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What does your tattoo in German say? Also how do you feel about someone bringing in one of your prints to be tattooed on their body?

Hi! My tattoo is based on the writing that adorns the Secession building in Vienna. It translates as “To every age it’s art, to every art it’s freedom.” It is a quote that holds a dear place in my heart because it reflects my sentiments and perspective on art throughout it’s history and gives an encouraging nod to art in the future. I also love the simplicity of the quote and how through that simplicity it carries such a strong and powerful meaning. The first president of the Vienna Secession was Gustav Klimt and many other artists I admire, such as Koloman Moser, were part of the group. As for getting my art as a tattoo you can find the answer in the FAQ page of my website. :) thanks!

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I remember talking last night on your blog about how much they really care about us, but after that article and this picture? They've proved it once again. They value us and they won't take us being bullied or harassed by people that screwed them over, too. I'm in this until the end and even then I'll still be here, because if they care that much about us then I'm going to stay and fight for the freedom they and so many other artists deserve.

I could’ve written this.

And there’s enough proof that they’re gonna go after Simon and Modest to not just exact retribution for their own injustices but to help prevent this from happening to any other artists. They’re gonna destroy Simon and Modest and draw attention to the criminal actions of closeting entertainers against their will and the criminal overwork and underpayment that musicians face in their industry.

And let me tell you, I will fucking suffer through a LOT of shit for them if they are willing and wanting to expose all this shit. They are so good and kind and kick ass, I’m just….here. As long as they need the support. Period.

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Just about people not believing in NDAs etc. A friend worked on OTRA Europe and before starting, they were saying they've never read an NDA as detailed as the one for OTRA, that it was so weird as other even bigger bands didn't have them so long and detailed, it was unlike they'd ever seen. I, back then still not involved in Larry or 1D, didn't ask any details for which, my gosh, I am kicking myself for.

Thank you for sharing! Signing NDAs is the absolute normality, you never let anyone near your client unless they do that.
That people working with One Direction have a long story of facing the most complex and detailed papers ever is quite telling, isn’t it? As much as we’re totally involved with this band, there are indeed many other popular and celebrated artists whose teams require standard NDAs. One might almost wonder what it could ever be so important to hide. And how clear and evident that appears to be bts.

looking at my search tag and there seems to be a few ppl going out of their way to point out reposts of my art

shoutout to those peeps and anyone who redirects reposts to the original source I (and I presume many other artists) really appreciate it UuUb

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What is the best part of the internet for you?

As super-cheesy as it sounds, my favourite part of the internet has to be Tumblr. I was never really active in a fandom before, but coming to Tumblr has exposed me to not only so many other amazing creators (writers, artists, all sorts!), but also to so many wonderful, supportive and lovely people.

Thank you to everyone on here that’s made my Tumblr experience amazing, I love you all! ♥♥

“Grow your dreadlocks, don’t be afraid of the wolf pack.” Happy birthday Bob Marley and thank you for letting your legend live on through your sweet music and teachings you left behind. I’ve been listening to you since I was a little girl and I even remember the first time I heard one of your songs, riding in the car with my mom and Buffalo Soldier came on the radio. She turned up the tunes and told me about an incredible artist. I can honestly say you’ve helped me become the person I am today. You’ve inspired so many, including my other favorite artist @trevorhallmusic making music that’s healed me numerous times in my life. My love for you is timeless, just like your music. HAPPY BOB DAY TURN ON YA REGGAE AND GROW YA DREADLOCKS ♒️🎶 #happybirthday #bobmarley #aquariusseason #tapestry #freethenipple #soulrebel #rastaman #dreadlocks #dreadjourney

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Tiara Kelly photographed by Kibby Kibwana

Los Angeles, California September, 2015 - 

Reblog link:

I am originally from Kenya/Tanzania and I love the land where I am from. I hope to submit more images of the country I am from. Nothing compares to the beauty of Africa as a whole. As for photography I am inspired mainly by photographers Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot, Thierry Le Goues, Paul Jung, Camilla Akrans and many other great artists. 

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Last year I read about the Spongebob Squarepants musical that you, along with many other great artists, will be contributing a song for, and I recently read that the song will be a big dance number! Is the song finished, and do you have any plans to record it for yourselves, or will it be for the musicians and performers in the show?

JF: the show is in the works, and we look forward to see how it all comes together! It’s all with the production now!

Louise and Verna!

They’re gfs >;3c


Speed painting of my piece ‘Companion,’ inspired by one of my favorite games, Journey! 

This game illustration is available among MANY other talented artists’ works at PIXEL HEARTS, which will have its gallery opening FRIDAY FEBRUARY 5TH from 7-9PM at Gallery 1988! All the works are on 12″ x 12″ birchwood pixel-shaped hearts! 

Happy Chinese New Year! I was searching for a monkey and found this. Such a hidden gem. Beautiful mural by Dourone and the project Animal Alley L.A. curated by Jason Ostro. This art work “Welcome Adan, you are the key” can be found in Echo Park with many other artists. I was blessed to find it!
#echopark #animalalley #dourone #chinesenewyear #monkey #mural #streetart #ilovela #inspiration #art #california #usapefit (at Echo Park, Los Angeles)

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halsey made out w a 15 year old

yah i know i get if people dont like her for that its really gross but ppl are hating on her fr like making a lipstick w mac when many other artists have made a whole line w them. and for like singing about her disorder, which they claim shes faking, even tho she has spoken out about it? i make fun of her too and im neutral about her, but i dont think the amount of hate shes getting is really that necessary … if it was a male artist we all know this wouldnt be happening

Eorzean Art Exchange

Tomorrow @eorzean-art-exchange will start posting entries for the current event (Valention’s Day 2016) and I am both excited and nervous! I was only an observer on the previous event, Starlight Celebration 2015, due to many real life timing reasons as well as my own thoughts/worries.

