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sagittarians are mostly festive and earthy. they remind me of dance festivals, people from many backgrounds and interests coming together to move and share one sound together. and they can do many things quite well. there is resistance to possession or control. but the sagittarius can become pressured or disturbed when they have lost control, and this is a real contradiction in their nature. they don’t like losing control. but you’d never hear them admit this 

Tfw u try to convince urself ur feeling nostalgic instead of just sad because you miss the past but not in a bittersweet way, just in an angry, betrayed way because it will never go back and you have no control and it only gets worse from here

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Oops lol, forgot to add the rules. 😂 Say five things that you don’t write in your fics.

This is a bit hard since I’m mostly game for anything.

1. Women hating women for the sake of a ship or portraying a woman as catty or mean when nothing in canon suggests that.

2. Bashing fics always make me so uncomfortable. I’ve had a couple of asks about writing a fic that includes bashing and I just can’t.

3. This one is a bit weird but I have this specific thing around canon. Like there are parts of canon that I’m kind of like this is law and I can’t and won’t break away from that. It’s not all of canon but specific things that I can’t get past. Most of this I think tends to centre around how a character will act tbf. I’m a bit anal when it comes to characterisation so even though it might be a cracky situation, I try to keep the characters, well, in character.

4. I’m not a big fan of writing graphically violent scenes. I don’t tend to and it’s something I tend to avoid doing.

5. I struggle with writing anything overtly happy. I love fluffy and happy stories but I don’t think that’s where my strength lies lol.

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White Day  ♡ (˘▽˘>ԅ( ˘⌣˘)


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Eurovision 2017: Celebrate Diversity

Most European Countries: Let’s sing in English

important things to remember

  • three houses stood between harry potter and pansy parkinson
  • mr & mrs weasley fought the battle of hogwarts without knowing where ron was
  • harry was so caught up in battle prep he forgot about the horcrux thing
  • neville & his herbology buddies threw mandrakes @ death eaters 
  • then neville used venomous tentacula to ensnare them
  • sir cadogan being IN HIS ELEMENT and rushing from painting to painting shouting encouragement @ people
  • mrs norris hissed & batted at owls
  • firenze showed up to fight 
  • poor hermit bewildered alberforth dealt w/ literally hundreds of people passing in & out of his house & then came to fight when he realized what was happening
  • slughorn finally decided his loyalties
  • ron: “so what’s new with you?”
  • colin creevy snuck back in after the evacuation
  • ron went after the basilisk fangs & remembered parseltongue to get them
  • hermione’s quick thinking w/ that slide literally saved their lives
  • mrs augusta longbottom put on her hat before she came to see what the what was up @ hogwarts
  • even the Headless Hunt people showed up
  • all the portraits encouraged ppl
  • instead of grieving in the great hall, ginny went outside, probably to be alone, and found it in herself to comfort a scared, lost girl whimpering for her motherneville & wood gathering the dead
  • professor trelawney throwing crystal balls down @ people
  • percy cursed the minister of magic & cracked a joke
  • minerva in her tartan dressing gown w/ a flock of galloping desks trailing behind
  • peeves dropped snargaluff pods onto death eaters so they were covered in wriggling, fat green worms
  • a dying snape was still with it enough to give harry those memories
  • He is dead!
  • mcgonagall’s scream
  • He beat you!
  • neville charged voldemort and mouthed off to him & slayed tf out of that snake
  • hagrid had his bro carry him from the cave to hogwarts, got shoved through a window, got carried away by giant spiders, and sobbed & carried dead harry all the way back to hogwarts
  • the rest of the centaurs, everyone & their mom, the threstrals, and even buckbeak came to fight
  • kreacher leading all the house elves w/ carving knives & cleavers stabbing & hacking @ death eaters
  • Not my daughter, you bitch!
  • harry literally waited until the opportune moment to reveal himself & it was so dramatic. bless him, sirius would’ve been so proud.
  • harry tried to get voldy to try remorse and redeem himself
  • ppl throwing food out the window into grawp’s mouth
  • blessed luna saw that harry was exhausted & distracted ppl so he could get out of the great hall
  • peeves immediately made up a verse about moldy voldy
  • harry: i’ve had enough trouble for a lifetime. *immediately joins the aurors*

i hadnt drawn these 3 together so i had to change that !!

my tablet’s pressure died… 

see you all around after i’ve saved enough money 4 new tablet


A short 5-page comic, “Constellation”, about homesickness and finding new homes.

