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watch out, she has a gun in her bag

(( ok this was inspired by the tweet // als bc i lov yoonmin ))
//dont get on min yoonji’s bad side hoho, a badass with a gun
//protective yoonji ;’) 


Yesterday I went to the Doctor Who World Tour in NYC and this incredible thing happened - I got to meet Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, and present them with a portrait I did of them! (More photos at my Twitter and Instagram!) OH MY GOSH prepare for some rambling storytime now

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Cheap Thrills - Peter Parker x Reader

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Words: 879
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: Swearing
Requested by anon
I hope I’m not being a bother but can you write a song fic Peter Parker (tom holland) X reader with the song cheap thrills by sia if not it’s okay
Authors Note: WOW, this one was a hard one to write- but I did it!! This is also a song fic based off of the song above ^ and you can check it out here!!

Masterlist. Request List.

I ain’t got cash, but I got you baby

Baby I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight 

As long as I keep dancing…

“Hey, May, is Peter here?” You asked about your best friend/boyfriend- it’s kind of hard some days to distinguish what your relationship was.

“Yes, he’s in his room. What are you guys going to do?” She asked as she let you into their apartment.

You shrugged, “Not sure at this point,” You started, “Depends on what Peter wants to do.”

“Just call if you need me!” May told you, and left you outside of Peter’s room.

You nodded and opened Peter’s door, a huge smile on your face. “Peter! Hey!” You walked over to where he was sat on his bed.

“Hi, (Y/N),” Peter sighed.

“Oh, sorry, was I too energetic for you?” You asked with an eyebrow cocked, “Sorry, hi, Peter.” You said with less energy.

“What’s up?” Peter laughed a bit at you for mocking him.

“Do you want to go out tonight?” You asked, “I was thinking we could go dancing somewhere. Not like a club, but like a dance-”

“I can’t go out,” Peter cut you off, “I need to save money…” He ended quietly.

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Entertainment Weekly Special Feature: Bethyl

I’ve been meaning to finish this weeks ago, when they released this EW issue, but I got dumped with stupid real life stuff so it took a while. Also, been trying to make another Bethyl art at the same time. So yeah, practically I’m killing myself, but hey, Bethyl is always a good pain lol, anyway, since we, unfortunately, didn’t get any Bethyl and Beth from that EW feature, I made a fix. I couldn’t make it the exact same style they did with the covers bc it’d require multiple shots of them in action, so I just settled with this.

Another gift for my fellow Bethylers. I hope you like it.

Keep the faith! Beth is going to kick some major ass in season 5 and prove the haters wrong. And Daryl would stand beside her, grinning and proud ;)

Bethyl on!

This is a special throwback to my very first walk!! 🐾🐾
I have been for many walks since this photo was taken by humum, but I can still remember the excitement of going on my very first walk… The anticipation of what smells I might discover… 🙊
The curiosity of what other dogs I might meet! 🐶
And the complete awe and wonder of everything that lies beyond the little gate at my house 🏠🙄
That day was the start of many walks, many discoveries and many friends I have met along the way 💕
Paws up for walks! 🐾🐾
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So Many Reasons to Love Norman Reedus
I know I don’t do too many text posts on this blog, but I thought that this had to be said. In all honesty, Norman Reedus is and will always be my hero. He’s such a sweet person and he’s very inspiring. This post is dedicated to him. ❤️

He’s so good to his fans.
Seriously, he’s the sweetest to all of us. He always spends extra time at conventions to make sure each and every fan gets time spent with him. He follows so many fans on twitter and makes us happy on a consistent basis.

He loves animals.
It melts me every time I see a picture of him with EITD. I work for a cat rescue organization and I know how hard it is to adopt out black cats. I truly don’t know why, because they’re my favourite and I find them absolutely gorgeous. But nevertheless, our rescue has found it takes sometimes even months longer to adopt out a black cat than it would a tabby or a grey cat. This is why It just makes me insanely happy to see Norman with EITD.

He’s also an advocate for animals, promoting Cruelty Free International. He has the sweetest heart and this is total proof of it.

He’s silly and funny and adorable.
His tweets never fail to make me laugh and smile. They truly do make my day! He’s so down to earth and friendly to his fans.

His taste in music is spot on!
Every song he tweets has honestly already been on my playlist! I thought it was a coincidence at first but now I’m just convinced he has a fabulous taste in music. Sonic Youth, Fleetwood Mac, Mötorhead…all of it, just awesome!

He’s just such a kind and giving person.
Honestly. This picture proves it all! So giving of himself to others. ❤️

His goal in life is pretty much the same as mine.
Also, this is perhaps my favourite quote in all of existence.

He’s an awesome dad.
Pictures of him and Mingus just melt my heart!

His acting.
I’ve seen every movie or show he’s ever been in! Norman Reedus is truly my favourite actor and he is so talented.

His photography.
He truly is inspiring and a phenomenal photographer! I bought his book as soon as I could and it is definitely one of my favourites. Every photo has a different story behind it and it’s so incredible to see the depth of each image!

He is the KING of selfies.
Seriously. Like, just look! ❤️ (Pic courtesy of Norman’s Instagram).

He’s so humble.
Even though we all know how amazing he is! (He also made me scream and wake everyone up at one in the morning with this by the way).

I could honestly go on forever and forever. He really is my idol. Norman, if you ever see this, we all love you so so much and thank you for everything that you do! Thank you for being so interactive with us and being so kind. Xxx ❤️
TO MY FOLLOWERS: help my amazing #ReedusArmy partner in crime @jpagzz1989 and I to get #SoManyReasonsToLoveReedus trending on twitter! Post pictures of Norman, messages to him, artwork, whatever you’d like. :) let’s show him some love!