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Hi, my name is Yessica, I am seventeen years old and I live in Utah. I’d love to have a penpal. I don’t have many friends in real life haha and this would be the perfect opportunity to make some online. I love lots of things. But here are the stuff I love the most ; I enjoy collecting crystals. Coloring adult coloring books , drawing, reading and astrology. I consider myself a witch and/or hippie. I love nature. Plants , animals, anything that has to do with nature. I am also cruelty free (vegetarian. not vegan quite yet. Also, I totally respect if you eat meat. :) ) I’m not that all interesting but message me and you can get to know more about me. thank youuu 🖤

my social media (I don’t have any other. I’ll reveal more if you message me :))
Tumblr : @sunstardust
Instagram : @


Joonyoung’s message to congratulate his favorite hyung on his special day.

Jongmin was crying so much.

Taehyun was crying so much.

The staff was crying so much.

The whole 1N2D fandom was basically just bawling their eyes out at this moment haha…. ha…. aaaah… T_T

This show really managed to stay on air for so long because it was made by and with such a lovely bunch of caring people!

1N2D is ♡


I’ve been wanting one of these beauties for years and I finally found a good price on one!

This is called a Fleam and it’s an old blood-letting tool. They were most often used by veterinarians but doctors were known to use them on their human patients too, especially during the Civil War. Many were made with horn or bone handles but I prefer the look of the ones with these brass handles. Morbidly elegant, haha.

These blades have seen a lot of use and are very worn but they are still wickedly sharp!

the signs as things my 10 year old brother has said/done part 2

Aeries: *crying* mom wont let me buy stuff for minecraft anymore

Taurus: *yelling from across the house* um… hey is anyone else over? because im naked in the kitchen right now cooking bacon

Gemini: *goes to the beach and comes back with sun poisoning* what? no, im fine

Cancer: haha i havent slept in three days

Leo: its hard being this funny

Virgo: hey can you draw me an angel? but a dark angel. like, an angel with a sad past and too many secrets. yeah. with black hair and black wings.

Libra: *running around the house & screaming* DEEZ NUTS! DEEZ NUTS! DEEZ NUTS!

Scorpio: i hate pepe. *has pictures of pepe on his phone*

Sagittarius: wait aren’t you in your school’s ‘gay club’ or something?

Capricorn: *sings opera in the bathtub when he thinks no one is listening*

Aquarius: what’s it like being gay? is it fun at least?

Pisces: parkour *jumps from the sidewalk to the street and sprains his ankle*


Inktober Day 31! That’s a wrap somehow I was able to finish this whole month through. I wanted to thank you all for the nice comments and tags on my pieces and for 200+ followers. I can’t believe that many people are following me?! I still remember when I only had 5 followers (and those were all my friends sorry for my intense spam of ML fanart haha). I’m really grateful to old and new followers and hope we can all continue to grow and improve together.

hello! i’ve just created this studyblr account a few days ago & i just want to say hi and introduce myself & this account :)

⇨ you can call me cheri or ri. it’s like nowhere near my real name but let’s just go with that haha

⇨ i’m 15 years old this year & i’ll be taking my gce o’s next year

⇨ infj & a virgo!

⇨ i really like bubble tea (as you can tell from my icon yassss), coffee, puppies, music, dancing, photography, books, korean dramas (anyone else? hehe), aesthetic things && many more!

⇨ my favourite subjects are probably history and biology mainly because they’re interesting but i rlly hate the memorizing part lmao sobs :(

➙ since i’m taking my o levels next year, i hope that by creating this account i can be more productive and motivated to study bc i’ve always been procrastinating a lot & being rlly unproductive in 2016 

➙ in this account i’ll reblog & also post some original contents as much as possible!

➙ some studyblrs i like & inspired me (there’s more but i’ll just list a few!) : @tbhstudying @notesworthtea @intellectus @burgundycafe @studyign @studymoo @studylustre @studyquill

oh and i’m looking for more (active) studyblr accounts so do like/reblog this post and i’ll follow you! :) 

i hope to have fun & make new friends here! (do drop me a message saying hi or something if you want!)

