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I realized too late who should’ve been in the back flipping them all off (Zu) but here, have what I did manage

Missed you(Derek Hale Imagine)

Request: imagine where Derek is your boyfriend and you haven’t seen him since he left after the beserkers and you’re sitting with the pack at Scott’s house and someone knocks on the door and it’s Derek and you just kiss and he says something like “I can’t stay long but I came back because I just needed to see you I needed to know that you’re okay” and like make it fluffy pleaseeee thanks XXX

 A/n: i’m back! Exam week is finally over!! And i hope you enjoy this!

 It’s been months since i haven’t seen Derek. Ever since he was kidnapped and almost killed by Kate, he decided to leave Beacon Hills for a while. He said it would be a fresh start for him and he’ll be at a place where people aren’t constantly trying to kill him.

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SHADOWHUNTERS » (2/?) supporting characters

I don’t hide behind [the law], Isabelle. I simply follow it. Because it guards against one very important thing; Shadowhunters fighting other Shadowhunters.

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Omg. I love your famous Stydia au headcanons. Can you write about how they finally get together?

She’s known Stiles for seven years, and he’s done a lot of shit in their life together, but bringing a date to Lydia’s movie premier has to be just about the worst. 

“I tried to stop him,” Allison says has they step out of the limo. The fans are screaming loudly at both of them, but Lydia ignores it as she plasters a small smile on her face. 

“Allison, of course. It’s fine.” 

It’s not fine. She feels uncomfortable in her skin, and itchy with the need to tell Stiles. She’s exhausted from guarding it. She’s exhausted from pretending. 

“It’s a little difficult to convince someone to not bring a date to something when you can’t tell him why.” 

Lydia’s publicist is lurking in the corner, looking a little anxious, but Lydia holds a finger up at her patiently. 

“Allison, it’s fine.” There’s one moment where her mask breaks slightly. “How… how much does he like this girl, exactly?”

Allison just sighs and hugs Lydia tight, crushing her hair slightly as she does so. 

“You’re an idiot,” she whispers fondly before shoving Lydia at her publicist and waving goodbye. 

The interview line for more upscale premiers like this one are far better than the ones for the teen movies that Lydia did before college. She steps up to the first interviewer and flashes her a winning smile. 

“Hi!” chirps the interviewer. “Congratulations on the movie, it’s getting so many positive reviews.”

“Oh, thank you!” Lydia beams. “George is a great director. I hope he does more, honestly.” 

“Your performance, especially, is already gathering Oscar buzz.”

Lydia feels a nervous tingle somewhere in her stomach. She smoothes down the fabric of her silver dress and plasters on her best smile. 

“That’s incredibly sweet of you to say,” she replies. “I think the work just–” 

She is cut off by the sound of screaming from the fans who are clustered across the street. Lydia squints slightly, but is fully ready to ignore it, until she catches the name that a few of them are chanting. 


They’re come in separate cars, and her first instinct is to turn around and see how good he looks in the tux she’d selected for him, because Stiles in a tux is a rare treat and a true blessing. But instead, she forces a smile and goes to finish her sentence. 

“Wow!” the interviewer says, cutting her off. “Sounds like someone big just arrived.” She squints. “Is that Stiles? Stilinski?” 

Lydia’s heart drops. 

“Um. Yes,” she replies, without needing to turn around. Yes, and I’m in love with him, and my walls are built up way too high to tell him because I spend my life pretending, and I’m sick of it. 

“The Pack has quite a following!” notes the interviewer. “Are you proud of their successes?” 

“Of course I am,” Lydia says, chest aching. “I’ve been friends with Scott and Stiles since we were all teenagers. Watching them move up in the world and have their dreams come true has been one of my favorite things about being in this town for all these years.” 

“And what do you have to say about the rumors that some of the songs are about you?”

Oh god. 

Lydia forces a casual laugh out of herself, feeling like this particular performance is probably worth an Oscar. Fuck the movie, this is her real legacy. 

“I think that would be a huge honor,” she says lightly. “But honestly, most of their songs are about Allison Argent. Scott’s been with her since they were sophomores in high school, and he does most of the song writing.” 

“Right, but the other members do too, correct?”

Lydia opens her mouth to answer, but is distracted by Stiles breaking every single rule she’s ever taught him and sneaking up behind her, snagging her around the waist and dropping a kiss onto her cheek. 

“Hey, Lydia,” he says happily, offering the interviewer a shy smile. “You’re holding up the press line.” 

She laughs through her nose, then nudges him away from her with her elbow. 

“Oh, right, I’m the problem here.” 

He beams at the interviewer. 

“She’s such a problem,” he says, before nodding at the woman and squeezing Lydia’s hip, then bounding away back towards his date. 

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Reasons I love Lydia Branwell (and Stephanie Bennett of course)

•Lydia was an unexpected addition to the show
•her entrance was badass and showed how powerful she was right from the start
•her hair is beautiful and the braid thing is adorable
•she’s in a position of power that nobody questions
•she’s clearly meant to be a leader
•she’s an example of how strong women don’t have to be fighters. She’s strong because of her decision making abilities and her intelligence
•she isn’t afraid to do what she thinks will have the result
•she acts based on past mistakes. While she doesn’t always make the right choices, she tries her best to figure out a way around them where nobody gets hurt
•she was on board with Alec’s proposal because she thought it was what they both wanted
•when she realized that wasn’t the case for Alec, she let it go without question
•the marriage storyline was partially based around Alec realizing his true feelings, but also about Lydia and finding her balance between doing what’s right and following orders, because she was put in a difficult situation when her fiancé’s sister was arrested.
•Lydia didn’t show any real signs of growing romantic feelings for Alec, which in my opinion would’ve wrecked the interesting agreement they had that their engagement was political and simply an alliance between their families
•she didn’t put up with anybody questioning her decisions. She realized what she needed to do to do the right thing on her own, not because anybody pressured her to withdraw Isabelle’s charges
•Lydia supported Alec and while Isabelle, Clary and Jace all brought up Alec’s hidden sexuality and feelings for Magnus/Jace, Lydia let him realize it on his own and make his own decisions
•this shows how well she understands him
•at her own wedding, she could’ve tried to convince Alec to tell Magnus to leave before he told her he couldn’t go through with the wedding. But instead she grounded him and told him everything was going to be okay, and though it was clear she was disappointed that she wouldn’t be getting married and wouldn’t get control of the institute, she didn’t let Alec believe that he was hurting her because she wanted him to do what was best for him
•when Clary wrongfully accused Lydia of selling them out to Valentine, Lydia stood her ground and defended herself but still didn’t hold a grudge on Clary or Jace (who she must’ve known was also involved in the idea)
•I found myself rooting for Lydia even though she was unexpected and unpredictable. I wanted her to be good in the end and she was.

Lydia Branwell is my favourite character for all of these reasons and more and we have the wonderful Stephanie Bennett to thank for this amazing character who I love so much. I can’t wait for season 2 where hopefully Lydia will make many more appearances. Thank you so much Stephanie.