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There’s this master class where Sondheim is teaching this song to some young person and says something quite interesting, if you’re following the emotional arc of the story:

Use the razor. The razor’s your partner. She [Sondheim points to Mrs. Lovett] thinks she’s the partner, but she’s not, not at all… Make love to the razor.


SUPERLATE POST NEW YEARS HOLIDAY 616!AVENGERS FAMILY BREAKFAST yes they’re wearing each others shirts and yes its still ugly sweater season and yes i did sneak in buckynat and jarvismay too (dont h8 its cute as hell)

and i bet the rest of the avengers are used to schmoopyness between steve and tony so they just mercilessly make fun of them now and take blackmail photos and tony’s sick of it while steve smiles serenely on (but he totally hunts down the photos and deletes them later) anyways if you can’t tell who they are: sam wilson+redwing, carol, jess, thor, peter, bruce, logan, clint, natasha, bucky

(clint sam and bucky are hung over as hell and natasha’s dissapointed in bucky. also bonus points for picking out objects from comics canon)


This week on My Drunk Kitchen… :D :D :D

can someone who is better at this than me come up with like a brotp/otp ship name for Hannah Hart and Kaitlyn Alexander?

Kaitlyn’s name goes into ship names really well, and you can do heaps with Hannah, but I’d rather use Hart because that’s more iconic for her.


I just want to watch them together on my youtubes.

I lied. I didn’t clean or do anything productive. OTL

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  • Just For Now
  • Brooke Taylor

i don’t think i’ve ever mentioned this on here, but i’m a singer songwriter. the other night i finished a song inspired by hannah and normally i would post a new song on my main blog but i felt like maybe you guys would appreciate it more. whenever i post originals, i try to include a little backstory so here’s the story for this song… basically i’ve struggled with depression and anxiety for a long, long time. i’ve been self harming for the past 2 years and i recently hit a super low point and slipped up pretty bad and my parents found out about what i’ve been doing. i had tried so hard to keep it from them so i was scared shitless when they finally knew. i thought the world would start crashing down on me but surprisingly that wasn’t the case at all. like i said, it’s a pretty recent thing but i’m already starting to see that things can get better, which is something i didn’t think would ever happen for me. i know it’ll be a long road but i don’t feel as stuck as i did before. one thing that hannah has said that has stuck with me during rough times is “the feeling you have is not forever, it’s just for now”. it’s something that i try to remember even though it has often felt like maybe what she was saying didn’t apply to me and what i was feeling really would last forever but what do you know, hannah was right. it’s not forever. my guitar had started collecting dust while i was in that low point but i was inspired to write a song based off some of the things that hannah has said that have helped me. i slightly reworded things to make them flow/make sense in the song but you’ll know which quotes i chose. i mixed that with my own words of advice/things that i would like to hear when in a slump. it’s just a work tape aka it was recorded on my phone with garageband so it’s not super amazing quality but i think it’ll do the job. with all of that being said, this is called “just for now”

it would mean the world if hannah listened to it, so if you like it or at least think it’s not complete shit and want to maybe help spread it around/tweet/tag hannah in it then that would be so so amazing. 

mydrunkkitchen if you happen to see this, thank you thank you thank you. 

- brooke


Every detail has been carefully chosen, as details count. Seating charts can alter the course of delicate history; battles lost for want of a dessert spoon. We can change the world today, so long as we provide perfection.