many many stairs

So one of the things I imagine happening after Danny got his ghost powers is that he’s much more light on his feet, and so his family hardly ever hears him when he comes up or down the stairs, and often times scares his mom or dad or Jazz when they don’t realize he’s there until he talks because he’s behind them, and they sometimes tell him he’s like a ghost in the house and its funny because of how true it is even tho they don’t know it, and yea

Heyo pals so I hit 700 a while ago and honestly why?¿? Thank you all for following my shitty blog!! I love y'all:/ OK So here are all of my lovely mutuals that I don’t ever talk to and are probably wondering who this bitch in their notifications is (feel free to deck me if we’re mutuals and I didn’t add you or if we’re not and I accidentally added you) (also sorry for the shitty and boring banner) Some of fav blogs/mutuals are bolded.

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Fandom: BBC Merlin

Word count: 1358

Characters: Arthur x reader, brother!Merlin

Warnings: is flirting a warning? Definitely some tension.

Summary: Arthur finds himself distracted when you deliver his food from the kitchens. Part 2

You wiped a hand across your forehead, longing for the cooler air outside the castle. The kitchen was always hot, but during the summer it was even worse. Your dress was clinging to your back with sweat, only adding to your discomfort.

As you kneaded the bread for tonight’s meal, you didn’t notice your older brother sneaking up behind you. There was a wicked grin on his face as he got to within inches of you, then clapped his hands on your shoulders. You jumped a mile, then spun around to glare at him.

“Really, Merlin?” you yelped. “Was that necessary?”

“Absolutely,” he sniggered. “That was an impressive noise you made.”

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Cas making himself at home in the bunker

Cas coming home


My friends and I visited Hamilton Grange today for the celebration of his 260th birthday (which is on Monday, January 11th)! We sadly were not able to go to the top floor with all the bedrooms, but we did get to browse the dinning room, living room, and writing quarters. The house is veeerryy spacious with high ceilings and tall windows. It was heart-warmjng to imagine Eliza and Alexander’s children playing in the halls and sitting down in the living room learning how to play the virginal. (the piano-looking instrumemt in the 9th picture) Although the house has been remodled to look like it’s original construction before old age and the weather got to it, you could really get a sense of how much the Hamilton family enjoyed their Harlem estate. I plan on going back to get a full tour of the house soon!