many many many many more years of life to you

Let me tell you something.

You have your entire life ahead of you. Years, upon years. There are so many sunsets, and so many sunrises that will continue past this day. There is also the universe, stretching never ending on either side of you. There are burning stars, and moons that have lived for more than a 9,000 years. So many hours stretch ahead. So many moments you have not yet lived. 

You don’t have to have your entire life figured out. You have time. Rest.

I came to a realization today

I’ve only started reading internet fan fiction in the last year and a half (I’m thinking February 2016 or so 🤔) and I guess in that way I’m a newcomer. It’s been a magical time of discovery and wonder and really sexy stories.

But I also realized, I’ve been reading fanfic since I was a teenager. I collected 200+ Star Wars novels during an epic two decade long love affair with arguably one of the greatest sci-fi fantasies to ever grace the silver screen. Novels based on existing characters is just professional fanfic.

I want to thank some of my favorite writers, I think you might know what drove me to search out fanfic.

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And from all the smiles I’ve seen yours are the ones I crave for the most

“Our lives pass by so quickly that we don’t realize that there are so many precious moments to catch in [life]. In our daily life let’s record each and every moment and turn them into our memories. Let’s talk together, laugh together, sing together. That moment we share together unknowingly has already become special in our hearts. One month, you and I, the time we spent together, when we remember about this, it will be an amazing memory to us. That memory to you, I hope it will become your special daily life” - Taeyeon to her fans



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Merry Christmas from Lucy and Danni

Time for some hella holidays! Thanks for a truly fantastic year and thank you all for letting us be a part of this amazing fandom!

“I’m bored” is the most common facebook status i read whenever i scroll my facebook home page.
By far, the biggest factor that limits productivity and your happiness is not fatigue, skill, multitasking or lack of direction.
It’s boredom.
Think about it this way – if you’re in a job and you’re bored, if you’re in a class and you’re bored, if you’re in a relationship and you’re bored – you’re wasting your time. You’re wasting your energy. Those are things that you’re never getting back.
“I’m bored” is a useless thing to say. I mean, you live in a great, big, vast world that you’ve seen none percent of. Even the inside of your own mind is endless; it goes on forever, inwardly, do you understand? The fact that you’re alive is amazing, so you don’t get to say ‘I’m bored.
If you’re aware of how many people you could help, how many things you could discover, how many places you could visit, how many goals you could achieve, but meanwhile you just sit, wait and complain about being bored, then you’re just insulting your own intelligence.
When death will be knocking at your door, you’ll be wishing to have back all these years of your life you wasted just waiting and complaining about being “bored”.
“There is something more terrible than a hell of suffering–a hell of boredom. ” — Victor Hugo
“Children can create fun out of nothing and when this great talent is lost you become a boring creature which is called adult!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan

I’m gonna to end this great summer with the murder of gannondorf.

i knew this goodbye was going to hurt 883 days ago, when i first heard your laughter.
even though i saw it coming, i didn’t prepare myself for how your breath on my collarbone could be such a kick to the stomach.
holding you for the last time was the hardest thing i ever did. i never wanted to let you go.
now, summer is crawling to a close. i can feel a chill in the air and i already miss you; i wish you were here to keep me warm again.
the strangest thing is that i haven’t even cried yet.
usually i have no trouble falling apart, but how can i shatter when all the best pieces of myself just walked away?
—  goodbye by Auriel Haack

Vincent van Gogh (30th March 1853 - 29th July 1890)


2015 has been my year of decora, and I couldn’t ask for anything else. 

So many days I am troubled over the thought that I “could have done better” or “I could have done more” but at the end of the day, 2015 is still coming to a close regardless and all thats left that I


do is be proud of myself. Doing anything else would just be a waste of my energy, you know? I’m not a very confident or happy person so Im going to try my very best to just be proud of my accomplishments this year….! Each year that has past since I’ve graduated High School I’ve become more, and more upset with myself. “Why aren’t you doing anything with your life…!!!” But I feel like, finally, this year I slowly started to crawl towards my dreams?

I started off the year by handcrafting my first pair of customized platform shoes and made a pompom skirt by hand sewing 300+ pompoms onto tule. On my 20th birthday I got to meet Sebastian Masuda who is my literal biggest inspiration. I got to travel to NYC all summer to help out with his Time Capsule Project. I attended Waku Waku and wore one of biggest coordinates of all time. I spent 40+ hours creating a pair of shoes for said coordinate. I met Haruka Kurebayashi. I was invited to model at Rufflecon. …..I’ve worked with Tokyo Otaku Mode and was (even if briefly) on Kawaii International..(I was also featured on World Ranking on ntv…! Again, even if only briefly)  I’ve met some amazing people and built incredible friendships that will last a life time. I’ve overcome my own personal obstacles regarding my mental health and my gender. I’m.. still fighting those battles, or course. But like, I’m still here. Im still alive and I’m still fighting. And I don’t mean to 

This year I’ve done so many incredible things and although I am still very unwell the least I can do for myself is be proud of all of the things I’ve accomplished this year. (and I don’t meant to say those things to brag- gosh not at all. Im trying so hard just to accept these things myself as accomplishments and to recognize how hard I’ve worked this year…!!)

