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The Rest of Our Lives

Hello everyone! I found the inspiration for this prompt while searching around Tumblr this morning. The prompt includes the following statement: “I want to love you the rest of my life. Why won’t you let me.” I thought that this perfectly describes Omelia’s situation right now. I really believe that they are still in love with each other, but one of them is hesitant to say it. This prompt includes moments from 14x07 and then becomes an AU of sort. I hope you all enjoy it :)

It’s been over two weeks since we exchanged our rings back but I can’t help feeling that it was a mistake. Sure our situation is complicated, but I’m sure that we can fix it. It’s not about how to fix it, it’s more of a should we fix it situation.

Work becomes a little more complicated as we don’t know how to act around each other. It wasn’t nearly this awkward before our separation. Consults and surgery are two different things. Consults become more tense and awkward than ever before. Especially the one afternoon there was a mass casualty at a local fair. Amelia and I ended up working on the same case, which included a middle aged man with both abdominal and head injuries. Interestingly enough we have been working on more cases together ever since we decided to separate. I have a gut feeling that this case will be different however.

I begin an abdominal ultrasound while Amelia is performing a routine neurological exam. After a moment, she informs me that he has all function and movement. “Okay, let’s get him up to the OR then,” I announce to the interns around me. “Wait! I want a head CT,” Amelia interjects suddenly. “Amelia, there is no indication that he needs one, and you cleared him. Why do you think he needs one?” I question. “I have a feeling that there is something wrong.” Amelia responds to Owen’s question. “We don’t have time to run a head CT Amelia, he needs to go to surgery now.” Owen responds with slight annoyance. “Fine, have it your way Owen. Don’t page me when he suddenly starts to code.” Amelia replies while meeting Owen’s eyes with a deadly glare.

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anonymous asked:

1. You and Lexi are the cutest couple I've ever seen *^* 2. What's your Ninjago OTP? (If you have one) (Please excuse my bad English xD)

kjfkjf we’re not a couple me and Lexi are just rly good friends and I love her with all my heart she’s amazing but thanks kkjfkgf 💖

I have too many tbh, glacier, bruise, plasma, lava, volcaniclightning and mountain are probably my top ones!!


I had finally time to upload a photo from my last charity event.
Many happy kids that are not in the pictures (safety and stuff!)
We were singing and reading stories and it was so great to interact with the children, I think it were overall about 40 children.

(Thank you so much to my friend Lexy for donation the dress, and to anyone else donating for the wig and material for the shoes and so on!  )

nothing edited, besides light and some lines on my forehead, but I keep it real so other charities and hospitals know exactly what they are getting when they hire me.


Some background of how this began:

This username on Instagram, challeswift, has been plagiarizing words I’ve written and words other writers have written for months, primarily uplifting and inspirational messages, and then posting them to her account while taking the credit.

Jaime King commented on one of challeswift ’s posts agreeing with her caption, which was technically my caption.

And I was upset I didn’t get credit for those words.

I posted to my account, with proof, showing that I had written most of these “Reasons to stay strong” captions in December of last year, and then messaged her on Instagram asking to please give credit for my words.

challeswift denied plagiarizing others and told me that she spends hours writing those captions every week, which isn’t true.

I then sent her the proof by DM on Instagram and she then blocked me.

Jaime King read my posts about the situation and I just wanted to share that with everyone because it’s very insightful and helpful.

I also included my response to Jaime because that’s where it ended up.

I wanted to share it too because Jaime mentioned @taylorswift and thanked me and my friend Marisa for loving and supporting Taylor, which I thought was pretty cool and very kind.

I don’t know who will read this post, but I wanted to share because you can really apply Jaime’s words, advice and experience to many different situations and I think it could be helpful.

Thanks for taking the time to read.


I wanted to do this on Christmas but I got sidetracked with so many things. I just want to do a follow forever for the people I have met online who have changed my life for the better in 2015. I hope that in the new year I can make more friends and be as thankful as I am now in 2015 to have spoken to, and/or known all of you. Happy New Year! - Melle

if you are in bold, it means your my babes and you can’t get rid of me! 

