easiest way to do it. He didn’t even have to think about disciplining his kids. All he had to do was pretend they weren’t there. 

        As for being a foster child, there’s a reason Wynonna went through at least NINE different homes before she aged out of the system. She was an extremely troubled kid, caught in a cycle of misbehavior and incarceration with the juvenile justice system  ( not to mention psychiatric institutions ). Every time she acted out with a new family, they’d inevitably decide she was just too much for them to handle. Like the family that had come before, and like Gus, who had decided it first, before anyone else had the chance. 

        It should come as no surprise, then, that Wynonna reads people leaving her as a form of punishment—or that she’ll often quietly agonize for hours afterward over what she might’ve done to DESERVE it this time. 

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who hurt you? *rolls up sleeves*

It was just one of those “white kpop stans are so annoying and don’t belong here because bla bla bla” …
It makes me so furious! I don’t care about the color of people’s skin. Seriously … it’s just so wrong. People are so much more than the color of their skin. It horrifies me that someone can think elsewise ☹️