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I love this idea, so I want to show my support for this amazing ship. <3

Well, hi! My name is Tova and I’m 16 years old (small child ik ahhaha). I’m from Sweden, and pretty much a dork who watches too many tv shows. :3

Things that I love: 
My biggest addictions are tv shows, movies, music, musicals, photoshop etc ahha. So yes, I’m your basic fangirl material. 
My favorites are ouat, spn, dw, daredevil, hannibal, got, marvel in general, ahs, BROADWAY, lotr, agent carter (marvel ik but its worth mentioning), 21 jump street (the tv show ey), friends, himym etc… 
My hero is Neil Patrick Harris and my savior pairing is Swan Queen & Hannigram. 

Why I love Swan Queen:
It is SUCH a great way to introduce the modern society to classic fairytales. If ouat would be without sq, I’d honestly be a little shallow, though an interesting approach to the tales. 
I love Emma and Regina seperate and even more together, they’re Team Mom, Team Badass, my babies. Plus, how cute isn’t “Henry’s got two moms”? ADORABLE.
Emma and Regina’s relationship has developed so clearly and so gracefully, it just makes sense that the next step in their bond would be something above “friends”. I love their connection, the on-screen chemisty between Jen and Lana is OFF THE CHARTS. 
Also, we all know Emma ain’t straight, yet all the love interests she has had has been with men (ugh), which is both boring and pathetic. Why can’t they at least explore her nature a little bit more? I mean, Jen does it, she sends off those glances to the gals and you just know but it’s like the writers refuse to see it. 
Then there’s the looks, and excuse me, but who looks at each other like that and feels nothing but “platonic” and “shes my pal”. 

I think we all know what I’m saying here. 

Why I love Swen
Because you guys give me hope, hope of the humanity and this fucking fandom. I am so grateful to share this ship with y’all and I love every one of you. Thank for Swen, thank god for Swan Queen and thank god for Jen, Lana, Emma and Regina. <3

last night i got my parents a “special netflix box” (namely a blu-ray player which connects to the internet and thus can stream netflix) and my parents were so excited i felt like i was bringing god like technology to villagers

Why Season 2 Laurel is important

So, I’m sure that if anybody reads this, they will be surprised to find Laurel is my favorite character on Arrow. Though many fans have started to like her a lot more this season, they are still rather hesitant on the Laurel front. Maybe I’m wrong, but maybe I’m not. However, I get really angry when I see people referencing Season 2 Laurel to talk about poor writing and poor acting. Because it is not poor writing or poor acting, she was dislikeable and annoying on purpose because that is the way people are when they deal with death, grief, guilt and addiction. So, it makes me mad because Arrow’s portrayal of addiction is very accurate and, therefore, very important. I, and many others, can often understand things like addiction better when it is shown on TV. And Arrow showed us how it was a disease that destroys people’s lives. So, could we please stop making fun of Season 2 Laurel because people go through what she went through every day, and it is every bit as wrong to trivialize addiction as it is to trivialize depression or bipolar disorder. That’s all I wanted to say. Thanks if you read this.

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19. Five facts about you right now (it could be what you’re wearing, how you’re feeling, what you’re doing)

- pretty darn happy. It’s Mother’s Day and I got to hang with my boys and Chris’ family
- wearing pajamas, because I don’t have to go anywhere and I ate too much
- getting ready to watch Daredevil for most of the evening
- having a cider, considering a beer or wine later
- proud of myself for getting Chris addicted to Tumblr (mwahahahaha)
- so many good things coming up in the next few months that I am really looking forward to

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Is amethyst good for anything?

Amethyst is good for many things! It’s a major healing stone, great for addictions and physical ailments. You can search Tumblr tags for amethyst masterposts. :)

Highstyleprincess.... there are so many things to become addicted to in this world, and of course sex is one of them. This woman is my addiction she is my drug she is my world. "They say what controls your life is your religion" highstyleprincess could rule the world..
  • Brother:You want to find out what makes them addictive right?
  • Me:*Randomly spills salt on myself*
  • Brother:...
  • Me:I guess you could say I'm... Salty
  • Brother:What does that mean!? *pokes himself in the eye*
  • Me:it means bitter you dip
  • Brother:Oh. I think its marijuana that makes them (the cookies) addictive.
  • Me:Did you say Holy Water??
  • Brother:I said marijuana...
  • Me:OH. *Impersonates a preacher* eat these cookies and you'll go to hell!
  • Brother:WHAT!?!
  • Me:HEAVEN!
  • Brother:*dies laughing*
  • Other brother:Are you talking about P!ATD?
  • Me and Brother:No.
  • Other brother:Oh. I thought you were talking about This Is Gospel
  • Me:What?
  • Other Brother:HALLELUJAH!
  • Me:...
  • Me:...
  • Me:THATS nOT ThIS iS GOspEl YoU LitTlE ShITs
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It’s exactly like that and it’s super awful when you compare it to the real life situation it’s based on?? Addicts IRL have support and many other things they can even take to help them get off their drug but apparently that’s impossible in a world w/ FUCKING MAGIC

In the past few months, I’ve been doing a mass amount of soul searching & my “normal self” felt unusual. Questioning where OMG Artistry was heading had become a daily ritual. I’ve always had a passion for beautifying others but goals need to become specifics or they are just dreams. The salon is my passion as well as travel & education. I am here by creating my own job position to spoon feed my addiction to this industry. Many things are in the works but a few doors need to be closed in order to allow others to open. One of them being weddings, I love all my brides but 400 weddings later in 4 short years has been enough experience for a lifetime that I am forever grateful for. I will put all my OMG eggs into the salon, beauty blogging, teaching, working with corporate hair & makeup companies & my wedding as well. I’m putting this all out to the universe & hope for great feedback & a plethora of opportunities ahead! #thanksforreading #sorryitwaslong #soexcited #omgartistry (at W New York - Times Square)

How To Search For A Good Creative Arts Therapy
By Tammie Caldwell

Many people are developing addictions to various things like alcohol and drugs, among others. They are usually causing harm to others due to such addictions. They could even be hurting themselves.

