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Can you comment on what you think is going on w/ JJ & the S/MM v S/C thing they seems to have on insta? What I find most interesting is they didn't mention OL in the SC caption. Only referenced S/C, who they're wearing & Oscars. W/ how many pictures he posts he could've easily done separate posts for them or either put in that they're costars-like he did for the JD/DJ pic-or hashtag OL too. Pairing them w/o referencing work seems strategic doesn't it? Considering the S/MM gf story a day ago.

The IG post went up about the same time as a post on the site that featured SC but also referenced their previous headline. It’s common practice to up site navigation/pages visited numbers by linking back to in-house content. So I think it’s more about brevity and just barfing shit out on SM because post-awards show days are super busy behind the scenes of entertainment and gossip sites than a strategic divergence from anything else. Keep in mind also that JJ is managed by a digital marketing firm. They’re big time - 100 million impressions and 22 million visitors per month. The person doing IG isn’t also writing copy for the website.

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if it's been a while can someone submit their handsome pupe again if they are extra handsome

You can submit as many pictures, as often as you’d like.


Valter Torsleff reminds me of Abel so much on so many of his pictures. ♡

One of my secret pastimes is looking for real life people who remind me of Starfighter characters (or characters from the original story I write). I just love to imagine characters in real life, with all their imperfections and perfections. Even though it’s nearly impossible to find someone who looks like the image in my head, it’s still fun to search. This beauty is my favourite for Abel so far.

i have too many questions for this picture for someone who has yet to watch either night’s show.. WHY IS THAT AROUND NICK’S WAIST. WHAT DO YOU MEAN “I’m going to miss you immensely” TO TOKYO. MATT.. WHAT IS HAPPENING.. WHERE ARE YOUR TITLE BELTS..

[TRANS] 2017.02.27 SONE JAPAN Staff Blog:

Sooyoung’s Birthday Cake!


This month was Sooyoung’s birthday!
We gave Sooyoung a birthday cake during an interview right after her birthday!

She was surprised at the sudden appearance of the cake, but she said, “Thank you~!!” and had a huge smile on her face when she accepted it ♪

Sooyoung took many pictures with her own phone while adjusting the angles so that the words “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOOYOUNG” and “SONE JAPAN” written on the plate were visible ^^

Translation by RedSunsetXIII

Original Japanese:
SONE JAPANのみなさん、こんにちは!



プレートに書かれた「HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOOYOUNG」と「SONE JAPAN」の文字がちゃんとみえるように、と角度を調節しながら自分の携帯で何枚も写真を撮っていましたよ^^

Dating Kate Marsh would include

-Always being there for each other

-Cuddling into each other

-The tightest hugs

-Always being able to make each other smile

-Always holding your hand for comfort

-Would fight anyone who is mean to her

-Movie nights where you usually talk over the movie all night

-Bringing take out to her dorm

-Always trying to make her blush

-Whenever she is upset you just have to try and make sure she’s comfortable

-Soft kisses all over her face

-Playing with each others hair

-Always being able to talk to each other

-Studying together

-Going to get coffee in the mornings together

-Giving each other small gifts that you saw and made you think of each other

-Everyone thinks you guys are super cute together

-Never any PDA

-So many pictures of each other hung up in your room

-Appreciating each other and being so in love with each other

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“I don’t have many pictures of myself before I jumped into this fitness journey because I absolutely hated my body and completely avoided body pictures. I was always terrified of wearing shorts because I was afraid girls would talk about my “chicken legs”. Shopping for jeans was always a nightmare as a teenager because I had to shop in the kid section. So when I say “fitness changed my life” I truly mean it. I am now so much happier and let me tell you I LOVE MYSELF SO SO MUCH. I just started my fitness journey also so I am no where near my goal but remember nothing is impossible so girl go build your booty ❤️💪🏼”