lastly, hope everyone will have a great day/night ahead! xx

Nobody has reached peak fame in the current landscape quite like this 27-year-old pop queen. But before we review the effort to label her as a bad feminist, let’s tally some stats. How many times has she been in rehab? Zero. How many times has she been married? Zero. How many times has she starred in a leaked sex tape? Zero. How many reality shows has she pursued for fame and money? Zero. To say Swift is a bad feminist is irresponsible. The pop star has been promoting girl power long before the Women’s March, writing songs of female empowerment and personally tweeting victims of bullying. In 2014, ranked Swift first on its list for the third consecutive year for her charity work and impact as a female influencer. In 2016, Swift donated more than a million dollars to charity, showed up to jury duty and spent a half hour on FaceTime with a young woman suffering a congenital heart defect. For outsiders to say, “You didn’t march, so nevermind, you'e not a feminist” is without merit. So who are we, the public, to judge Swift’s feminism? Just because it’s not in line with what some perceive to be the “right” way to protest isn’t a reason to villainize her. (And by the way, “good feminists” Selena Gomez and Anna Kendrick didn’t attend the Women’s March either.) Criticizing a woman for choosing to protest the way she wants is more anti-feminist than supporting a women’s decision not to. If the message is positive at the end of the day—and Swifts’s message to 83 million followers was—let’s leave it as that. For all she’s worth, Swift might owe us a new record for her fans, a break from the spotlight for her haters—but the last thing she owes us is an explanation.
—  Taylor Swift wont save us so stop expecting her to , article by / Bobby Box

This is my masterlist, some of these are so old and there’s so many of Dally oh my god haha, anyway here it is for all those asking!

Dallas Winston:

Jealous ex

Dally in love

Arguing with Dally

Dally dating a curvy girl

Dally getting home from a rumble

Dating Dally (½)

Dating Dally (2/2)

Dally Imagine

Dally sees you cry

Darry Curtis:

Darry in love

Darry imagine

Arguing with Darry

Darry meets your son

Jealous Darry

Steve Randle:

Dating Steve

Two-Bit Mathews:

Two-Bits past love-life

Sodapop Curtis:

Dating Soda

Being Sodas twin

Johnny Cade:

Being best friends with Johnny

Ponyboy Curtis:

Cuddling with Pony

Pony sees you cry


Dating a male/being homosexual 

Reactions to being gay

You’re a celebrity

not sure if this is an unpopular opinion, but I think kate and beck are great scene partners! I know kate is cute together with everybody but going through old sketches I realize she’s paired up with beck a lot. they have a nice chemistry and play off of each other super well and tbh, I think he’s the stand out male cast member at the moment. he does great voices, pulls off many wigs (like kate!) and nails every impression (his versatility reminds me of bill hader!)

did you catch them hugging for a long time during goodnights last night? such smol beans haha

any beck fans in the house? :)

Many of you have been asking me to post my vet school app stats

I am currently in the process of applying to vet school and am nervous and have not been accepted anywhere yet but I also haven’t been denied anywhere yet! (Schrodingers ailing cat haha) here are my stats that I applied with, feel free to ask me about the vet school process if you have questions, hopefully I get in somewhere:

~Male from Massachusetts, 21 years old, Graduating in Dec 2016. First time applying. ~Cum GPA: 3.75 Science GPA: 3.6 Last 45: 3.7

~GRE Verbal - 154 (64%) Quantitative - 155 (59%) AW - 5.0 (93%)

~LOR’s - Wildlife/Exotic Veterinarian, Aquarium Veterinarian, Academic Adviser, Genomics Professor

~PS: Talked about finding my love for medicine after care taking for my mother during cancer, how my transition to veterinary medicine began after my cat died from a completely preventable accident, and discussed my thrill for exotics and wildlife due to the breadth of knowledge required and how each case is a research endeavor. I also mentioned how I am excited to learn about small animal medicine because that is where the depth research is, but I focused on other areas of vet med prior to applying so I can explore all the field has to offer.

~School’s Applied to: Tufts (IS), Wisconsin, Minnesota, Cornell, Ohio, Glasgow

~Vet Experiences -Wildlife Hospital and Exotic Pet Clinic - 350 hours as an unlicensed vet technician, 850 hours as an intern

-Aquarium Medical Center Intern assisting vets with surgeries and medical procedures - 350 hours

-Sheep C-Section Shadow in Iceland -10 Hours

-Large Animal Medicine - 20 Hours

-Assistance as a vet tech at Museum of Science - 12 Hours

Total Vet Hours - ~1600 Hours

~Research 50 hours working for a research veterinarian studying Caseous Lymphadenitis in sheep, and working with the same veterinarian studying moose parasitology. Research hours will continue to grow throughout the year.

