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Nickname: Riri, Rori, Marshmallow

Star sign: Sagittarius

Height: 172 cm

Favourite music artist: too many xD But it’s mostly Touhou bands tbh

Last TV show you watched: The Walking Dead

What kind of stuff do you post: you all know what i post there xD 

Do you have any other blogs: nope! Tho I was thinking about creating another blog for Fleur, but I’m too lazy xD

Why did you choose your URL: I don’t know, sorry xD

Hogwarts House: Hmmmm… Gryffindor maybe?

Pokemon team:  Team Valor!

Favourite colour: pastel colors, green, blue and pink ^-^

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1

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anxietyskates  asked:

Yuuri flushed a little as he shifted from foot to foot. "H-Happy Valentines day, Viktor." He held out a little bag - clear with many red and pink hearts - to the other. The bag was filled with an assortment of chocolates, that he'd made himself. Some even had cherries and liquor in it. Some nuts, come caramel, and some just chocolate.

Taking the bag of chocolates in his hand, Viktor pulled one out and popped it into his mouth. Cherry

“Vkusno! Yuuri this is delicious! Where did you get these chocolates? They’re amazing!” He leaned in quickly, pressing a chocolate-y kiss to Yuuri’s lips. “Happy Valentine’s day lapochka.”