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So today {January 1, 2014} officially marks the 1 Year Anniversary of this blog being a Youtubers/Harries blog. I honestly think that switching from being a 1D blog with only 67 followers to this type of blog with almost 2K followers really makes this one of the best decisions I’ve made on Tumblr. I have gained so many amazing and valuable friendships by switching my blog and I think if I hadn’t made that decision I probably would have deleted my Tumblr sometime in early 2013. This Follow Forever is basically dedicated to all of the amazing people and friends I’ve met by becoming a Youtubers/Harries blog.

▶Most importantly I’d like to thank this hella rad person for actually influencing me to change my blog around last Christmas break…


▶Everyone here has in some way affected my life since changing this blog. Whether we talk on the daily, have talked only a few times (at some point during the year), we’re mutuals who interact by reblogging things from each other, or I just admire you from afar; you’re rad as hell…

Amy, Chonnie, Claire, Cynthia, Ellen, Frances, Jayden, Jazz, Julia, Justine, Katie, Kelly, KimLarissa, Marina, Marla, Michelle, Mindy, Molly,  Renz, Sheridan, Tatum, Wendy

And since I know for a fact that I’m most likely leaving out so many other great people that I’ve met on here since I changed this blog, I just love everyone so much and if you know we’re in a mutual or I’m following you in general I am probably in love with you.

Graphic Credit: Moi

So, this may get a tad long-winded, because there are SO MANY AMAZING PEOPLE that I want to give a shout-out to. As I’ve said before, if we’re mutuals, it’s pretty certain that I adore you and your blog. If I don’t follow you back, don’t think for one moment that you don’t matter to me. It’s simply because if I followed everyone back, I’d have one very crowded dash. Rest assured, however, that you and your support for this blog means so much to me.

And to think, I nearly missed out on all this because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do justice to one of my favorite characters. I’m so incredibly glad I decided to make this blog 6 months ago, because it led me to all of you. If I’ve accidentally missed your url on this list, pleeeeease don’t be upset! I honestly want to put every single one of you on it, but that would get even longer than this is already going to be. I LOVE YOU ALL. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING HERE. Without further ado, in alphabetical order… ♥♥♥


archerofdurinsfolk. What can I say that I haven’t said before? You are not only the most amazing roleplay partner, but an incredible friend, and I’m so blessed to have you in my life.
casecraving/makhrem. You’ve been here for me through thick and thin since the very beginning, and I hope you know I’ll be with you to the end.
firemxtt/abrahxmsdaughter. Madison my sweet! You are a lovely flower. Your writing is beyond compare. Your friendship means so much to me. Don’t ever change for anyone.
gamemakxr. YOU MADE ME SHIP THE THING. And I love you for it. That’s all.
gentlemanforeternity. Who would have thought that two sooooo very different characters could fall in love?? Certainly not us, but I’m so happy we started on that random path, because it’s led to a wonderful friendship that I very much treasure.
herunfailingkindness. You, my dear, truly live up to your url, both in character and out. I’m very pleased to call you a friend. 
loverofwarmhugs. JORAH. I love ya. To the freakin’ moon and back. What else needs to be said? 
matrisrebellem/infansmedicum. Lexy. My Lexy. You know how much you mean to me, but I’ll say it again: you’re basically my sister. 
illripyourthroat. JO-JO BINKS. My lovely little Gem. Thank you for finding my obnoxiousness amusing. Thank you for being there for me always. And I’ll even say thank you for ripping my muse’s heart out because it gives me so many feelings. SERVER BOND. 
insaniumfloris. Youuuuuuuuuuuuuu. You just. With the things. And the stuff. And. You know. You’re amazing. Incredible. I’m so proud to have you as a friend. 
thekingofweasels. My shining Star. My Won-Won. Er…you know. ;3 I don’t know if I can put into words how lucky I feel to have you not only to write these wonderful things with, but to call my friend. Thanks for being you. 
thevampirecowboy. You’ve been there for me no matter what, always making me smile when I feel down. I hope I’ve been able to do that for you, at least a little bit. Thank you for being a friend. /goldengirlstheme
theweaselette. Cheetah Sistahs. Forevah. Seriously, though, I love the relationship between our characters, and I love having you around. WE STAND TOGETHER. 


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