many other things that i cannot remember the names of

Last but not least

I think I’ve talked about all the boys except Mikey… And I’m going to talk about 2012 Mikey specifically. I don’t mind that he’s not “smart” because I think a lot of kids can identify with him, they see themselves in Mikey. They might not be the biggest, smartest, or strongest, but they can still make a difference. And Mikey has saved the day many times (despite his mistakes). Just to name a few examples - Parasitica, Squirrelanoids episode (I cannot remember the name!), Dimension X, Kavaxas arc, Creeping Doom, etc.

Also aside from Leo, he’s the only other one to have successfully led the team. (Donnie seems to have little interest in doing so and Raph freaked out when he realized he had to put his brothers’ lives at risk.)

Mikey has also been right first about lots of stuff. He was the first to realize what the Krang were. The first to really try to befriend Slash and give him a second chance, same thing with LH. He knew what was going on with April and the crystal. He understood what Leo was going through in space.

I could keep going. But my point is that even though Mikey may appear “dumb” in 2012, if you look at the evidence, he’s far from it.

* Oh and he totally snuck up on Leo when he tried to go into the Foot HQ solo. 

New (TMR)

Request: reader is new in the glade and on her first night she’s uncomfortable to sleep with rest of glader boys & newt let’s her sleep in his room

request for nowhere boys, 5sos and tmr :)


Only an hour before you had remembered your name; Y/N. Now the sun was quickly setting. From around you, you could see the boys packing things away and heading into the homestead. Slowly, you walked in to join them. You were shocked, your whole body ridgid. 90% of the boys slept openly around each other, you knew you weren’t ready for that.

“Are you okay? You’re looking a little pale” Newt asked from behind you, placing a hand on your shoulder.

“N-Newt, I cannot do this- there’s too many and I’m feeling claustrophobic” You sighed, walking closer to him.

He simply smiled, running his hand over your back and with his other hand, moving the hair away from your eyes. Newt took your hand and motioned you to follow him upstairs into the upper homestead. He opened a door with a bed and a few other things. 

“If its okay, you can sleep in here” Newt flattened down the bed sheet. 

You slowly sat on the bed in the corner, taking a deep breath and slowly beginning to relax “Thank you Newt, really thank you" 

He nodded thankfully, a small blush lightening up his pale face. As he began to walk out and close the door you called out t him. Yu expected your voice to be strong like it normally was but it came out weak. 

"Please stay with me Newt" 

He abruptly turned around, his solemn look turned into a small smile. He climbed over the bed and sat next to you, his arm laying over your shoulder. The bed before was cold and scratchy but now warm and comfortable. You wrapped your arms around him back, putting your head on his chest as you both got into a comfortable position.

"Good night Y/N, sweet dreams" 

so fluffy omg