I felt like I was kind of in a stylistic rut so I tried some new stuff with a limited color palette–it was a lot of fun!


Dear brain,

Could you pretty please focus on writing one story at a time?

I get it, you’ve got a lot of ideas but like … finish one before moving on to the next, maybe? That’d be super.


anonymous asked:

How do you like keeping arboreals as opposed to ground living snakes? Is it a lot harder?

I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily harder; it just has its own set of challenges. Arboreal snakes tend to have different issues come up regarding husbandry and enrichment–for example, when I rescued my Amazon tree boa, the guy who abandoned her said she would never perch and that’s why he didn’t want her (along with the horrible mite infestation she came with).

It turned out she just didn’t like the perches he was providing her and once I gave her something that allowed her more points of contact, she started perching during the day a lot more. Animals seldom do things for no reason and part of being a good keeper is trying to troubleshoot these problems from the animal’s perspective.

Arboreal snakes also tend to behave a little differently in regards to handling. In my experience they tend to be more alert and high strung (this doesn’t necessarily mean aggressive, it might just mean you need to pay more attention to where your fingers are moving around when you handle them to avoid startling them). Treating mites on arboreals can be a bigger ordeal since I’ve found that they’re more susceptible to getting stressed by the bathing process.

I practice what I call “husbandry handling” with my ATB because she’s a slightly nervous animal who prefers not to be handled often–however, I need to be able to do it with as little fuss and stress as possible in case she ever got sick or injured and needed hands-on medical treatment. This basically means I take her out on a regular basis and practice touching gently all over her body in the ways I might need to in order to provide medical assistance, but try to make it as stress-free and short as possible. She prefers to be a hands-off pet, and that’s fine! She’s still pretty chill for an ATB and I’m grateful she’s tolerant of husbandry handling.

Holly, on the other hand, is very laid back and doesn’t mind being handled. I’ve met CBB chondros that were much more nervous and didn’t like handling at all, so this seems to be a matter of individual temperament. She had an infected tooth last year from hitting the tongs and I was able to get in her mouth to treat it with relatively little fuss and stress for her.

This got a lot longer than I meant it to, so I guess the TL;DR version is that keeping arboreals is definitely different, but not necessarily harder if you have the experience and resources to do it properly. I’ve only kept chondros and Amazon tree boas though as far as arboreals go so that’s about all I can speak for.

The Signs as Weird Shit Me and My Frens Have said

Aries: “armadildo” 

Taurus: “im daddy curious” 

Gemini: “dick tape” 

Cancer: “trombone gay” 

Leo: *looks at hat sadly* “it came with a shirt” 

Virgo: “intense guitar playing” 

Libra: “beefalo” 

Scorpio: *furious wiggling* “im attracting a mate” 

Sagittarius: “scoop the ass” 

Capricorn: “music is coming out of my ass” 

Aquarius: “pasty blonde” 

Pisces: “allamanati confirmed” 

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How did u and summer become friends???

summer posted fanart of a pokemon au, and i reblogged it and said that lance would name his vaporeon ‘vape god.’ summer thought that was hilarious so we started talking and came up with more pokemon names, but our friendship was mostly just the occasional message.

and then one day i found this picture of a horrifically taxidermied deer ass/hoohah and i thought ‘oh man, summer would love this.’ 

and the rest, as they say, is history

i am so proud of Harry. i know we say this a lot but i really am. we’ve gotten to see him grow from that tiny 16 year old, who was constantly afraid to what people would think, to this outrageously out there grown man who wears what he wants, when he wants it, and isn’t afraid to express himself through both his lyrics and his clothes - and if he is afraid, he’s still doing all that despite that fear, despite how nerve racking that is, he’s still pushing through and living up to be his most authentic self! 

if that isn’t an inspiration for everyone who grew up with him (and who are older or younger than him, but still had troubles being themselves), i don’t know who is. back when one direction started lots of us were super young as well, and to see him find himself is so super encouraging to everyone who is watching.

and we love him even more now that he’s loud and proud!! take that as a lesson that being yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself as well as the world around you <3

okay okay but guys. hear me out. 

zarkon is long since defeated, the world is at peace, and all is well.

but as most things do, there are a few crazy conspiracy theories roaming around. things like ‘zarkon is alive and in hiding’ or ‘the galra empire was an inside job’ etc.

and shiro, war torn and very tired, turns to lance with a deadpan stare.

Lance, with a stern face, keeps eye contact with Shiro as he says

“Guys, Zarkon is real. He sucked my dick behind a dennys”