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Twenty Questions

Pairing: Wade x Reader
Words: 881
Warnings: References to torture, mentions of illness, swearing (honestly, what else do you expect from Deadpool lol)
A/N: I know I’m a primarily MCU-centric imagine writer, but I liked Deadpool so much I wrote a little something and wanted to share it with you all.

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Wade has lost count of the cracks on the ceiling far too many times.

He taps his fingertips against the medical table, nearly forgetting that his entire body is strapped to the rough surface. He wonders what is to come tomorrow; what other kind of fucked-up test that bastard “Ajax” could conjure up.

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Huntington Library sets out to decode thousands of Civil War telegrams hidden for a century: 'It's mind-boggling'

They ticked out news of typhoid, scurvy and fear.  They spoke of long marches and vast battles. They hummed with frailty and humor, fretting over drunken soldiers and praising the unwavering president of a fraying republic. They clacked in broken rhythms that rang with the ominous: “We will not remain undisturbed tonight. Even the Rail Road men have been ordered to leave.”

The 15,971 telegrams — hidden in a wooden foot locker for more than a century — scrolled like a Twitter feed through the Civil War. The messages from the Union side, many tapped out in code to elude Confederate forces, carried the urgings and reflections of Abraham Lincoln, Gen. Ulysses S. Grant and other prominent players. But most echo with the thoughts and schemes of colonels, infantrymen and lesser-knowns that offer a peek into the bureaucracy and machinery of war. Read more.

soulbondinfect  asked:

"Can land tokens be a thing? We’ve experimented when them. They only work when they can be represented by cards. Tapping a bead such that everyone knows if it’s tapped is difficult." How is this any different from creature tokens when all you have is beads?

Combat is one unified time where all the creatures enter combat together. Land tapping happens many times and sometimes individually. It’s significantly harder to track.

Way too many choices.....

Is it just me or do other people crave those days when we were faced with far less choice. Not generally but specifically when shopping for goods. Although we are far away yet from a ‘real’ kitchen it is time to start looking for appliances in order to decide how they will fit in. We are constrained by several factors -

Energy efficiency

These are difficult enough criteria to get right. Then you throw in 'style’ and it suddenly seems to matter what your cooker hood looks like 👀

If I wasn’t faced with so much choice I would simply choose the one that fit my 3 point criteria but now the look of it has entered my head where it doesn’t really belong. After 3 days of looking & researching I want someone to sell just one style with no choices. Really….why is this so hard!!

Steve has offered to build one from scratch and he is more than capable, if it wasn’t for the fact that he has so much to do already building the kitchen I’d say yes please.

If we are talking aesthetics the only one I’ve seen that I really liked was made from old copper and was shown in a log cabin kitchen and costs as much as a small mansion on its own, so we’ll just rule that one out obvs…..
Really if choosing other fittings is going to be like this then just give me a tap, a bucket, a table and a fire.
I’m not ungrateful to be faced with this dilemma I’m really very excited to have the chance to help create a space that will be my happy place forever…where I hope to spend many happy hours going out into the garden, collecting my produce and cooking it in my perfect little kitchen ……if only I could decide which chuffin cooker hood is best 🙄

10 tips to dating people with tourettes

If you’re going to date someone with Tourettes here’s a few tips and warnings

1.You will be scared by vocal tics for a while, but don’t worry eventually you won’t even notice most times.
2.Though some tics maybe cute or funny, laughing and commenting on them every times is annoying and demeaning.
3. However feel free to joke with them about tics, it feels better to be laughed with than be laughed at.
4. You may and most likely will be come subject to many tics. Examples include tapping, squeezing, and petting.
5. Dating someone with tics can be very frustrating, but if you are getting frustrated step away and think about how we feel 24/7.
6. Movie dates aren’t the best idea, nor are quiet restaurants.
7. Get use to explaining Tourettes in through detail quickly when your significant other steps out of the room or is about to meet your parents.
8. You will learn triggers for certain tics, but as the all powerful human you then become its your job to only use them when in desperate need.
9. You will also learn how to calm your partner, and you’ll both relish in the silence together.
10. You won’t be able to fight everything for your partner, but you sure as hell can hold their hand as they fight.

So I guess I’m gonna write a thing plz don’t hate me. Also I’m on a mobile so like there might be some mistakes sorry my guy.

It was three in the morning when you crawled from your window to his. Despite your fear of heights it had become an easy climb, it was so close and you had done it so many times. You started tapping lightly on his window. Shivering, you started tapping louder and as the wind picked up you started banging on the window. Boy, could this asshole sleep. Finally he came to the window.
“Open the window” you mouthed
“No” he mouthed back with a sleepy grin coming across his face “you woke me up”
“Mikey I swear to god if you don’t open this window” you paused because you didn’t really have a good threat, he smirked, “when I freeze to death out here, I’ll come back to haunt you!”
Laughing he opened the window and helped you through.
“Thats cold” he said, laughing at his own stupid pun. He was wearing his pajama pants and a mutant ninja turtle shirt that was at least 3 sizes too big. His hair was in a giant knot on his head from sleeping. His eyes were tired and he had a sleepy smile across his face. You hated to admit it, even to yourself, but he was beautiful. He was your best friends but when you saw him like this it was hard to not think of him as more then a friend. You saw him looking at you and realized you had been staring at him for too long.
“I couldn’t sleep” you tell him climbing into his bed. He rolls his eyes and lays down next to you. He puts his arm over you and you slid closer to his body, which is a nice change from the cold outside the window.
“Goodnight Y/N” he whispers but your already half asleep. As your drifting off you here him add, “I love you”


Touken Nyanbu mobile game GUIDE~ iOS and Android

I do not know if iOS has the region block but for android my friend told me theres no region block

To get all the cats you must own at least 10 of each cat and of course Mikazuki Munyanchika is the rarest, high priced and last cat to be unlocked. Scroll down if you want to see all the cat characters.

1- Current owned Nyan money (it will continuously go up (every second) as you own more nyans)

2-The number of Nyan money you receive per second

3-Temple > tap as many times as you want the better the tower better the nyan money comes. The last 4 are unlocked by using Golden orbs(?) found around the temple when you hear “Tin ton”, they are contained in a box. Tap the box many times until you see the item popped up.

4- Name + number of owned of that same cat

5- How much money the Nyan will give you per cat (170 cat x 340 money will be the total). Just below it theres a + click it to buy more cats.

6- Collection(?) you can see the temple owned (also you can buy the remaining temple with the Golden orbs) the first 4 are given as you continue playing. The nyan unlocked, and you can buy Illustrations with the nyan money. The last illustration is 100,000,000,000,000 nyan money.

7-Owed Golden orbs and the money boost of each character. The box can be found sometimes in the page with the temple and the golden orb is NOT 100% found in those box. “Boost”: they should double the characters money for 3 minutes and they “glow” in red when it happens.

8- History of taken box, collection (whatever you unlock and find in game) and Records. There is some things I didnt completely understand there.

9- The number owned of that cat/characters

10- Buy the cat

11- How much it costs

12- How much it’ll add after the purchase