I’ve always been liking to draw, although I didn’t have the self discipline and dedication to keep practicing. Recently (last year) I got enough drive and motivation to pick up my pen again and it’s been, and is, a hell lot of fun. Thanks to @amaipetisu whose art is so gentle and sweet, as well as her nature. Looking at her art really made me want to practice and draw something nice, and even half as wonderful as her art. There are quite a bunch of other artists whose arts inspire me and whom I want to scream “SENPAI” at and cling to their leg or their back, such as @tiergan-vashir and @unartifex and many other great artists I’ve seen through @ffxiv-art reblogs.

Then there are supportive friends who either provide advice, suggestion, short comments or even just “like” when I post my art. :) That’s a huge encouragement, thank you dear friends. @pafhan @4-t-h @kokorobox @limnori @red-dlai @14kuponuts (actually cainballad, but well… :P) @myresin and @lostchasingsilver just to name a few. Also, my Shy Anon is definitely a great motivation and encouragement.

But I mostly keep to drawing myself, my char, or NPCs as well as manga’s fanart sometimes. I don’t often draw other people. Before, and perhaps to some degree even now, I was afraid and nervous to draw other people’s character for other people.

See, it is easy and casual and just natural for me to draw myself, my character, any NPC, and any fanart pic for myself. Because I am the one who will look at it. There is no recipient. There is no expectation. I can draw however I like and take as long as I like. It is stress-free and pressure-free. 

But if and when I draw someone else, or their character, or their requested NPC or fanart, then there is a recipient. I feel a sense of expectation, even if the recipient knows my skill and is happy with my skill, or might actually not be expecting anything fabulous AT ALL. It sort of creates a sense of responsibility. It makes me aware that there is a 3rd party who will be viewing my art, and they might judge me or my skill. There is a possibility that they might be unhappy, or not that happy, with the result. 

I know it’s just a paranoid thought, but it’s hard to get rid of it.

And that is when I draw for other people for free.

Then, what about drawing for a fee? It is terrifying as hell. I tell you. Frankly it is very very scary. With commissions, I now bear full responsibility to the customer’s expectation, who is paying me in exchange for my art. What if they dislike my submission? What if it does not turn out as good as they expected? What if they are unhappy with it? There are a shit load of “what if” things that worry me.

That’s why I only opened for commissions only once, when I was trying to fund my friends for their emergency need of a new house. 

Now, back to the subject of Art Exchange. Although this does not involve any payment, the recipient is of course expecting something that will make them happy. It is nerve-racking. I am once again hit with a wave of “what if” bullshitting intrusive thoughts inside my own head. What if the recipient is an excellent artist and deem my work amateur? What if they are secretly unhappy with my submission? What if I make some mistakes in the drawing, rendering my art inaccurate in comparison with their actual character or their mental image of the character?

But @kmahna  once told me that I must not worry or be scared of drawing for other people, because it is my time, my effort, and my skill as well as my heart that I put into drawing it. This makes me feel much better and less scared when I draw other people’s character for them. Not only that Kmahna often posts or says something that motivates me, sparks my drawing idea, or just ignites my urge to draw something, any freaking thing, but her words often provide encouragement and comfort whenever I feel shy about drawing.

@g-tenpe and Rin’a also (unknowlingly) provided me an urge to draw their characters. It was a great inspiration and drive, as well as a challenging piece to work on. Thanks for letting me intrude your personal time and your houses while I was secretly gathering gear reference :P And you know, I leveled up my metal shading skill on you, big time.

My first commissioner, @cainballad also played a huge part in helping me get less afraid of this venture. Having a customer whom I’m quite familiar with, who’s kind and friendly and easy to talk to helped a lot in calming me down. Then, there came @teslithia, whom I’ve been friends with for many years through FB. Not only that she made me addicted to drawing chibis >.> but also provided a big boost to my confidence. 

All of the above gave me enough courage and confidence to decide to participate in the Eorzean Art Exchange campaign this time.

Although I’m still a little bit nervous when drawing for other people, or just drawing other people’s character, I now feel more at ease and relaxed when doing so. It no longer feels like a horde of butterflies is wreaking havoc inside my stomach. LOL.

Ah, it’s such a damn long rambling. I think I better end it here. 

Eagerly awaiting the release of the art exchanges entries!!!


Fanaticon is a teen run comic fest happening on Feb 13th at the East Portland Community Center in Portland. You can find all the info here.  Admission is free!

I teach a comics and illustration class for teens, and my students have decided to put on a comic festival! They’ll be showing off and selling their own comics and art, but they’ve also invited a bunch of local artists and comic creators, including:

Barry Deutsch, creator of Hereville!

Robin Kaplan, the Gorgonist! 

The Words and Motobushido artist Rick Marcks!

Devil Spy, Willem and Wings over Hyrule creator Jaymz Bernard!

Christine Knopp, Kikidoodle!

They Call Me Black Fist creator Pharoah Bolding!

Illustrator Melanie Ujimori!

Junior Braves of the Apocalypse creator Greg Smith!

Maiden of the Machine creator Caitlin Like!

Shutter Valley Record creator Micah Berkoff!

Cleadonia creator Skull Dixon!

And of course , I’ll be there too with my Modest Medusa books and new issues of Combine!

Plus many other artists, crafters, cosplayers and more! And snacks! Admission is free, so please come check out our show!