And, (surprise!) in 2016 I will be attending Anime Expo (all the way in California!) and I’ll be going to Japan… !! I have so much to look forward to. I have so many events I’ll be attending and so many projects I’ll be starting. So many people to meet, and so many friends to continue growing and learning with. 

And I just, I don’t want to give up yet, you know?

I’m saying all of this on my decora post because decora fashion has literally revolutionized my life over the years. I’ve met so many wonderful people and have seen so many creative things and I’ve been filled with more inspiration that I could have ever imagined. I know I say this a lot, but I really… am not a happy person. There are a lot of things I still constantly struggle with and I only bring that up to stress how important decora is to me. Decora fashion has kept me going on days which I thought I couldn’t go any farther. Its so bright and happy and it surrounds me with a warmth that I cannot find anywhere else. And I am just…. so thankful. 

I am so thankful to be apart of this fashion and to be apart of this community and to have the love and support of all of you amazing people. I really am so genuinely blessed.

I will do my best to keep fighting and to keep trying my best! I hope to work even harder in 2016. I never want to stop running towards my dreams.

I just want to comment on Darren’s silence on Orlando and subsequent nonsense tweets about his inability to watch the Tony Awards. 

And I’m going in a different direction. Yes.  I think the anger that most are feeling is 100% justified. There is no excuse for silence.   Millions of people commented on the tragic, senseless events that occurred this weekend.  People who are:  Gay, Bi, Pan, Asexual, Transgender,  Questioning.  And yes.  Even those who are straight. 

Because it human nature to react when one person’s violence and hatred is the cause of 50 people dying and 50 more being injured.

But to me.  Darren’s silence spoke louder than a tweet.  I will guess he was told he could only react if he did so by identifying himself as a straight ally and he decided that he would rather not if he could not identify as a member of the LGBT+ community, thereby standing up as a proud member of a community that was senselessly violated.

And I understand that.  But he could have chosen to comment and remained silent on his own orientation, if that was the limitation that was placed.  He could have made a simple yet effective statement.  Because as humans we are collectively heartbroken.  

To me his choice not to comment shows us a man who is conflicted and who is clearly struggling as he is not able to say what he wants and needs to say.

His actual tweets. Three nonsensical tweets about the Tonys and his inability to watch them.  As he locked himself out (wasn’t your beloved able to open the door?).  Didn’t go to the viewing party.  And his dvr was “glitchy."  I see most think Ricky tweeted on his behalf.  I disagree.  Sometimes we give Ricky too much credit.  Simply, I do not believe he is not smart enough to come up with this nonsense.

My guess. And yes it’s just a guess.  Darren is alone. His actual partner is in NYC. He is clearly in pain and and not entirely in his right mind.  Maybe he took the dog out and locked the door behind himself?  Who knows, it’s plausible. So instead of Mr. when I’m in NYC I go to the theater every night, happily blabbering about the Tonys as he tends to do,  and praising his friends, we get nonsense. 

And our reaction. Including my initial reaction, is anger.  Why is he making himself look like an ass last night of all nights? 

But having time to process and think, I have a new conclusion. This is a man in pain. He is hurting.  He’s not able to react to Orlando in the manner of his choice so he remains silent.  He is not at the Tonys.  (Where he should have been. Whether as a presenter or even just an audience member cementing contacts and making new ones. Looking for opportunities). 

Instead he’s home alone.

525,600 minutes. How do you measure a year in the life? 

How will you look back Darren at the past 365 days?  And yes, you do have many, many things to be proud of: Hedwig, Elsie, Gross indecency, the Broadway Concert Series, and most recently Mermaid.

But I’d say a lot of things not to be proud of. Satangate.  Trevor.  That podcast. The endless bearding parade, promoting a woman who is completely divisive and who has openly ridiculed your fans.  And finally. Endless lies. The continued denial of who you are and who you love. 

Darren.  How many more wasted days?  How many more times are you going to allow yourself to be used?  How many more days of parading your fake girlfriend around so fans can see you interacting?  

I am not judging.  I stand by what I have said.  Until I know what it is like to walk in your shoes, I have no right. And I do understand there is so much more in play than we as fans realize. 

I actually highlight these things out of concern and it comes from a place of love.

But I ask you Darren, how high of a price is too high and when do you stop?  