~Animal Experience

-Penguin Husbandry Internship at aquarium - 450 hours

-Lambing assistant during lambing season in Iceland 400 hours

-Secretary of Sheep husbandry club at University Farm 800 hours

-Livestock caretaker at local farm 1000 hours

-Livestock caretaker at farm education camp 250 hours

Total: 2900 hours

~Other Employment

Resident Assistant for 2 years at College

LGBTQ Services Student Aid at College


Camp Counselor

Life Guard

~Class Experiences

Pre-Med Zoology Major

Animal Science Minor

Honors College Member

~Volunteer, 3 years (1000 hours) in LGBTQ Services


Secretary of A Capella group for 3 years

Ultimate Frisbee Intramural team


-Contributing Author of published genomics research

-Multiple Scholarships

-Deans List

-Service Award at Aquarium

-Full travel and lodging scholarship to attend and present at the National Collegiate Honors Conference

-Member of Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society and Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society

Newt Scamander
“Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them”

Like many of you, Harry Potter is very important to me. Whenever I cracked the spine of the book, I’d be transported immediately to Hogwarts, a setting that I knew as well as my own home. It brings so much comfort to that confused, hurt little girl who was bullied by her classmates and teachers.

I’m doing fine now, haha, I’m no longer a scared 11 years old who worried about school. In fact, I just completed my master degree, graduated with distinction and plan to do my PhD soon. But I doubt that I can make it this far without a little help from Harry and his friends.

It’s wonderful to see the wizarding world appearing on the big screen again. And I would like to consider this drawing as a small gift to the wonderful wizarding world and the ever-supportive fandom. Thank you, for always be there to welcome me home.

Me at 10 years old: I love shadow the hedgehog. He’s so cool. I’d die for him

Me just getting really back into sonic after many years: haha emo space hedgehog with eyeliner and rollerskates who thought of this shit

Me now: I love shadow the hedgehog. He’s so cool. I’d die for him

A Few Thoughts on TRAIN TO BUSAN (Yeon Sang-Ho, 2016) 

1. I thought I have seen the perfect illustration and allegory of society and morality in a train in 2013’s ‘Snowpiercer’ (which was also co-produced in Korea). I was wrong. This movie exceeded my expectations as a zombie flick and as a representation of social unrest, moral polarization, and class rebellion. You have to give it to the Koreans. Wow.

2. So many punchlines about this movie being set in the Philippines, I don’t know where to begin. (Side note: Do you guys know that our maintenance provider for our MRTs is from Busan? Yep. Start making those insane theories. Haha! But I hope to see the light of day when our train will be as efficient, clean, modern, and spacious as theirs.)

3. What happened to Korean Pop Star PSY after “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman”? He got old, grumpy, and pushed people away to save himself from the hoard of zombies. Damn I hate that guy. He’s worse than any stupid character and treacherous villain on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

4. Speaking of, maybe Rick Grimes and the rest of the gang can learn a thing or two about zombie apocalypse from their Korean counterparts.

5. Some zombie movies suck because of the lack of character development. Maybe future filmmakers and cinephiles should take notes from this movie. That is how you do character development.

6. Zombies who are immobile in the dark? Yeah right. We have an advantage. Zombies who run as fast as Usain Bolt? Say goodbye to this world.

7. Some sequence and scenes are only as good as their musical score. I am no filmmaker nor a film expert but as a teacher of Music in High School, I am impressed. That is how you leave the audience at the edge of their seat.

8. The ending. THE ENDING. That is how you end a movie. How insane was that? Basta, putangina ang ganda. “Perfect” is an understatement.

9. I heard that there was a hint of a sequel. Nah, just leave it as it is. Some movies are better left alone to turn into an instant classic.

[5 Starts. Definitely 5 Stars.]

I was tagged @tofusnitcher and many others some time ago to post a selfie thank you :D

so here’s a pic which was taken today for a school project :p

I tag : @vilnianamber @ziatta @viking-badger @where-the-old-gods-sleep @imsobadatnicknames @whiteriotariotofmyown @prideandperdition @metalmoonster and anyone who want to post a selfie haha

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I hope I am not bothering you or anything! I just don't know much about Japanese history aside from what I searched once for an essay. The Honnoji is the one where Akechi betrayed Nobu and burned the temple/castle? Anyhting about Yukimura will do, any facts you have about him like how many concubines he had, how is he described. So Nobu is not all bad? Can u tell me a nice moment? Also poor Hide being know for being ugly. was any lord was actually describe as handsome once or? Bc old drawings😂

P.S.: What I meant by old drawing was the ones we all make fun off when we compare to Voltage style ideals haha

LOL, hey, I actually don’t mind the old paintings! Bearded oyaji are perfectly fine.

