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BTS as Candles from Bath and Body Works

Jin: Fresh Cut Lilacs (it smelled like a flower shop we thought that was good)

Yoongi: White Tea and Pear (it smelled like a warm cuddle, yoongi probably smells like a cuddle, or we just wanna cuddle with yoongi)

J-Hope: Cactus Blossom (it smelled really good and was probably the best out of all of these, much like J-Hope)

Namjoon: Honey suckle Bouquet (kinda smells like when your neighbors are burnin leaves in their back yard but like with a lil bit of flowers thrown in there lmao)

Jimin: Wild Sage and Aloe (It smelled like how man scents smell y’know that distinctive overwhelming MAN scent thats intriguing but you also kinda want it to go away) 

Taehyung: Sunlit Garden (it smelled like trees and the outdoors lmao, sunshiny outside)

Jungkook: Strawberry Mimosa (it smelled sweet and kinda like Lush punched you in the face with sugary bath bombs)

~admin MVP and admin Midnight

(I ((admin MVP)) actually took all these pictures myself when we went to bath and body works yesterday and smelled all the new candles there ajfdaklhdjfknfdj)

Hirose Tomoki 180217 Ameblo (extract)

Inside the train station

Good work ٩( ᐛ )و 

I ate soba inside the train station today.
I reallyyyy like to eat soba inside the train station while standing up.
I have a certain obsession, usually I prefer to eat cold soba but only during the winter season do I really like to eat warm soba.

What do you think, as I thought, it’s difficult for a girl to enter (the store) alone to eat soba while standing up?
It’s really good so I would like you to go.
Could it be that I’ve talked about this many times before? (laughs).

However, when I see a female eating alone, this may be none of my business but……I end up wanting to eat with her.
Is this what they call motherly instinct?

On the contrary, I want to go to a pancake store!
I like pancakes. With whipped cream.
But I can’t go alone….
If I eat pancakes alone at the pancake store people will look at me weirdly right?
Or would you like to come with me?

In the mean time, this was a time of supreme bliss.

I’m packed the whole day tomorrow so I’m going to bed early.
Was what I wanted to do but….
Dansui! Episode 5 will be airing today from 24:55~!
It’s alright to go to bed after watching it right!
Just as the preview showed, this episode is focused on Ryuuhou (^^)

Kawasaki-san…. will he really quit as coach…. (;ω;) 

By the way, for the last scene of episode 4, since I’ve been wearing the necklace the whole time and thought it would be a waste (if I didn’t use it), I hanged my sunglasses onto it and walked out of the school. (laughs).


↳ happy birthday to our sunshine ☀️  we don’t deserve you ❤️✨🎂 🎉  #Happy_DK_VERNON_Day

i can’t believe space dad j'onn j'onzz has known this entire time that alex danvers is a huge lesbian since he can read minds and it makes me wonder did he ever read her mind when she was trying to figure out if she’s gay?? like throughout the day she would subconsciously just think about how amazing girls are and j'onn is just like “alex are you kidding me there is no way you are straight” but being the respectful, supportive father he is he just let her figure it out and then wait for her to tell him on her own terms