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The bad ass historical women we need to remember this month.

It’s officially Women’s History Month, which means it’s time to celebrate the many accomplishments that are so often looked over throughout the rest of the year.

Nellie Bly - Nellie Bly entered the journalism scene in an unabashedly feminist way, by submitting a letter to The Pittsburgh Dispatch that rebutted one writer’s diatribe about how women belonged in the home. An editor saw Bly’s potential and hired her in 1885. Just two years later, Bly famously posed as a mental patient on Blackwell’s Island for a New York World expose; a few years after, she that took a record-setting, 72-day trip around the world, writing about it for the same paper.

Agent 355 - Long before 007, there was 355. History books would do well to liven their account of the American Revolution by mentioning this member of the Culper Spy Ring, America’s first elite spy network. One of George Washington’s most valuable spies, the woman known only as “Agent 355” was likely the only one who could rock an evening gown while gathering information critical to the colonies’ achieving independence. 

Murasaki Shikibu - Little is known about the Japanese author credited with writing the world’s first modern novel, The Tale of Genji, other than that she certainly overcame plenty of obstacles to do so. Even her name is an invention, drawn from one of the novel’s characters and the author’s father’s job, according to Encyclopaedia Brittanica. Not only was Shikibu educated — a rarity for women at any point for most of history, but especially around the year 1010 — but she also became literate in both Japanese and Chinese.

Maria W. Stewart - Though her name is (unfortunately) not one often included in history books, Stewart can claim plenty of impressive firsts. She was the first American woman to speak to an audience of mixed genders and races, as well as one of the first African American woman to deliver any public speech at all.

Pauli Murray - Pauli Murray wore many hats, and each one was equally impressive. Murray became a civil rights lawyer in the late 1940s, a particularly impressive feat given that women in general, let alone black women, had been prohibited from becoming lawyers only decades before.

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Degrassi students who couldn’t make it through.

What tennis players tell each other

Stan to Roger: asshole
Roger to Rafa: you bastard
Andy Roddick to Roger: you selfish bastard
Rafa [on Roger]: you don’t always have to agree with your wife
Roger to Murray: Sir Andy
Rafa to Murray (text message): Hi Andy. You look great tonight. Shame your girlfriend is here….😙😚😚

We will never have a team like the North America Team ever again. We’ve managed to witness the next generation of the NHL play alongside the current generation of hockey greats, and do it with speed, stamina, and skill. We have Saad and Murray, who have a total of 3 Stanley Cups between the two of them on a team of what are considered to be kids. We have Nugent-Hopkins, MacKinnon, Ekblad, McDavid, and Matthews who make up the five number one picks to play on the same team at the same time; Matthews whose career in the NHL hasn’t even begun yet, but he managed to play against, and even beat multiple Stanley Cup champions before he has even had the shot to earn the title himself. These kids grew up in the generation of change, and they’re here to change the way the game itself is played.

How Many Seconds in Eternity?
How Many Seconds in Eternity?

Audio excerpt towards the end of Heaven Sent. Murray Gold’s piece for these scenes has so much heart. And, the Doctor… 4.5 billion years of determination with Clara Oswald always in his heart and his mind. Perfect.


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