Most individuals want to help these patients out. They usually enroll these addicts into a good creative arts therapy NJ so that they can live better lives. There are a few factors that the residents of New Jersey must take into consideration so that they can find the establishments that are suitable for their needs.

To start, the clienteles can gather referrals from their family members, their relatives, their friends, or their coworkers. These individuals may know some establishments that offer such services or may have undergone these sessions. They can provide the clienteles with the names of these establishments as well as their contact details and their respective addresses. They can utilize these information to discuss the undertaking further. The clients should check the reputations of the institutes that these individuals will recommend to them and choose those that have favorable ones.

The activities that happen in different industries are regulated by certain government agencies. This way, the providers and consumers can be protected. All companies are required by the agencies to have their respective businesses registered. Legal documents are usually furnished to these companies after these registrations. They will be permitted by these legal documents to have their businesses operated. For this, the permits and business licenses possessed by the institutions should be looked for by the clients.

The client should also be considering the location of the institute. It will be better for him to be choosing one that is located near his residence or office. This way, he could be reaching his destination immediately when he will be undergoing a session. He could also be minimizing his effort, time, transportation costs, and gasoline since he will not be traveling to a far place.

They should also visit these institutes so that they can personally observe their surroundings. They should experience comfort, security, and safety when they will occupy these structures so that they can proceed with the sessions smoothly. The clienteles should have access to all the amenities and all the materials that they will have to use for their treatments.

The institution employs numerous therapists who will be personally rendering the service to a client. For this, the therapists must be possessing the experiences, expertise, and qualifications necessary in properly performing their duties. They need to be holding specific college degrees and completing specific trainings for them to be acquiring such things.

The clients should consider the amounts that they will have to spend so that they can pay for these treatments. Various institutions account for varying factors so that they can establish the rates of their services. They usually charge their clients with varying yet competitive rates. The clients should make sure that they will have enough budgets to pay for the rates of the treatments that they will choose.

They should ask these organizations if they will accept the health plans that they currently have. These plans can minimize the expenses that the clients may incur. Most major organizations usually accept major health plans.

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how the heck do u like over 200k posts, good heavens

Haha I have no idea there is so many interesting things on tumblr I kind of get lost in the addiction of clicking the like button. Haha it happens

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About your post on using pot in treatment: that idea has been explored and there is simply not enough evidence to suggest that it would be an effective thing. Also many people with eds struggle with addictive tendencies and this would really bad for them. Drugs can also stunt emotional growth so it is dangerous to administer one that is also used recreationally to people being treated for mental illness. There are just so many reasons why it would be bad that I cannot articulate in one ask

don’t worry, I’m no doctor and I’m not implementing any medical treatments any time soon, simply an idea. but thanks for your feedback on the matter!

I wish weed didn’t freak me out so much but it’s just connected to some pain I’ve been caused and I’m not sure how to look at it any other way. But it’s everywhere and I don’t know how to have a relationship with it. I don’t hate the drug itself, I don’t hate people who do it. I think it’s glamorized and I think people allow it to take precedence over more important things in life in too many situations. I think once people are addicted to it, once they can’t go a single day without believing they need it to make each tiny aspect of their life (a snack, a movie, a walk, etc.) better they can never have the same relationship with it even if they lay off or quit for some time, I think it will always have that grip on that person. I don’t doubt it’s medical benefits, I greatly support that. I just worry about how people begin to depend on it so quietly they even fool themselves and how quickly it becomes a priority instead of a recreation. I know it’s not just people sitting around worshipping a leaf when they smoke together, but after a while that starts to be the fuel to any plan or hangout and I don’t think that’s right either. The same way you shouldn’t have to be drunk to enjoy every experience better you shouldn’t have to be high. I just think too many lines get blurred with it but people refuse to see that because “it’s just weed”. I just have personally been hurt by its threshold on someone I care about deeply. I think it’s misused more often than not. I believe once it’s misused you always have that relationship with it like an alcoholic shouldn’t drink alcohol, like a cheater is bound to cheat again. It’s platonic memory of the relationship that’s been formed and no matter how altered, that desire will always linger right beneath people’s noses just out of sight. I just don’t trust it because everyone else does with no questions asked. I feel threatened by those who enjoy it so casually, it scares me even, because I wonder what they’ll give up to continue to obtain that high. And people will say it doesn’t mean giving something up but people give things up without realizing it, whether it’s risking a relationship with another person be that familial, friendly or romantic to indulge your desire, risking a job opportunity for future growth because you’d rather get high than pass a drug test, giving up exercise or healthy eating, putting it before schooling, leaving yourself at legal risk on a daily basis and so on. I think eventually once you’re not a kid anymore and you can’t stop you start to lose sight of what matters and the tricky thing about it is it always seems to know how to pull you back in. I have just seen in in so many people and it disappoints me because I think people give it the best of them more often than not.