According to Nobuyuki, Yukimura is very patient and doesn’t get mad easily. He’s also supposedly kind of short. There’s 3 concubines, and possibly one or two mistress. His famous cross-spear is called the Oochidori Juumonjiyari 大千鳥十文字槍. Not sure if that’s a name or some sort of description (chidori is a kind of bird)

Not counting being nice to the villagers, because even in SLBP he’s pretty openly nice to the citizens. When Matsunaga Hisahide rebelled, Nobu tried to talk it out first. It’s only because Matsunaga refused to respond that Nobu sent an army to attack. 

Nobu also told his retainers to not make gossip or grumble behind his back, but speak directly to him if there are anything they have problems with to talk it out. 

I’m repeating myself, but I’m so so SO bummed that we never get to see Nobu HAVE FUN in a festival in the game. Poor Nobu, he seems so stressed out, since we hardly ever see him relax. In the real life, there’s plenty of time to relax between wars. But the game likes to make event about war and angst, apparently. Rarely (if ever) nice event about fun and happiness.

Nobu once attended the Tsushima Tenno Matsuri with his wife (and/or concubines, because the text only said “his women”). When Nobu went to see Gion festival in real life, he actually told his guards to not carry any weapons and just go attend the festival. He attended kemari/kickball matches in the noblemen houses, holds sumo tournament almost annually, hosted a number of parades… And all of them are just POOF. Gone. 



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I don't know how the notes work. So, as a failsafe. here's the prompt for modern AU again. Dramione. The world is either black or white for many. But most people forget the greys. The Malfoys are old money that is stained by blood of many. When the Malfoy heir starts fancying the innocent and pure, academic genius Hermione Granger, would the world accept this forming grey? :D

Okay, I dunno if this really fulfills your prompt but I hope you like it! It was difficult to put into a Modern AU, haha!


The first time that his new daughter-in-law asked to join the board meeting for Malfoy Industries, Lucius couldn’t deny the request. She was just as much a Malfoy as Narcissa was, though not cut from the same cloth. Narcissa, after all, would never dream of coming to join a board meeting where they discussed business.

He was incredibly wary of her purpose for being there, seeing as she was one of those bleeding heart doctors who cared about people. Not like the doctors in his employ who were determined to come up with all sorts of pharmaceuticals that they could charge top dollar for.

Hermione sat next to his son, hair done up to show off a delicate neck. At least she dressed better now that she was a Malfoy.

“I would like us to fund the study of this new drug.” Hermione said, completely taking over the research and development discussion. “It has been shown to dramatically decrease death in drug-resistant malaria and is proven safe in humans. We can put out a small trial in Senegal, where I have a contact, and if it does well, we can expand further into sub-Saharan Africa.”

“Next you’ll be wanting us to send nets.” Lucius said with a smirk, shared with the rest of the board.

“Well, some charitable endeavors wouldn’t hurt.” Hermione said crossing his arms.

“If I may, Miss Granger-” Lucius could finish his words before she cut him off.

“Mrs. Malfoy.” She said triumphantly.

“Mrs. Malfoy.” He said exasperated. “The price point you are suggesting would put us firmly in the red.”

“Father,” Draco said, placing his hand on Hermione’s hand. “What’s the point of good R&D if we don’t lose a little money. We will never further the company if we don’t take chances.”

Hermione gave Draco a small smile. “If I may, Lucius, I thought you might say that. I thought you might like to know that this drug has shown to increase blood flow in male genitals, improving issues with erectile dysfunction. Market it under a different name and charge whatever you want for it.”

“That sounds much more reasonable.” Lucius said with a shark like grin.

“But only if I get funding for my study.” Hermione said with a smirk, knowing she’d won her first battle as a part of Malfoy Industries.

“You have a deal.” Lucius said with a smile. “Mrs. Malfoy.”

When his son had first started dating Hermione Granger, he’d worried that she was far too good for his dark family. Draco was more likely to mock someone like Hermione when they met at University. But she’d sunk her claws into him deeply and he’d fallen harder than Lucius had thought possible. He’d worried that Draco would turn into a bleeding heart too.

But maybe he’d underestimated his daughter in law. Maybe everything wasn’t so black and white.