Understand. I spent a good part of my Saturday talking with other fans and discussing why this continues.  And we all agree. Hollywood talks a good game.  But it is not nearly as LGBT+ friendly as it pretends.  And as an open member of the LGBT+ community.  You will lose roles.  That unfortunately, is the sad reality.  But are those roles worth the price?  Especially as there is a career in theater waiting, if you would embrace it and continue to develop contacts and prove your worth.  And the Hedwig tour, I believe, is a huge step in that direction.

So i say fuck whatever contract or obligation you have.  Don’t listen to what the people surrounding you are saying.   It’s time.  Life is precious and very short (I think this year in particular you have learned that well). 

It’s time to start living your life the way you see fit.  The way that makes you happy. 

You owe the toxic people that surround you absolutely nothing.  It’s time to let them forge their own path and for you to stop allowing them to ride your coattails. They don’t deserve it and they haven’t earned it.  It is time for you to move forward, on the path you deserve and have earned.

I really hope Darren that you are seeking out the people who love and support you. Both the tweets you chose to send and those you chose not to, speak volumes and tell me you are a man screaming for help.  It’s time to turn the page.

How about love? 

Measure your life in love.

I only hope that sooner rather than later, you are living your life the way you choose.  Full of love, joy, and triumph and yes, even heartbreak, as that is a part of life.  But living life openly and proudly, with the person you chose to share your life with by your side, sharing in both the good and the bad.  

Full Confession:

I thought SoS got a lot more hate than it deserved, but lately I have started to feel a lot more disappointed with the game than I expected. There are some characters that I absolutely love, but the heart events are so saccharine they look straight out from a shoujo manga, and there is just too many of everything: too many crops, too many traders with WAAAAY too many requirements for unlocking them, too many sheds and machines and too many things to make.

There isn’t enough time (in-game or in real life) to play this game with all of the options it has, even less if you play to “relax”. Moreover, it’s the first time in my long years of playing that I just don’t know who to marry. Sorry, SoS, but I’m going back to ANB, ToTT and the rest of DS games. Those were simpler times.

@Mama Swift

Dear Andrea, you’re one of the strongest women we know. As your beautiful daughter, Taylor, wrote about you, “You’re not scared of anything at all”. So, don’t let cancer scare you. You are so much stronger than it is. You can win this fight. We, Swifties, are all on your side and we love you, we support you and we pray for your quick recovery. Stay healthy, take your treatment and you’ll be cancer free in no time, I promise you. Damn, Mama Swift, we won’t let you go, because we all need you. Your kids need you, your husband needs you and each one of us need you. I mean, can you imagine Taylor singing on stage without you wandering around the seats and meeting fans? No! Can you imagine meet & greets without you being there and making everyone feel comfortable? No! Courage and strength to go on life is the best way to kick cancer’s ass and that’s what we want you to do; stay strong and if you ever feeling down remember that more than 50 million Swifties around the world are here for you. You are important for all Mama Swift. We won’t let you just go that easy. You’ll stay live for many many many many more years. We love you.

taylorswift please show this to your mother and be there for her. She needs you.

Happy 5th anniversary 2ne1 !! Woooww it has been 5 years already ?? Time really goes fast but what matters is the good memories we made of it. I found about you 3 years ago and since then I changed a lot. You made me a better person, you taught me to be persistent and to never give up from my dreams, to put passion and effort in everything I do, to not be afraid to show my own color… And this are simply words because I can’t truly describe how you made my life better. Anyways, I hope that many many many many (…) more years come and that you  keep on being the fantastic , powerful, original and slayer queens that you are. I love you from the bottom of my heart ! Thanks for being here for me and for other blackjacks, we are always on your side! And last but not least I wanted to thanks to all my fellow blackjacks, you are all amazing and I’m having a lot of fun with you guys! Thanks for making my journey  on the fandom fabtastic!! I love you all !! NNOLZA!!  #5YearsWith2NE1

I just realized that it is the one year anniversary since Glee ended.

What a year it has been.  Success isn’t easy to measure because it changes from day-to-day and is not an end goal but an ongoing lifestyle.  That being said, the continued presence of so many tremendously wonderful people on my dash and in my life and the continuing desire to create things that thrives in this fandom is a sure sign that things have moved in a good direction.

We’re not all Glee blogs anymore – we’re not all even active fans anymore – but we are all one year older.  There are so many experiences under your belt that you did not have one year ago: so many people you have met, so many goals you have completed, so many little adventures you have partaken in.  You are unequivocally more knowledgeable and more experienced now than you were one year ago.  You have that much more than you did one year ago.

What mattered one year ago can still matter today – and what mattered one year ago can lead you to find something totally different that matters today.  Some people love to reread books; others only read them once.  Both approaches are valid, and both can appreciate that moment in time for what it was worth.

So I commend you if you are still an active Glee blog or fan, I tip my hat to you for continuing to be a successful human being regardless, and I look forward to seeing how much more you will learn and achieve in the years to come.